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Hi again, I’m at the Obscene Fair in Sindelfingen near
Stuttgart, and I invite you to walk with me for a bit! How’s the length? – Good! Feels comfortable. The shape is very chic!
The way it is pointed at the end. – It creates a totally elegant neck. – Yes, it is beautiful and makes the neck look slim indeed. It’s not looking bulky. I agree! – Definitely! I’m at the fair booth of benno von stein. I’m going to try something on here as well… let’s see what I will receive for try-on. This line runs down the whole body… …because there are no side seams. – Yes. I put the seams at places, at which they are visually the most beautiful. That’s right, yes. Stretch your hands out. It just sparkles so much! And it has pompom-shoulders! You can wear that part (the harness) as a combination, … … or else: you’re detaching it. I’m here at the Schnittmuskel fair booth, a label based in Karlsruhe… and I’m going to be part of their fashion show today.
That was kinda the reason to come here today, and then I thought to myself: I can make a video on top of it as well. Should I explain it now… – A make-up tutorial, hahaha. – How to paint a black dot on myself. Here we are just after the show, and that is the great show crew of the Schnittmuskel show. We all have our black post-apocalyptic point here, we all had a blast, and now we’re taking a few pictures. This dress was recommended for try-on to me, so I’m going to do this now, and I’ll have a look at how it’s going to fit. Super sweet with the pvc application and the small lacing part, I like very much. Especially because it’s easy to pull on and to get out off. That creates… …simply a beautiful figure, and it fits really good! I like the pointed ends up here, it creates a nice figure-shaping distance to the shoulders. And the color and pattern – they are very cool! It is so warm! With all the people and the outfits, but it’s fun! I am here with Chronomatic, a latex label from Berlin. They make really great underwear made of latex. I just like the colors, not everything is black. These are tires! Gothic outfit! Lots of lace, I’ve just been handed this one. I’ll try it and let’s see if it even looks good on me. Wonderland 13, a store from Ulm just dressed me up. Full-on Goth outfit, a contrast to the outfits I wore previously. Inclusive totally sweet bracelet with a bat… and a necklace, that’s jingling happily! The dress sports lace sleeves, and I think I would actually combine it with a belt or something, so it adds a bit more waist. Otherwise, the outfit is really
super cute and it’s the Goth x 3 outfit, so to say. Ok, that’s it here from the Obscene Trade Fair in Sindelfingen. I had a really long day, my feet hurt, so I placed them on the couch. I hope you were able to follow me around for a bit here at the fair. I’m done with working today, I think I’ll stay here on the couch. And I wish you a nice day!

James Carver

50 Replies to “Obscene – Part II: Alt Fashion Trade Fair Report (German with English Subtitles)”

  1. sehr schön anzusehen. Danke fürs zeigen. Am besten gefiel mir das Rot/schwarze Korsett. Dazu Leggins oder ganz normale Jeans. Kommt bestimmt gut. "notiert sich mal das Label für die nächste Shoppingtour" 🙂

  2. U look hot in the corset and latex suit. And the fact you enjoy kinky outfits make you even more beautiful than you already are. Nice vid.

  3. Hello celene 🙋🏻‍♂️ you're beautiful and sensual with outfit ❤🖤👍🏼 and for the visit of salon 👍🏼 good afternoon to you and take care yourself 🤗 kiss from Paris ⚘💞💋

  4. This catsuit is really nice with the harness.
    This corset with these spikes, I love it too. The photo shoot during the fair was really good.
    The dress with the little pvc addition is not bad, but I admit that my preference is more towards the gothic one.
    Thank for the vidéo Celene and have a nice evening.

  5. Don`t know how I like these Obscene videos in comparison to other ones you make, but I was curious how you sound talking in you native language, so I got that. There is good in everything!
    Hope you are staying safe and healthy!

  6. HI ! bitte in zukunft mit 30 FPS filmen und hochladen!! 😉 deine videos ruckeln und beim schwenken erkennt man überhaupt nichts von den schönen dingen…. warum das so ist, siehst du auf folgendem link einfach erklärt.
    Das verbessert deine Videoqualität wirklich enorm!
    liebe grüße!

