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hey it’s Jackie and for today’s tutorial
I’ve teamed up with Revlon and as you guys might know from a couple of my previous
tutorials I am part of the Revlontourage for 2018 and Revlon’s new live boldly
campaign is all about being bold and unapologetic in every aspect of your
life so I decided to celebrate that and recreate a 60s look, the 60s were such a
cool time of social change and there was a lot of diversity in beauty trends so
I am recreating one of my favorite bold portrait of Jean Shrimpton in a 1965
shoot in vogue and I love the floral… I tried to recreate this flower crown and
I made it way too big so I don’t really know how to proportion my props
apparently but the boldest thing I ever did was definitely creating a youtube
channel because I was quite timid at 16 when I started and I’ve had a couple
knocks to my self-esteem and middle school in high school like most of us do
and you guys have really helped me get out of my shell and have given me so
many cool requests that have really made this channel awesome so thanks so much
for being a part of it and I want to know in the comments what’s the boldest
thing you’ve ever done, it can be if you love to rock a red lip a black lip
smokey eye or just something that you did in your life that was risky but paid
off in the end let me know because I think those would
be really fun comments to read make sure you give this video a thumbs up if you
like my vintage vibes tutorial and let’s get started! got some clip-in bangs on
and starting with a bare face I’m applying the new Revlon Photoready at
pore reducing primer I was so impressed I already liked the Revlon Photoready
primer but this one is my new fave it’s been more of a liquid base and it glides
on smoothing over the skin I used quite a bit and this is my absolute favorite
drugstore primer that I’ve tried and for foundation I wanted to even out my base
but still look fresh my go-to pick is the Revlon insta filter foundation and I
like to use my finger sparingly and then build up if they need to with a sponge
I’m not adding any foundation on my nose bridge because they will highlight with
concealer don’t want to put on too much unnecessary product where he don’t need
it while doing the rest of the face prep the lips this is one of my favorite
balms coconut kiss for smooth lips and with Revlon Photoready concealer in
a lighter shade than my skintone I’m following my inspiration photo and
mimicking at the brightened areas like on the chin jawline sides of the nose
and most importantly under the eyes and blended up the cheekbones for contouring
I’m using a cream blush this is the Revlon insta blush in nude kiss and
apply under the cheekbones and also through the cheek where you’d naturally
blush all these product I find blend so easily with my fingers at before setting
with powder and for nose contour I’m using the Revlon creme shadow in
espresso like I did in my Efft tutorial to reshape the nose slightly for the
recreation Jean has quite a distinct no shape very button like with a slightly
wider nose bridge that’s very straight and contoured right up to the brows I
also added slight under-eye discoloration just to match the photo
and more shadows in two rounded bumps for an upturned look at the tip of the
nose under the bottom lip shadow for an extra pout now I’m finishing up the nose contour
with highlight using concealer and topping up with the Revlon Photoready
insta-fix highlighting stick and pink light to get some more sheen to the skin
and really pick up the light especially on the cheekbones at where it was quite
a brightened area there set with the Revlon Photoready
translucent finisher and you can add a bit of powder bronzer if you want a bit
more color through the cheeks and time for brows I often go hardcore with
contouring but sometimes using just a small amount of product works better for
the illusion for a more sculpted face because it’s more believable
I used Revlon Colorstay brow pencil and soft brown my faux bangs covered them up
for the most part but gotta make sure the head and tail are polished my most
use Revlon palette is the Revlon Photoready rustic palette like I used in
my 50s look taking the copper and bringing this through the crease and
into a V it’s super pigmented and I’m using all Revlon brushes just goes to
show you don’t need super expensive brushes to create a makeup look,
really highlight the brow bone all the way under to the head of the brow on an angled brush where you have more
control take the bronze shade and line a bit above your natural crease keep it
super rounded like a half moon shape and this with liner and lashes will give us
massive looking eyes, blend the shadows together slightly without losing that
line and with another Revlon Photoready
palette this is watercolors I’m taking the purple shade the shadow you don’t
want to press hard on the pan you just want to lightly glide over and then
apply to the lids and I was so impressed with how much this popped time to line
here I’m using the color stay liquid liner in black for a winged out liner
shape extending it past the natural lash line following Jean’s look at a sharper tip in
the inner corner this step I often mess up with liquid liner so it’s a bit safer
with pencil but it looks sharpest or liquid so up to you and with the copper
shadow really blend under the eyes we are going to pop on some bold bottom
lashes so it will be balanced out so don’t be afraid to blend outwards and
right under the lashes deep enough with bronze shadow like we used up top for
the graphic crease in the inner corner under the liner
follow up with a white cream shadow bringing this into the waterline – for
doll-like eyes one of my favorite products ever from Revlon are their angled Kajal
liners, tightline and defined the bottom lashes and smoked out with the attached
smudger there and again to add the sharp details liquid liner just drawing on
some fake little lashes as well and this will really make sure the base of the
bottom lashes pop we got lots of Revlon lashes here I’m taking this flared out
pair and you can apply this to the bottom lash line
apply it like you would on the top and then flip it directly upside down and
then you can glue it right along at the bottom lash line just make sure you’re
getting underneath your lashes and then add a more dense pair of
falsies up top you can also layer lashes for super thick animated eye adding in
some mascara to bring the lashes to life and blend in with my own lashes and for
lips i’m starting with revlon colorstay a pink lip liner line the outer portion
of the upper lip and then also under for a guide and the lipstick I was debating
between these three here when I chose Rosedew to best suit this look I also
blended in a bit of pink in the afternoon which is also a very Audrey
shade as well and there you have it
time for a quick hair makeover plus a pretty extravagant floral headpiece how
I did funny because none of its mine my hair is in the little bun at the back
and I separated extensions in half so each side was over the left in the right
of my face to bring the length shorter but I’ll show you how to get a similar
60s flip curl to the ends of your hair if your hair is a couple inches shorter
than what I have here it will look super accurate and gravity will help it flip a
lot better than what I show but all you need is a small curling iron and then
just curl the ends upwards and then pin letting the curls cool in its shape when you take out these curls after
cooling start to separate it with your fingers and then you can brush through
in two sections lightly to get a big uniform curl at the front and then the
ends we want flipping right up so I got a bit of a circular curl at the back I
wish I spent a little bit more time getting it right with hairspray but if
you just keep brushing through adding a little teasing and hairspray you should
get that desired flip I’m actually laughing because my crown is gigantic
literally Jean Shrimpton a head piece times ten but I had fun
making it and I did have to do a bit of photo retouching to get some of the
details to appear less large in my recreation photo but overall here is my
Jean Shrimpton iconic vogue recreation from 1965 to 2018 to get in the room thanks for watching I hope you guys
enjoyed this live boldly look inspired by swinging 60s icon and Jean Shrimpton
and if you did make sure to hit that thumbs up button and subscribe for more
beauty tutorials every week also I would love to see it you rock a colorful look
so if you try this out or are inspired by any of my tutorials be sure to tag me
on Instagram I love to see you guys switch it up your style and I would love
to feature you more so here are some of my favorite recreations as of recently
and thanks for ever on for pushing me to a try out a bolder tutorial I have done
more Revlon tutorials that will be linked in the downbar like my graphic I
look wearable lip art retro style and it’s been awesome to learn more about
trends with Revlon and attend their events so if you want to see the live
boldly launched in New York I did vlog it on my vlog channel so look at the
information button as well don’t forget to comment also how you live boldly in
your life whether it’s with makeup a quote you live by or a bold a move
you’ve made and I will see you guys in my next tutorial

James Carver

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