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Early fall is when we are allowed to take white tailed deer. These are wild grapes that grow up vines in the trees. A flock of wild turkey’s have entered the forest in front of me. You can hear them flying up in the tree to roost for the night. Some flew right into the tree above me. This one noticed me and is putting out an alarm “putt” to notify the rest of the flock. Now the whole flock is on alert. Turkey season is in the spring. I was hoping they wouldn’t alert the deer too. To get a deer, you must sit still for very long periods of time. Finally one shows up. They walk to quietly, they can easily sneak right by without being noticed. Time to get set. To cook the meat, we’ll need a fire. I am using a cedar hearth board and cedar spindle. I can make fire this way nearly guaranteed now. I am pumping the spindle up and down to draw in a bit of air into the ember. It is a good idea not to blow on the ember, but fan it instead. Knocking the ember out with a stone knife. An ember like this will burn for several minutes. My tinder bundle is made up of cedar bark shavings with birch bark in the inside. I like to transfer the fire to birch bark making it easier to transport and light the main fire. We will need a big fire to heat up a rock to cook on; like a caveman. Rinsing off the rock for cooking. Cutting up the venison will help it cook faster and make it more tender. The stone knife is surprisingly very sharp. The stone tools made in this video where done by Jay Valente. This is a stone hatchet, also made by Jay, wrapped in sinew. Garlic goes well with venison. A very thin rock is preferable for this method, but it can also easily break if not done carefully. This creek will freeze over in a few more weeks. The meat is delicious and tender. The rock keeps it heated as I eat it. The quiet is a nice repose from a busy modern life. I am peeing on a deer scrape to encourage the deer to visit the area to challenge me, the competitor. This buck is smelling my urine. You can hear him sniffing. I will be out until the bitter end of the season to try to get as much meat as possible. Warm close makes it easy to doze off…but always wear a safety harness.

James Carver

100 Replies to “PRIMITIVE TECHNOLOGY | Cooking with STONE AGED TOOLS in the WILD! | Stone Knife and Stone Axe | ASMR”

  1. Welcome to SILENT SUNDAY, this is a playlist that I will build throughout the year – Turn on CC for subtitles! buy a working STONE KNIFE from Jay:

  2. Have you ever thaught about going on the TV show alone? I think you would do extreamly well and it would be awesome to see you in that environment. Keep up the great work and god bless.

  3. nice video sir,would have like to see the entire process from harvesting the deer or at least dragging the deer out, silent sundays is a nice change.

  4. Ug Ug !!!! Me Ug Lee ! Me have Ug Lee Stick. Me have Ug Lee knife. Me take Ug Lee Sleep. Me see Ug Lee Turkey. Me have Ug Lee Meat. Me make Ug Lee Fire and cook Ug Lee Meat. Me eat Ug Lee Meat and make Ug Lee more Ug Lee. Oh my – me see Ug Lee Deer. Oh oh crap, Ug Lee miss Ug Lee deer. Oh oh – speaking of crap, me need to take huge Ug Lee crap …. Ug Lee Bye Bye !

  5. Not that I don't enjoy all your content but I subbed specifically because of videos like this. So soothing and informative. I've watched videos like this on your channel numerous times.

  6. im no professional with a bow but i watch something once about Olympic archers not gripping the bow and getting better control of the bow. might want to check it out (not saying your bad) search "Why Do Olympic Archers Swing Their Bows?"

  7. Hi, I am a new fan and watch plenty. I was raised in London, On, lived in Mexico for 6 years, and now live in the high desert of Arizona. Today I found this Hawaiian channel with THIS GUY WHO LOOKS, TALKS, AND ACTS LIKE YOU but from the future, he is older. Ask your wife and brother if I am wrong, Parallel Universe, man. Link:

  8. I've been debating on picking up some Woodobo. So to anyone who has tried it, what does it taste like? I mean I love Adobo spice and I'm curious if it's like that or is it totally different? I appreciate any feedback, thank you.

  9. don't get me wrong I like the videos when you talk and teach us stuff but this kind of videos when you don't talk and we are able to hear nature just seems peacefull… REALLY NICE JOB!!!

  10. Gonna have to get that turtle out of the pond. They are a predator and will eat your fish. They havent been around for 50 million years because they didnt like fish. Your small ones are just ordourvois to that thing. Its probably the male to the female you already removed. Loved the video keep up the good work…you know the drill.

  11. I know that you took these videos sometime ago, but if I can provide some criticism. Don’t look at the camera if it is a no talk video. We are supposed to be as the audience being in your shoes. Not you showing and telling. Just saying.. gives it more of the audience watching you instead . You know my email if you want to chat about it. Otherwise great job, enjoyed the footage. As usual 👍👍👍

  12. i hope these sunday videos keep doing real well and push your content out to the world! love all the content on the channel keeping doing your thing from one Ontarian to another!

  13. Looked like you wanted to tell us how sharp the knife was when cutting the meat and then realised it was an asmr video😂

  14. Loved it! Only sounds were those naturally occurring at the time of filming…. very authentic and understandable by all ethnic groups, regions, and peoples. These sounds in this video are completely understood by anyone no matter what or where they are!

  15. Thank you! loved to watch, inspiring and awesome! Never get notifications from you, been on that bell since last year but not a single notification for about 5 months…

  16. Full stop always and forever. I really enjoy your videos with or without your commentary. Looking forward to the next episodes and all adventures at the pond and the cabin. Can’t wait!

    Ps: you should update the links in the descriptions of the original videos, because some of those aren’t showing the playlist which you are referring to.

  17. Oh man I'm jealous. I so want to live that life. Just eating outside, living of the land. Probably super hard but man you can really enjoy the nature!
    Love from Sweden my guy!

  18. I'm 19 right now and was the nerd at first when growing up. My granduncle was the only masculine influence I had. He really taught me a lot when we went outdoors and I cherished it. Even when I got rashes and itches from touching that old boat, or brushing against those bushes. He taught me how to nurture, to also be strong, to learn to use my hands and try to fix things instead of throwing them out right away. This "toxic masculinity" isn't a thing where I'm from, for that I'm glad. Although we are mostly being raised by single parent homes (mostly moms) you will find that we are being sheltered too much and have feminine tendencies later on. Kids, males especially, in America are in for a hard time.

  19. I understand you're trying to broaden your viewership, but the silence makes for a rather solitary viewing experience. I'll be skipping silent Sunday's, Sorry… 😣

  20. I cant begin to talk about how many times you have inspired me brother you create fantastic content and i hope to see you continue that drive. Every video is my therapy from my EMS job. Stepping out of the concrete jungle and into the trees. I cannot thank you enough and im hoping for another you and One Wildcrafter vid those are definitely my favorite.

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