    PS: ich find deine Braunen Augen mega hübsch 🙂

  7. wow soo beautiful Obscene 2020 like you celene year call me so i can visit this gothy fair with the best goth 🙂

  8. Once again your very beautiful love your accent and videos would love to see more video of you in latex or pvc you do have the body for it hope your having a great day

  9. Hi Celene ! Nice part 2 of your journey ! 😃 All the outfits are beautiful especially the nice catsuit 1:31 and the second outfit 2:57 who are incredibly awesome.

  10. Dank‘ dir für Teil 2 – toller Rundgang.
    Mir persönlich gefällt der catsuit von Benno von Stein in diesem Teil 2 mit am besten.


  11. That outfit with the harness and jewels all over it reminds me of Celene from the movies called Underworld about vampires. Very cool!!! The red and black corset is AWESOME!!! You are a beautiful perfect model, wow!!!

  12. Liebe Celene Nox: Alles Artikel in Die Obscene Messe Sir Hat Demonstriert sind Sehr Stilistisch und im ganzen präzise geplanung hergestellt. Ich Mag Spezielle den Schwarzen Latex Suit und Den Schwarzen Leder Dress. Ausplanierung Prozeß im Diesem Mode Ensamble ist Einem sehr Kreativ Prozeß Bearbeitung im Schwarzen Kleidung ist jetzt Einen Sehr lukrative Mode Niche. Langer Scwarzen Stiefeln in Transmission Sieht ganzen Spektakuläre aus. Genießt Euren Sonntag. Sami Morelli

  13. 😎 Hi Celene. No shows going on in NYC now 🗽 so i have time to watch your videos. Take care

  14. As I said before, this is a paradise for a tempted connoisseur, I have absolutely zero idea on how would I try to make myself not to spend all the money at once, just in the first 10 or even 5 minutes, if I were a girl and happened to be there. There's soo much beauty, soo many awesome and fantastic accessories, outfits and other things to look at and speechlessly admire…
    Speaking of beauty, I really like that catsuit with harness. I am a big fan of harnesses, although, I prefer good-old black leather ones, not bright or shiny. Still, absolutely amazing outfit. Will take the second place in my top here.
    By the way, your original sundress yet remained the best one! For me, at least. The only look that might surpass it, is actually itself but with a choker. Which is also one of my passions, really love them.

  15. Du bist ein rot/schwarz Typ. Oder doch ein schwarz/rot Typ? Aber wenn ich 40 Jahre jünger wäre ……………………. 🙂

  16. Celene you look very lovely an sexy in every thing you model. It's good you get to let the world know the cool things there out there ,so people can express them self's 🌹💜I enjoyed your Review.

  17. Es ist immer wieder schön dich anzuschauen, kommst immer gut rüber bist eben eine wunderschöne Frau, ich wünsche dir weiterhin alles Liebe und gute und einen tollen Tag 💖💖💞💞🔥🔥😍😍🌹🌹

  18. Awesome Celene, you always make me smile with your smile 🙂 Take care, sending you a social distanced hug XXX

  19. WOW!
    The Benno Von Stein catsuit was amazing, especially on you. It looks a bit like leather but fits like latex. What is the material?
    What is it called. Couldn't find it on their website. I didn't like the sparkly straps. It hid and ruined the beautiful contours and lines.😀😭
    The goth x3 outfit is…
    …I want one, so so cute.
    I wish I were a millionaire, I would buy almost everything there.
    I imagine you feel a little 😢 you can't buy a 100+ of the amazing outfits and accessories you've seen there! 😭
    I'm very envious you at least get to try on some of those amazing styles!😜😸😞😸
    Thank you!!!
    I'm in California, US and we're on lockdown. Videos like this keep me dreaming happy/lustful thoughts.
    Is Germany having trouble with the virus😷? Haven't heard any news about Germany. Stay safe!😜 and thank you!😊

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