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I’ve got 10 Jean Claude Constantin
puzzles that are so awesome you gotta check em out. First I got this classic
Jean Claude you’ve seen this before on Mr. Puzzle’s channel it’s the Pento T
and you can kind of see it’s hard to show myself but the pieces come out like
that and then they fall back into place awesome little jigsaw like thing there’s
a brand new one here it’s called Wasserlabi it just came out I haven’t actually
seen or played with it but there’s a little jigsaw or little ball in the
corner here and these plates move around and you’ll see on the back here actually
the plates move on these like sticks almost and you kind of don’t know
they’re gonna slide sideways so you’re trying to move and I’m gonna get it
stuck you’re gonna try move the ball through the maze and it comes out down
here in the bottom now looks like flames really awesome this is another one I
played with this and actually quite like this this is the N52 and so
you got to get again it’s kind of like this other one actually the Wasserlabi
but it’s got a ball bearing that you get through and you move it across these
these pieces here you can kind of see it moves through these end and then you can
see actually on here where the name is it’s N52 and if you look right
which way is it now N52 one of these letters in here actually shows that it’s
N52 and it says what the title is there’s another one here called the
Einstein Box now I actually don’t get why it’s called the Einstein Box when
it’s got a big spider web on the front but and this is a puzzle box really
popular it’s brand new again or something I haven’t played with but you
can kind of see on the side hinges here that it opens up and I really actually
don’t know what the point of this one or what you do on it and I can’t even see
so it’s actually probably a fairly difficult one there’s another one here
and I tried stay in the name here it’s called the Pfefferminzstick 5er I
don’t know probably peppermint stick because it looks like a peppermint stick
but it’s got these up pieces now again I watched Mr. Puzzle do this one and it
kind of is hard to get apart at first because these pieces like slide out the
end and then you cut it’s all individual like metal pieces
there’s nothing really holding them together except for like the force of
them being in there I really like that one super different than some of these
other wood ones that he’s got and here’s another one this one I haven’t played
with again brand new but looks really neat I love the look at this he’s got
another one like this really colorful and these pieces slide through on this
track and now what you’ve got to do is you see there’s the the color side here
and here and this title lines up and then you got to get these pieces over
here and make them move them to the other side and get it to line up now the
great thing about this puzzle at least from what I can see is that it’s a you
get it to the one side almost it looks like you could move it back and forth
and not have to solve or unsolvable a and by really neat looking one there and
here’s a here’s a classic one called the 20 Cent Box one of my favorite
solutions from Jean Claude it’s got inside there there’s this key that comes
out and then there’s a 20 cent piece inside the box right inside there and
you’ve got to get that 20 cent piece out now there is a little slit in the front
here and kind of tempts you with getting it out there but I don’t know how you’d
like flip it up and slide it out but a really awesome solution now and love it
really ingenious here is the void lock and it’s actually a metal version
there’s a wood version of this void lock this is the metal version and you got to
get the lock open and there’s these plates that slide and this this piece
that slides through those plates and then eventually this top lock piece will
come out it’s been wildly popular this is another one that’s really cool heavy
duty – not a lot of metal stuff from Jean Claude so some of these actually
sell quite well and and are really awesome and again another lock here and
this one’s called the Schloss 250 again I haven’t played with this one but I
know it’s been popular and there’s a wooden shackle on the top and then these
wooden P or the metal screws here slide through I think actually not sure how
this one goes but there is plates you can see in the middle and obviously they
slide but I’m not able to get them slide but a really neat-looking lock and I
know the locks are often often sell out really quick
so I showed you some new puzzles on some old puzzles from Jean Claude
Constantin the guys always coming up with great stuff new things that’ll blow
your mind you got to go to our website because they’re all available right now

James Carver

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  1. Ordered two Jean Claude puzzles the other day the Pento T and Bon Bon. Also picked up the Aquarium Packer puzzle. Now I just have to anxiously await them to come in the mail.

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