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Hello my Charmed Ones and welcome back
to my channel for another video so I just wanted to pop in today to give you
guys like a short little update to let you guys know what’s been up with me I
know I haven’t posted a video in like a month to my channel and I just wanted to
say that was like not necessarily intentional you guys know that I started
off this year with the intention of like wanting to make sure that I do my one
video a week however a couple of weeks ago I was just making videos and they
weren’t clicking with me for whatever reason and the more effort I put into
them I feel like the worst the worst I felt
like they became like I just felt like the effort was just causing more
resistance so I decided okay let’s take a break let’s regroup and of course at
roughly the same time the world stage right it is now embroiled in a kind of
unprecedented event and so I really wanted to share with you guys some
thoughts about what’s going on in the world first of all I wanted to say that
hi I’m here for you right I know that a lot of people are keeping themselves
quarantined people are staying home and all of that is great I definitely think
that we need to be like following the guidance of the powers that be and I see
online it’s interesting that there’s like some people who are like resisting
it and I know that for some people and for me as well because I am like a rebel
type tendency I do like to resist Authority but in this situation I would
definitely say that there although that right now it might feel like things are
in a little bit of chaos there absolutely is a plan that’s like being
made right it may not be like being made so far out but like there is a plan
that’s being put in place by the higher powers right in this example and I don’t
mean like God although definitely he’s involved in this right but I mean like
government officials professionals there’s a plan and so when they tell us
to do something I think it’s important that we execute on the plan because
they’re looking at this whole situation with everybody that’s under their
umbrella in mind where we might be thinking like Oh
want to go out to the store I really want to go out to do this we’re only
thinking about ourselves right so I think it’s really important to listen to
what we’re being told because there are people who are making plans that are
going to be there for our everyone’s best interest and so yeah we have this
unprecedented event going on right now and you know there is a lot of like
drama going on in the media this is a once-in-a-lifetime thing like this is
more than once a lifetime like usually these things don’t happen on such a
global scale and I think that’s because of the really truly interconnected
nature of the world at this point but the thing that I’ve been thinking about
with all of this is that I know a lot of people are feeling isolated right and
that was the first thing I wanted to say sorry you know me I go off in tangents
if you’re feeling isolated I want you to know that you are not alone right you
are not alone we still have a virtual community here on the internet right um
me and you our relationship doesn’t actually change which is awesome so if
you feel like you need help if you feel like you have questions don’t hesitate
to reach out to me there may be more of you who are at home now or really either
working from home or have been you know placed on some sort of leave and so I
would really like to interact with you guys a little bit more and kind of be a
support system for you in the way that I can be obviously right I’m not gonna be
able to come over to your house and hang out right but if you want to like
message me if you’re feeling any sort of way if you feel like you need tips or
something you can reach out to me and I’m here for you and there is like this
whole world that is online which is the beauty of the internet that I think that
even though we might be feeling like isolated at home do not forget that
there is a whole world everyone’s roughly in the same situation
right now and I think we can definitely use the
power of the Internet to connect and to kind of fill those gaps in daily life
right so that’s the first thing I wanted to say and I do of course and I should
have said this first I don’t have any notes you guys I’m just like shooting it
out right now I am absolutely praying for each and
every one of you and keeping all of you in my thoughts the whole world and my
thoughts and prayers and I do hope that all of you are doing well I hope that if
any of you have been affected I like the coded 19 virus that you’re
doing well that you’re taking care of yourself and just know that like my
thoughts and prayers are with you with your family your loved ones your
community at this time and I think this is a wonderful thing that we all need to
be doing a little bit more is kind of setting those intentions making those
prayers sending that positive five out for the entire world not just our own
like immediate you know community but also the entire world because I do think
that these positive intentions are going to help uplift us in this time and if
you’re someone who doesn’t believe in any of that I’m sorry to tell you right
but I definitely do and this is my channel so I’m mentioning it now
something that I was also thinking about that I wanted to share with you this is
the main point that I wanted to share with you guys I know there’s a lot of
drama on the internet on the TV news all this stuff right and the interesting
thing for me is that when I look at my reality right I know there’s a lot of
people who are affected and you may be one of those people so far for me if the
news wasn’t telling me there was something wrong right now my life has
not shifted at all like there’s nothing that feels different none of my
priorities are different my life is the same yes if you guys have a follow me
you guys know I’m basically a hermit anyway
like I do work from home I like to stay home I do a lot of home-based things I
have my doggies you know I like to stay home right so I don’t normally go out
except for like once or twice a week anyway so this is not really affecting
me very much right I placed a lot of orders on the Internet Amazon delivers
them to my door things like that so for me right now I haven’t had any big
change other than like the last time I did a grocery shop I did like maybe
three times the amount of groceries because you know there is this idea that
you know there’s this panic out there and so I just want to make sure that I
had enough supplies not necessarily because I’m afraid anything’s gonna go
away but just in case something does happen and like I do get sick I don’t
want to have to go out for things so I think I think you guys know I’m saying
that right so I bought into the hype a little bit just to have like a stocked
pantry I’m not hoarding toilet paper or
anything like that okay so like I have a normal amount of toilet paper in my
