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Unseen forces can really cramp your style. So when it comes to fashion, You’ve got to be prepared for anything. But don’t worry, these fashion hacks can
get you out of anything. Hmm… Eeny, meeny miny… Mo! My makeup bag will definitely fit in here. Um, isn’t this thing supposed to have a
bottom? Guess this backpack is out of the running. But I really need my hands free today. Okay, I have the best idea ever. Turn your favorite purses into backpacks! Simply put the strap over your neck, Pull your arms through and toss it back! So cute! I kind of liked this color better anyway. Almost forgot the most important thing. Oops! Where is she? My hands are getting restless, here! Nope, don’t know how to juggle. If she’s not here in five minutes, I’m
leaving. Hey! Over here, Amy! Sophia!! Nothing like bestie reunion! GAH! Don’t make any sudden movements! That thing almost ripped my ear off! Looks like Amy’s shirt took the brunt of
it. Yikes. I wish I could help you there, Amy. Hey, you like fun accessories, right? Take my bandana! It’s cute but what do I do with it? Little scarves are great for turning unsightly
holes into super-trendy accents. After pulling the bandana through the rip, Wrap it around your fingers, And pull the other side through the loop. It makes a bow, see? That shirt looks even cuter than it did before! Now let’s move onto more important things. Like spilling about your hot date last night! You’re home! I want to see everything you bought! This skirt will go with everything, right? I’ll show you. See, it even goes with the shirt I’m wearing
now! It looks so good on you, Sophia. Um… Did you happen to buy a belt while you were
out? Yikes! That isn’t part of the look! You probably should’ve tried these on before
buying them. But maybe I can fashion something… If you have bottoms that are too loose, Pull the button through the closest belt loop Then fasten it from there! You don’t even need a belt! You really are one fashionable smart cookie,
girl. Something tells me Amy will be borrowing this
in the near future. Nothing’s better than brunch with your bestie. It’s the perfect time to catch up on the
week’s best gossip! And Sophie seems to have most of the dirt
today. But if you’re not talking You’ve got to do something with that mouth
of yours. Without even realizing it, you’ll completely
stuff your face! And there’s nothing wrong with that. Geez, Amy, you sure were hungry, huh? Better let those pants out a little. So much better. Ready to go? I can’t button my jeans back up! You okay, Amy? HAHAHA! What?! You wouldn’t mind if I snagged one of these, Would you? If your belly needs a little breathing room, A hair tie can give your jeans a little more
give. Pull it through the hole and fasten it back up! Ah, now I feel way better. Let’s go get dessert! When did that Jessica girl start getting in
shape? That booty rock solid! Mine could really use some attention. Alright, let’s do this! This is far from workout attire. Now we’re talkin’! These steps will have these buns burning in
no time! I am woman, hear me roar!! Watch your step! Hello, gluts! How you doin’? Sophia better have some buns of steel after
all this. This second round is a lot harder than the
first. Phew! This is rough. DOH! I don’t think I’ll ever move again. Must…move… body!!! Okay, time to see if it was all worth it. Any change? Anything?! Aw man! That was the hardest I worked out ever! Maybe I just need to take a different approach… Nobody has to know…right? If you need a little more muscle definition, Stuffing your pants is way easier than squats! Don’t forget the other side, that would
look weird. Get in there, little guy. There we go! Hey Ms. Bootylicious! Jessica’s butt has nothing on Sophia’s
derrière! Am I in a more green or pink place today? Definitely pink! If you need me I’ll be blowdrying my hair,
Sophia! I’d better hurry! I’d better smooth these wrinkles out really
quick. I don’t want to got to class looking like
a slob. Where’s all the steam? I plugged it in… It’s not hot at all! Sophia, we have to leave in five minutes! This stupid iron is broken. Hmm. Let’s just use heat from somewhere else! If you find yourself without an iron, Simply blow-dry your slightly damp clothing. Gah! Yep, that works! There we go. This thing will be wrinkle-free in a matter
of minutes. See, there they go! The more damp your fabric, the longer it’ll
take to dry. All done! Thanks for the brilliant idea, Amy! And just like that, these girls are ready
to go. Think these fashion hacks were useful? Share your knowledge with your friends online! And don’t forget to subscribe to 123Go’s
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