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Well friends It’s happening. I have not felt that bad for a very long time It looks like it’s going to make its way one by one around love Italy Within 24 hours, it was like to shut down the schools Hello friends, I am sitting down taking a breather because I have been cleaning all day The house was let’s say it was in the worst shape it’s been this since we moved in that is because I have been out of commission for I want to say six out of the last eight days Here’s what happened first what did happen first? I don’t know. I was out for like four days with a mystery situation. Okay? I am pretty sure that it was like para orbital cellulitis everything that I looked up looked like that was what’s going on But I always have eye issues like with my allergies or anytime I get a cold it goes to my eye I don’t know why it’s just been that way for like more than 10 years So that’s kind of what I was thinking. It usually just like goes away in a few days. by day two It still was not any better Mind you I wear contacts and so then I had taken one out and couldn’t really see anything I’m down to like my last pair. So I was like Jon I am useless I cannot see I’m just gonna hang out in bed until like this is better So on day three I started taking a supplement called inner defense I took like three detox baths with Epsom salt baking soda and oils and then I used colloidal silver spray like directly in my eye and within 24 hours It was like on its way out cleared up and better praise the Lord but still it was like a solid four days of like I Wasn’t fully functional and Jon had all the kids and their normal schedules in school and everything to deal with. Around day four, okay so like when I started feeling better, that day Either Ev or Merryn, one of them got a fever. They were really sick I think Merryn slept in the bed with us within 24 hours of her I got a fever I was still kind of okay. We cleaned out the garage Yeah, because we got the fridge we the refrigerator by that night by like 4 or 5 p.m I was done my whole body hurt just aches like all over my muscles were like just like Contracting and sore like I have not felt that bad for a very long time. I was like, is this the flu? I don’t know but my fever I had a fever wasn’t very high and I don’t have any didn’t have like congestion anything like that It did start with a tickle in my throat anyway, so that was all day the next day I felt like a little bit better came downstairs maybe lasted 30 minutes before I was like Nope, I gotta go back upstairs Jon like I felt horrible and by that evening the second day all the aches were back again like full intensity Terrible feeling it took like a couple more detox baths up the ante again with the supplements. Today I feel world’s better However, you may notice this sounds coming out of my mouth now. I’m pretty sure I have strep throat We looked in my mouth Jon was like, hmm There’s something in there that I’ve never seen before It’s all white all over the place and it looks weird. We looked at pictures I haven’t had strep since I was a kid anyway, so I’m still like dealing with that. This is the first day I’ve actually felt better but clearly still working on some stuff. But just as I’m feeling better Adeline now has a fever of 102 So we are giving her all the ningxia giving her lots of downtime She does not want to go upstairs and rest, but she took a super long nap today It looks like it’s going to make its way one by one around the family. (Jon) Let me show you this voicemail I just got. Calling with an important announcement regarding the closing of public schools. In response to the circumstances surrounding Coronavirus I Knew it was coming How long is it? I think 2 weeks so they’re making their spring break which is supposed to be in April They’re making this next week a teacher work week because it was already a teacher work day on Monday and the following week is gonna be their new spring break There it is. I knew it was coming but the school was like we take this decision very seriously, like we’re not gonna make it unless we absolutely need to because Obviously some kids like rely on school to eat to get meals like teachers rely on their you know working and parents rely on school to get to their job so they were like, honestly I respect that so much because there was another school that closed like last week already So they were taking their time and they’re like we’re gonna wait as long as we can. We’re not like listen to all the facts Anyway, there it is. The kids will be home for the next three weeks Which means you will either be seeing a lot more of us or a lot less of us Depending on how that time goes We have a lot to do around here and I was looking forward to like a school week. Honestly, like that’s it I’m like, okay when they go to school, we’ll get this done couches together put the table