house stocked pantry but other than that it’s business as usual
for me right and what I was thinking about this is that it’s funny to me that
there are some people who are like oh there’s Mughal people out there who
believe in like different dimensions and different versions of reality there are
different versions of reality going on right now like the reality of my life is
that nothing has changed and I feel incredibly lucky and blessed for that do
not you think that I don’t every morning I even have my journal in
front of me right now every day in my journal it’s been like I’m so grateful
that like this is the life I have right now and then I’m not impact that I’m not
having to feel any sort of pressure like I feel zero pressure like honestly like
I said if the news hadn’t told me there was like something going on in the world
that I should be worried about I this is the same life I would be living in like
an alternate timeline so I tell you this because I feel like it’s important that
we understand that all the drama everything that’s going on right now is
a mental construct now I’m not saying that the virus is mental no the virus is
real real okay but the drama the stress the panic right that is an imaginary
construct right so if any of you are feeling very overwhelmed I want you to
remember that you have a choice when you wake up in the morning to feed into the
drama right and let the drama affect you or to go with the flow to trust the
powers that be and to take stock of your personal priorities each and every day
and just work through those right I realize that for many of you who are
watching perhaps again not necessarily me but for many of you watching your
priorities every day have not shifted right because your life has changed your
life has been impacted either you’re not going to work your children are home
someone you know and love might be fighting the virus right so the best
thing that we can do in terms of planning for this right I was thinking
if I could share some sort of good planning tips for you guys it seems a
little bit ridiculous right to like be really worried about planning but I
realized that planning does give us a sense of a feeling of control and
purpose especially at a time where we might be
like twiddling our thumbs like nerve-racked you know nae maeum so I
think that the most important thing for us to do is to wake up every morning and
the first thing we should be doing right is and I know if you don’t get this let
just please try meditation okay a little bit of meditation in the morning is
gonna do you wonders there’s plenty of free meditation tracks on the internet
on YouTube if you just search like a guided meditation you can find something
get yourself you know centered in the morning and if you’re someone who in the
morning prays that’s let me tell you that’s meditation okay praying is
meditation using your mind to get calm to set to yourself and to put yourself
in an energy and an attitude that you know what I can handle what is being
thrown at me today that is what you need to do I don’t know if you know this but
there are many studies actually show that if you do like I think it might be
15 20 30 minutes of meditation everyday that calming of your brain and your body
actually ends up boosting I’m gonna say this work we’re drunk you’re um you know
gobble in a which is something that is a really important part of your immune
system now I’m not a doctor right I don’t have a few guys I’m a person on
the internet who designs things it’s all I am but I do a lot of study into this
sort of stuff and obviously for myself I’m researching like healthy things um
but meditation could boost your immune system and it does actually make sense
and if you guys you know me with the metaphysical stuff and you know the sort
of body mind connection that I talked about in previous videos it makes sense
and if we’re stressed out our body isn’t a panic your body is likely you know
we’ve talked about this before a high beta brain state and what that does is
it means that your body is sending resources to a place that if you’re
stressed for like let’s say nothing is happening and you’re just panicked like
nothing’s happening as in your body doesn’t have anything going on like
you’re not fighting off a virus you don’t have any other underlying things
that your body has to be sending you know resources to your body that’s
what’s going on when you stress out you are actually sending resources almost
like a false flag in your own body so when you can calm yourself your body can
actually do the thing that it’s meant to do right your body can actually
fight things off that are coming in you know if you happen to be exposed to
anything you know not just the cove it’s like anything that’s going on you guys
like there’s still flu season you know people still get colds so you know this
is just like a general best practice for life and one of the reasons why I like
to start my day with meditation this morning I woke up and it was a little
bit after 5:00 I was I’d naturally wake up a little bit after 5:00 and I turn on
a meditation track and I lay there in bed and I actually because I wake up so
early I don’t like to leave the bed that early that’s ridiculous so I like to
like put on like an hour to our meditation track and what ends up
happening is usually like after the first 30 40 minutes I actually fought
back to sleep a little bit until it’s time for me to actually get out of bed
and that’s a wonderful way to wake up in the morning you know it’s just a
beautiful way to wake up in the morning so I highly recommend it so okay step
one for planning for this uncertain time that’s what called us planning for
uncertain times number one start your day with a little
bit of meditation doesn’t have to be a two hour meditation track like me just a
little bit of meditation give yourself enough time that your mind and your body
into alignment of calm of relaxation so your body can properly send resources
where it needs to be for your best defenses okay number two I think that
when we get up in the morning and we’re going and looking at our planners and
we’re getting down to business for the day you take a little bit of time to
evaluate what your priorities are in this moment right again some of our
priorities have changed right now you know some of our priorities used to
be work-related things and now they’re not some of our priorities used to be
maybe you know just working on other tasks and now we have like children we
have to care for during the day right identify what those three top three
right we’re still using all the same productivity and planning principles
here identify those three priorities for your day right now not your ideal day if
we were not in a panic right because I think that’s one of the
problems that I definitely sometimes can get into is sometimes I can like plan
for like priorities that I would like to be my priorities even though they’re not
the current priority and when it comes to planning now you know with you know
