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hi everyone welcome back to my channel
and this red carpet edition I thought it’d be fun to have a little bit of a
debrief where we take a look at all the gorgeous dresses on the red carpet at
this year’s Oscars 2020 I’m a big movie fan and as you’ve probably gathered an
even bigger fan of fashion so for me the Oscars are perfect it just fuses those
two loves together and I could literally spend hours just gazing all those
beautiful creations on the red carpet so I’ve got my laptop ready so we can take
a look at all those gorgeous dresses together okay so let’s start with Renee
Zellweger I do really like her as an actress I find her really engaging to
watch I think she’s very sweet she comes across really nicely I do think she
looked absolutely stunning at this year’s Oscars it’s very simple it’s very
elegant I love the one shoulder detail which is one of the big trends for 2020
but regardless of trends I think it is a beautifully elegant dress which is
perfect for the Oscars she’s obviously not felt the need to go with all those
bows and frills that we saw on the red carpet this year and I think it’s
absolutely paid off I think the beauty is in the simplicity of this dress and I
think she absolutely carries off and looks stunning on to Saoirse Ronan and I
feel like I should start this section by saying I absolutely love her as an
actress I think she is hugely talented I love watching her I actually find her
slightly mesmerizing she’s just got something about her that you can’t take
your eyes off her however I’m really sorry but I just don’t like the dress
that she’s worn so she went with this Gucci ruffled gown and for various
reasons this one just doesn’t work for me I’m afraid I just think there is too
much going on in too many different directions so I love the simplicity of
the bodice portion I think that’s really elegant and suits her shape I think the
peplum would have been fine has she had a straight section of skirt underneath
it in the same color however that peplum on top of the lylat portion of the skirt
just stands out way too much it just looks too big is sticking out too much
you can’t really see in this particular shot but when she turned to the side it
was just massive it just kind of went out almost horizontal it just wasn’t
particularly flattering and I don’t think that dress is doing her
justice I think the skirt portion is kind of swamp in her frame I normally
love what she wasn’t like a red carpet because she doesn’t tend to play it safe
she’s always got an edge to her but of a twist to it whatever is she wears but I
think this one just took it a little bit too far and it doesn’t work so well
those Saoirse Ronan really wouldn’t care less well I think of her dress I have
seen her look about 10 times better than this so that would be one of my least
favorites then on to Regina King in this beautiful
blush pink Versace gown I’d say this dress is perfect for her and
accentuating all the best bit about her body she’s got a beautiful collarbone
and shoulders and I’d say this dress is really accentuating about and then that
beautiful skirt portion just flowing down it’s a really really flattering
dress actually and I think she’s carrying it off perfectly apparently
she’s got over half a million dollars worth of Harry Winston jewelrey on with
this outfit for things like the Oscars jewels like that are often loaned and I
think I would just be terrified wearing such expensive jewelry what you know
what I get marked what if someone jumps me and steals all this jewelry and I owe
mr. Harry Winston a half a million dollars on two Little Women actress
Florence Pugh who has gone with a Louis Vuitton teal gown I actually really like
this on her it wouldn’t be the sort of dress that personally I would go for but
I do think it suits her frame I think it’s pretty I think it’s got a cool edge
to it I think it suits her so it’s a body
shape I think the color works for her and actually she’s a young girl and I
think that type of dress really suits her age I think it’s harder for the
younger actresses going to the Oscars because the very nature of wearing a
beautiful ball gown or a lovely Couture dress does tend to look a little bit
older so finding something that still suits their spirit and is a little bit
younger can probably be a bit harder for them but I’d say she’s got that one spot
on I really like that so as all this imagery was popping up this morning from
the Oscars last night I was having a little daydream stroke browse of the
couture collections just thinking if I ever had to go to the Oscars what would
I actually choose to wear would it be my perfect dress to wear to such a
humungous event this is what I came up with so if money
were no object one of my favorite couture designers would be Elie Saab
I think the dresses are just on another level they are so intricate and delicate
and beautiful and feminine and they’ve just got everything so this dress for me
ticks so many boxes obviously it’s a full
length gown you’ve got a tiny hint of sexiness with that deep V down to the
