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hey all I've got to say is real men wear tights yeah I got tights on oh so anyway that was amazing at least for the time being actually now it was just amazing I'm leavin it down please um so sorry I gotta wait the sweat out of my eye it hurts okay so I just recorded my longest distance of the year so far I mean I know we're only five days in but it's my longest distance in a while I just did five miles and I'm like really really happy with it I did the whole thing I don't know what the whole time was my average pace is 1126 per mile I slowed down to at the end I know my first mile was a 10 I think it was a 10 lose either at 10:08 or at 10:18 I can't remember and then my second mile was my pace had gone to like a 1040 or something like that mile so I slowed down on the second but you know that's to be expected and then after the second mile I actually had to take like a minute I had to take my shoe and sock off my little toe was digging into my toe next to it my nail was a little like a I guess my little toenail was a little bit too long or just too had like a little bit of an edge that was digging into the side of my other toe and it was bleedin and suppose I had to taste something with it so yeah so yeah I went out I kind of like I don't know what I was really planning on doing I knew I just wanted to do a longer run so I headed out toward my 5k loop when I hit that on mile-and-a-half point I was feeling really good and I was like oh maybe I'll do five then I hit my l2 and just before I stopped then I was like yeah maybe I'll kind of cut it down the floor it's kind of feeling rough but um I ended up sticking it out and doing the whole thing I'm like you want let me just commit to it and get it done and I'm really happy with how it turned out so what can you do ah so and that'll burn off some of the junky food I ate yesterday because we went to Chinese and we um what'd you call it we well I picked out a little bit I mean I don't have big portions but I ended up what you call it eating um we put these up because I'm uncomfortable um I ended up eating you know stuff like and they've really been eating like some general Sal's and stuff we went to the China Buffet I usually end up going there with this one guy that I work with on every first third Friday we kind of end up going there but I took smaller portions of things and I didn't go too crazy with it it was stuff I should have had but you know what I'll let myself have like a little break now and then I just have to really just be mindful of what I'm doing and that's what it really comes down to that's why I like my main diet right now is just eating you know eating a lot more fruits and vegetable like trying to make that the larger part of the meal so um it's been working I know as of like two days ago I was down like three pounds so I don't know where I'm at today I don't know if I weigh in today or tomorrow or what but um I'll let you guys know when I get there so and I'm just I'm doing check-ins but wait I'm not measuring like my food intakes or anything I'm not going crazy because I don't want something and I'm not going to keep doing because I've done well with use and like lose it and stuff like that but then when I stopped using it I kind of sneak back into the hole so I don't know but everything is looking really good for my running for this year I just got to keep it keep at this pace do like the two and three miles during the week and just do a long run on the weekends and just kind of keep ramping it up and and take my one in two day breaks that I've been doing so that way when I come out and do these runs I'm actually recharged and I feel good when I'm doing them so so I'm back home everybody get out there and run you can do it I'll talk to you later

James Carver

8 Replies to “Real Men wear tights”

  1. I wear tights for the fun of it. I like it. Every man should wear tights for a least a day or so to gain an appreciation for them. I love a man in tights.

  2. Dude, I'm with you and I've had some serious leg cramps lately and man does wearing tights relieve me of the cramps. Great job sir and keep it up.

  3. Hahaha…I knew I would hear about my apprehension toward tights.

    Great distance and great time!


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