together like do these things? But I’ve been sick like for a week do we have groceries? Yeah, we’re gonna have to get some more stuff I did put a Walmart pickup order but part of me thinks that it’s not gonna be here Like now that’s the other thing though when kids are home, too. You don’t just need normal groceries you need like three times the amount of groceries They eat all day we’re gonna have to ration it out Jon just like the toilet paper You put the toilet paper in the bathroom, I was like, why’d you put that in there? They’re gonna get into that. And it’s gonna be We’re gonna be like, one piece, One sheet per poo I’m gonna show you our toilet paper holder because I swear to you. Our kids have never been so responsible with toilet paper I don’t know what it is. Okay, but like when it’s attached to the wall, and they can just pull and roll it off They used to use so much right used so much this thing we got in this house They might not, might not even be using any because I feel like Since we moved in this is the first like I’ve only filled it up once it holds like four rolls. I filled it up once they’re being so responsible this is like we’ve been here for a month and The toilets only been clogged once which means they really aren’t using too much toilet paper. No, but I don’t know I don’t know what it is something about that I swear. (Jon) That’s good. I think we’re accidentally good on toilet paper. Accidentally good on toilet paper. It’s great Yeah because we use Amazon subscribe and save and so they send this toilet paper automatically and so we accidentally got extra so We’re good. Anyway, I’m gonna I still have a few things to do and I’m fading pretty quickly I’ve used about every ounce of energy I have left today You guys should have seen the before Jon. Did you even show them this before and now? It was bad. All these cardboard boxes it was bad Jon was like, I haven’t slept for four or five days because you were sick for 4 or 5 days. Dishes were piled up in the sink, which I thought we’d never, like so far that’s the first time that’s ever happened So I’ve got dinner in the crock-pot The instant pot. I’m making like a rice ramen Like ramen but it’s made out of rice it’s gluten free I put that in there with some vegetable broth some cut-up carrots celery onion powder garlic powder and some oregano so Hopefully it turns out good. hopefully the kids eat it especially this one. She’s hungry and ready for that. All right. See you guys in a little bit. I think I cooked it for way too long. I put it on the soup button. but like with the noodles I probably should have put those in at the end. I bet that’s all noodles I should’ve just put the noodles in at the end right? Yeah I’m so out of it right now. This is embarrassing. I don’t know what I was thinking. (Jon) I was thinking, won’t that be super mushy by the time it’s done? It will be! It’s basically just part of the broth now. What do you think about that? you think that’s gonna be good? Think it might be kind of squishy? Let’s try it. We can always try it, right? No it’s yucky. I don’t like that. (Danielle) It smells delicious! Ok, who has an instant pot and who has ever Had an instant pot fail like this one? I don’t think I can do anything about that, Jude. It’s just still coming out I put it on the soup thing, ok? it said soup or broth and so I was like, yes, this is soup or broth. (Jon) What was the time? 30 minutes. This is the noodles, Jon! They’re dissolved. Yes, that’s not just broth. You know where you can go, Jon? (Jon) To the store to get something else to eat? The question is are there any carrots left? Kinda looks like it could be a gravy or kind of like a cream of mushroom kind of style (Danielle) There’s no mushrooms in it. There’s still carrots. (Jon) Cream of… (Jon) Ok, ok! That’s ok! (Danielle) This was totally intentional. (Jon) that’s a cream of noodle! There’s still noodles in it! (Jon) Nice, so if you want this recipe (Laughs) We’ll send it over with the instructions. (Danielle) I’m going to bed. I’m going to bed. Good luck! (Jon) Release pressure let goop overflow Taste like might be hot careful Nice she says it’s good guys It smells so good! (Jon) It does smell really good. I kind of want to try some. I just want to point out the fact that Jude has eaten all hers and asked for more She said how much do you like it? Show them. That means I love it. That means she loves it! Okay, guys I have got to be honest this feels like one of the throw the entire thing away messes. It’s so bad, I’ve already tried to clean some of it like I’m wiping out the top but it’s just like It’s everywhere. It doesn’t look that bad in my camera. looks worse in person. Looks worse when you’re the one that has to clean it up , you know that my kids are supposed to be in bed, but there’s one now. With that I’m gonna get to work So remembered

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