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hey this is Mikey with another After
Effects tutorial and in this video I’m going to show you how to remove logo’s from like a jacket and replace it with
something else completely or just leave it blank so in this example I’m working with a
company called ox industrial and we’re making a video for them and in
this video you can see he’s got a logo on his
jacket now it actually doesn’t matter in the video I’m making but for the purposes of this tutorial
I wanna show you how to be able to track this and erase it from the guys jacket so let’s start with a
brand new composition and I’m gonna bring my footage in K so he’s talking and he’s moving and I cant just easily kinda just copy and
paste I have to do some tracking in order to make it look good because if I were to just kinda copy
this duplicate it paste it and mask it out it would get close but not exactly how I
want you’d be able to see that it wasn’t a perfect match so what I need to do is track this actually two times
and I’m gonna duplicate the footage this top layer I’m going to call cover the bottom original and lets track the original so I’ve got this selected I’m gonna go to my tracker and I’m going
to track motion and what I want to do is on a
track position rotation and I don’t really
need track scale but I will just for good measure and then lets grab this find some track points maybe make it a tiny bit
bigger and now I’m going to track forward so there’s my main track this is remember I’m tracking position or tracking motion and you want
the tracker to be on transform position rotation and scale now I need a target to apply this to and I
don’t have a null in here yet so I’m gonna go to layer new null object and make sure that this tracker is set to the null right now it’s set to cover
so I’m gonna click it to null OK and apply the X&Y dimensions so now I’ve got this null
object with this movement attached to it just gonna close
that down and hide it now I wanna go to this cover and what I want
to do is I want to stabilize motion so I’m gonna do
the same thing stabilize motion rotation and scale and lets go in and track similar
points this time instead of tracking motion I’m going to
stabilize it and you’ll see the difference when I’m done when you stable his motion it applies it
to that footage and when I hit apply gonna hit OK
and when we go back into this footage you can see how everything is just kinda
moving because it’s stabilized around that position and so now what I wanna do
is let’s pre compose this so
command shift-C or control shift-C on your Mac or PC and
lets call this stable and I want to make sure I move
all attributes into the new composition click OK now
that I have this I can move this where ever I want I’m gonna
go ahead just drop the opacity a little bit so I can see where I’m
placing this and lets cover up this logo now that I have that
covered gonna grab my pen tool and mask around covering the opacity back up and lets maybe feather this a little bit so now let’s go and take this stable comp in and parent it to the null and you can
see it’s patched that up now it’s not quite exactly the same color and so what I can do is add a color
correction so that just add a quick curves darken
that a little bit that seemed to match quite nicely and the
reason why I did this way I’ve seen people do this before where
they just take a photograph and kinda track it in with the
photograph you’re not gonna have all this static or the noise above the video so
it’s gonna look you know not natural also if there’s any
light changes it’s not going to work as well so it’s
best to use a part of the actual video and the only
way to do that is if you stabilize it and then attach it to the track now say I want to add my own logo to this
well that’s easy tricky part is making it match and making it
look like it is a part of the clothing so let’s grab text
tool MB and let’s place it where we want to now right now that’s
not looking it’s not looking like you know it’s
right so I want to kinda skew this maybe move it around so let’s switch it to
3d mode and if I hit “W” on a keyboard it brings up my rotate tool and I can kinda move this so I wanna kinda place it’s so it’s like it’s on his jacket about like that and also the colors’ not
quite right so what I wanna do is turnoff stable I just poke the eye out and what I can do
now is go into my text grab the eyedropper I’m gonna grab this color to try to make it
to match now the next thing lets cover that back up again is we
want to make this look more like thread and so a way I found
you can do that is with an effect transition called the
venetian blinds so but you gotta kinda get it down to
basically to with and lets change this to OK just a little bit more than 90
degrees and that’s starting to look more kinda like it’s made of threads now the next thing you want to do is I like too roughen
the edges a little bit you go to effect stylize roughen edges and it’s gonna be kinda crazy so let’s
bring the scale all the way down as far as it’ll go because this is
I’m working on small font here bring the border out and I just want kind of the edges to
work like that and nothing is I probably want to have the rough edges
above the venetian blinds so that you know I can still see the little stripes you and lets see that that’s actually starting to look pretty good I might go in to the layer styles add a bevel and
emboss come into that bevel and emboss change it to chisel hard and it’s starting to look like that is sewn
right into the jacket fool around with the layer styles a little
bit more let’s do a drop shadow but I don’t want it to look
like a drop shadow I’m going to change the direction first or
the angle actually is what it’s listed and I want
to be kinda on the left side change the distance to zero in the size just to give a little bit of darkness around it and that’s starting to look pretty real now after I got that the way I want it I just have to simply take this and
parent it to the null so let me just render through this really quickly you
can see what it looks like so here’s the final look and you can see it’s a pretty solid
track there wasn’t a lot of movement going on but sometimes these little subtle things
like this and adding in the roughen edges venetian blinds to
make it look more like an actual sewn-on logo is kind of what makes
all the difference so again as a recap the key things with
this is you need to do two different tracks you need to track the logo itself and
then you need to do is stabilize track for the patch and if you don’t do both tracks it’s not going to turn out the way you want it to you might also
have to go in and do a little bit of color correction depending on where the patch
came from and if it matches the same color of what you’re trying to patch so I hope you enjoyed this tutorial if you
have any questions go ahead and put them down in the comments I’d love to answer questions and if you
have any cool tracking you’ve done on your own where
you’ve taken out a logo I’d love to see it so post them in the comments too thanks for
watching and don’t forget to subscribe

James Carver

31 Replies to “Remove a logo from clothing: After Effects Tutorial”

  1. This is really funny because I was just planning a tutorial on the same topic! Oh well, first come first serve. Nice tut.

  2. I am following the same steps, but my tracking points never move with the video. What am I missing? I am using mp4s as my source files.

  3. Fantastic video, one question, do you think this would work for removing a tattoo from a person. The issue with it, is I am a video editor for a wedding company. The bride is asking if I can remove her tattoo from her shoulder blade, the scenes where it shows up is mostly dance sequences, have you had good luck tracking and doing this is scenes with a lot of motion? Skin tone is a whole other issue, but I know if I can't get motion to blend well it will be useless either way.

  4. Does any simply know how to erase text no delet it not mask bu simply erase part of your text to be specific i have part of a letter that is in the way how can erase the part of the letter that is in the way

  5. HI Mikey Great Tutorial, did a lot help, but in my case there is one tricky point, I nee to put logo on Juice Glass, and it has a shine on glass corners , what do you suggest to deal in that case.

  6. That looks pretty good.
    There is a new program. It looks very user-friendly and you get to the result quickly.
    This video shows how to remove an annoying person.

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