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( <i>playing harmonica</i> ) Are you frank? Frank sent us. Did you bring a horse for me? ( <i>laughs</i> ):
Well… Looks like we're… ( <i>chuckles</i> ) Looks like we're shy one horse. ( <i>laughter</i> ) You brought two too many. ( <i>horse whinnies</i> ) ( <i>creaking</i> ) ( <i>wind whistling softly</i> ) ( <i>windmill creaking</i> )

James Carver

39 Replies to “Once Upon a Time in the West (1/8) Movie CLIP – Two Horses Too Many (1968) HD”

  1. Guy was thinking "Damn that was a great comeback, i could have a beer with this guy. No, i have to finish the missi-"


  2. This movie is so well made and technologically advanced you'd think it was produced in 2019 ….

    You can actually hear horse and actors breathing….and you feel like you're part of the scenes…

    Acting is unparalleled and cinematography is so well made ….

  3. This Western wars one of the First western movies i Got to se, and I vás sold to the western movies 👍👍👍👍👍

  4. What movie was it where a man chased a boy up s mountain and came face to face with a rattle snake and said I ought to bite you

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