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Jean Nate After Bath Splash is for women who want to take CHAARGEE of their lives It is your body and your mind so fresh, so new You get the feeling there is nothing you can do! SINGING: Jean Nate, Jean Nate SINGING: Jean Nate, Jean Nate SINGING: It’s Jean Nate for a beautiful day. Between Jean Nate and you, there is nothing you can do.

James Carver

4 Replies to “Rare Jean Nate 1979 with Mary Louise Weller & voiceover Lainie Cooke”

  1. Greetings! I'm a big Mary Louise Weller fan PLEASE, I'd like to know if you have any recent personal photos of her. I've searched the entire internet to see how it is currently. But I can not find any site that has any records. I know that she has definitely moved away from the film career and that she works with horses. BUT I WOULD LIKE TO SEE VERY HOW SHE IS CURRENTLY. Please, can you make some photo or information available? THANK YOU.

  2. This commercial used to scare me when I was was a kid. Like 2-3 years old. I used to cry when it came on. The look in the woman’s eye was so intense, and the frenzied music and the drum beat on top of that. And the big racing horses! It was all too much for me .😩😂

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