tummy there but it’s not too over-the-top it still looks incredibly
elegant so that is to assemble one the second one I found is by Valentino
there’s gathered frills across the chest portion are just stunning and then it
gathers down into a slight asymmetrical shape at the back portion all nipped in
with that giant black bow I just it’s just beautiful and then my third choice
was this Grecian goddess creation by Dior where to start with this dress I
mean the fabric first of all is just perfect it’s got that slight sheen to it
which will just catch the light as you walked I adore that shoulder detail all
those beautiful drapes are folding into each other out of the three dresses this
is probably the most timeless but obviously they are all absolutely
stunning let me know in the comment section if you were ever to go to the
Oscars which one of those three or out of everybody’s outfits which dress would
be your perfect red carpet event dress so enough daydreaming of what I would
wear to the Oscars let’s get back to the actual dresses that were worn I really
liked Mindy Kaling’s dodging Cabana dress I personally adore the color
yellow and I think against her skin tone it looks absolutely beautiful I’d say
it’s probably the perfect color for her again we’ve got that one shoulder detail
which we’ll be seeing so much a whole fad for spring/summer 20 but it looks
beautiful it gives her a really nice line across her neck I think she looks
absolutely stunning it’s elegant its sophisticated it suits the event and yet
she’s making a statement with that gorgeous pop of yellow
I’m not hugely keen on Scarlett Johansson in that dress I love her
and I love the dress but the two just don’t seem to go
together for me I just think the fit looks a bit off she’s got gorgeous
womanly curves and I just don’t think this is making the most of them somehow
it just doesn’t seem to be sitting right across our hip section and although that
train is absolutely beautiful and the bodice section is beautiful there’s
something just not working in the middle here I do like what Margot Robert I
think she just looks like your typical girls girl and though you could just sit
and have a nice glass of wine and put the world to rights with her she always
looks stunning I really like her style just naturally when you see like
paparazzi shots of her I think she’s got a cool edge to how she dresses on her
own obviously she’s probably heard of
stylists for these red-carpet events but I think this floor-length chiffon gown
really suits her I think from another angle you can see the dress a bit better
because the sleeve portion was actually really interesting and took it from
being just a very simple typical gown to being something a little bit different I
like that she kept everything else really simple aside from that great
statement red lipstick she looks gorgeous as ever
now on to Billy Porter who of course made an incredible statement in that
gorgeous tuxedo dress last year this year went for a bit of a Roman armor
type look now the skirt portion on this is apparently inspired by Buckingham
Palace don’t really like the print on that
skirt portion and I don’t really like it with the gold bodice on the top I do
think he looked absolutely incredible in that tuxedo dress last year so it’s
almost he set the bar up here and it’s really hard to try and beat that I don’t
think it’s a hundred percent doing it but I really admire his confidence
almost balls enos and you can see that look in his face he’s like I don’t care
what you think I’m rocking this dress and it’s that that makes me smile and
you almost forget what the dress looks like because you can’t help but get
sucked in by that wonderful confidence another really talented actress who I
think was really following her true personal style was Rudy Mauro she looked
absolutely stunning in this custom gown by Alexander McQueen I mean that black
lace is just beautiful I would love to see that dress up close and study it
because I can imagine the craftsmanship is
incredible it’s obviously very McQueen with those really sharp shoulders but I
can’t help look at this and think yeah good for you you are wearing your
absolute true style it totally suits her totally works for her for her figure her
style what seemingly is her personality I would say that’s the perfect dress for
her so yeah hopefully you liked that little debrief of all the best dresses
from this year’s Oscars I can sit there looking at all the pictures and all the
fashion for hours on end so I will have to force myself to stop now but it would
be lovely to hear from you in the comment section which of those was your
favorite or maybe somebody else from this year’s Oscars it would be lovely to
hear from you I will be back on Sunday with a very exciting fashion video for
you one of my favourite brands ever not going to tell you who but you can
probably guess so make sure you catch that video on Sunday because hopefully
it will give you lots of inspiration for the season ahead have a good week and
hopefully I will see them. Fashion and style edit.

James Carver

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