the uncertainty that we’ve got in our time here you know we say there’s
uncertainty but you have control over what you take action on and what you
move forward so just identify those priorities those objectives of what
would be really great to get done today get those things done
as soon as you can right work on those things spend the time with your children
you know develop like you whatever the you know homework plan is I don’t know
the schools are sending children home with with with you know we’re homework
or not kind of figure out what those important things are that you might need
to work on at home for your job right get those priorities straight right and
let the rest of the day flow right from a place of ease and peace maybe mute the
TV right or change the channel right so we don’t have to be listening to things
that are drama-filled obviously you know how that dedicated news source that is a
reliable news source that’s going to give you the important information on
what’s going on in terms of closings in terms of you know best practices that
might be coming out from the powers that be the people who are kind of you know
keeping that eye on everyone to kind of contain the situation right now and to
create the best possible outcome and that’s it you know I’m not here to tell
you what to do you know you have free will you live in
your own version of reality and that’s a wonderful thing
what I’m just here to remind you guys is is that we don’t have to feed into panic
we don’t have to feel alone right ask for help right ask for help if you need
help reach out to people that you need to reach out to people for and I’m
honestly you know I’m definitely of the mindset there’s this quote I love to use
I wish I remembered where it came from right now but we’re just kind of doing
this off-the-cuff there is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it
so right what’s going on in the world right
now it is not for Alexis to judge whether or not it is good or bad right
it just is what it is if I view it as bad I might panic right
so I’m gonna choose to see it as an opportunity for me to be refocused on
new priorities right like I said my priorities honestly haven’t really
changed that much although I have sitting here making this video I am
saying like I would like to perhaps create some new contact for you guys I’m
thinking like if everyone’s at home let me make you some videos or something
just let me know what you guys want to see you know I feel like this is one of
those times where like a lot of businesses or I don’t know about you
guys like every email list that I’m on for every business I send me an email
that’s like what we’re doing to protect you against Coby
I can’t send that email because we were digital to begin with you don’t I mean I
don’t have employees nothing changes for me in my business I’m here for you I’m
definitely saying to you that I would like to show up and give you guys some
new content even if it’s like weird stuff you know like is not usual I just
want to help you guys get through this and keep you as you know level-headed
about it as possible like a friend that you can come to that’s gonna like kind
of kinda have that good chat and you feel good about yourself you know like
okay I feel better now I would like to be that for you right now if you’re
lacking that right now but I bet you you do have people in your life to reach out
to you so reach out to people check on people you know just make sure
everyone’s like feeling the positive vibes you know so that’s all I had to
say I hope that this gave you some food for thought right and that you kind of
can see that you have the ability to focus on what’s important what your
priorities are don’t buy into the hype I’m not saying
if there’s not a legitimate reason to be hyped up I’m just saying that we could
be in this global panic and still not feel the panic ourselves right right
there are people like me who that’s my reality you know blessed so blessed and
lucky that may not be your situation but you can choose to come at this from a
place of problem-solving a place of adjusting your priorities and still
feeling like you’re being productive and also you know taking the time to rest
right if this has put plans on hold I’m sure there’s people like I can only
imagine I was just saying they said that is someone I can only imagine being like
a senior in college or in high school right this was your last semester and
everything’s being pushed back now I’m sure you know it’s like it’s going to be
a waiting period for a lot of people and I actually think it’s interesting
because we’re also in not to be like too like spiritual religious sort of stuff
we’re in Lent right now as well which is in Christian calendar like a period of
we would say like waiting right you’re in a period of waiting waiting for the
spring waiting for you know in terms of what Lenten is who are waiting for the
rise of Jesus Christ you know that doesn’t resonate with you just just
something I was thinking this is interesting
for all this to be happening but yeah there’s possibly renewal coming in some
form right we don’t see it right now we don’t have all the plans what not the
one who supposed to be making all the plans all we can do is control the world
that we are in the bubble that we’re in and putting our you know focus on the
priorities they’re important to us and going from there and being nice to each
other and kind to each other right and not like hoarding toilet paper I think
that’s the funniest thing you know I think it’s funny that people are
according to the paper I’m like oh think about it I’m like Twitter is not like
one of those highly unique substances not substance but you don’t I mean
materials right like there’s so many things you can use for that purpose but
I don’t know why Twitter the paper itself we’ve gone like not paper towels
to and like napkins tissues you know there’s so many different things you use
I mean just cloths right you just wash cloth I don’t know I’m sorry I don’t
mean to be gross or anything I just think it’s funny that like this one
thing that actually isn’t very it’s not like it’s very specific like you need
that right it’s crazy it’s nuts but it is the world right now it is what it is
there’s nothing either good or bad thinking mates what makes it so focus on
the things you can control the priorities that you have and making your
bubble right as positive as it can be and we just see what happens from here
right we just go with the flow I’m gonna trust that the powers that be
right are gonna make a plan that’s gonna see us through that’s the way I choose
to look at this and I hope that you choose to look at this from a more
positive light as well okay so I hope you guys are doing well again I wish you
all of the health that you could possibly have I hope you’re doing it
well I hope that you guys stay safe and yeah checking on each other check it on
family members neighbors do what we can for each other while remaining safe okay
see you guys later bye

