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Come on in, doctor. I’m Julian Booth, device
rep for [inaudible].. I’m Jenna Dewan. I play the role of Julian Booth
on “The Resident,” season two. To play a medical device
friend who’s ambitious, and she’s passionate
about her job– You will be a diabetic for
the rest of your life, but– Maybe not the
rest of your life. Scientists are working on
growing organs in the lab. OK. And who are you? It’s a very complex
character, because she has the best intentions. She wants to come
into Chastain, she wants to win over the doctors. The AJ Austin who did an
ascending aortic reconstruction with a coronary artery
reimplementation in two hours, skin to skin. I might be that guy. The kind of
charisma and power you have to have to kind of
walk into these really intimidating doctors and say,
I have this incredible product. Maybe I can help. This is why I think
you need to have it. Try this. It uses infrared
to find the vein. Here you go. Oh. As I enter the
hospital, I immediately have a connection with Devon. There’s a spark. There’s an immediate attraction,
and kind of curiosity between the two characters. Artificial sphincter. [laughter] You laugh, but the neurologist
who came up with this hauled down $40 million. All the best ones do
more than one thing. Maybe you’ll invent
one of these. You come onto the
show, and you’re stepping into such a high level
of talent, just being here. The show is a lot
about sort of pulling the veil off of what happens
in a lot of our hospitals in our country. And this has been a really
fun storyline to develop.

James Carver

15 Replies to “Profile: Jenna Dewan As Julian Booth | Season 2 | THE RESIDENT”

  1. Really did not think she fit in at this time….maybe later….I want him to stay with who he's with…and he is not the type to "CHEAT"….

  2. Other than new Amsterdam which I'm not sure about yet as far as revealing the veil of what's Happening behind the scenes in this country I definitely agree with that