James Carver

18 Replies to “Planning in Uncertain Times”

  1. The market is very uncertain, we’ll see what happens in the future. Great content keep it up !! I keep trying to teach this stuff on my YouTube channel too 👍🔥🔥

  2. I think we need to be informed, not overwhelmed. Don't keep watching the news all day everyday. I personally listen to one news bulletin on the radio on the morning, and one 1/2 hour TV news bulletin in the evening. I know whats going on, but its not dragging me down.

  3. Planning has never been more important than it is right now, in my opinion. With scarcity in the stores, planning with what you have and not wasting food is super important. If you’re without income because of this virus, careful planning and prioritizing can help calm your fears and assure you that you are doing the best you can.

  4. I am retired, and we had just moved into a new home. My plan is this: no TV until after dinner; clean something; disinfect something; organized something; read something; take care of myself; cook dinner.

  5. Hi Alexis, I'm currently self-quarantined having had a high exposure risk. It sounds odd but I'm using the time to double-down on my productivity work and sharing this virtually with my team. Anything in the world is about your perception. It's AMAZING when you really break it all down. I'm really awed at the power of an example. ❤

  6. I would love is strategies for keeping vibes high in dark or stressful times. What are your favorite things to do when you feel low?

  7. Hi Alexis….a separate comment idea. I'm a fan of your alchemy and metaphysical work and have had an odd thought to share with you. Have you ever explored the premise of an 'idea' being an external energy? Like, what would you do if your idea was 'sent' to you energetically? Would you act on it differently if you believed the idea came from you (internally) versus TO you as an infinite possibility (external)? This mindset may help someone execute on the idea or, like me, share the idea to have it brought out by someone who has the ability to execute it. ❤🙏

  8. Thanks Alexis for your message today. I stopped watching the news. My little person friend is in hospital. I was sick a a couple weeks ago before this craziness began.

  9. Planning and structure is critical at this time to help us to feel that we do have some control. Meditation is also important to train our minds to be resilient and focussed. A tip I would like share is that I am ending my day by listening to a bedtime story on the app “Calm”. It helps to rest my mind before sleep.

  10. Thanks Alexis. It’s refreshing to have the ‘trenchcoat’ perspective at this time of craziness. Meditation, positive thinking, three priorities….are good at any time, but increasingly so when everyone’s world has changed. Stay well.

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