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– Overall, there’s four billion different outfits you can make. Literally, four billion! This is a paid promotion for Moose Toys! I would not think to put these
items of clothing together. Hi guys! It’s Jordan. And today I’m going to be letting the mystery
wheel choose my outfits. ♪ Da, da, daa ♪ And also, I want to show you, Moose Toys sent me this amazing package, and it is full of Capsule Chix, and they’re so cool
and I want to show you. So, let’s open it. Alright, here we go! Look at these Capsule Chix! It’s so cool, you guys, you can see that there’s a dial here. And what you do is turn the dial and out comes a little capsule. And inside the capsule is all
the pieces to build your doll and your doll’s outfit, and
everything, and it’s so fun. You can mix and match all the outfits. And overall there’s four billion different outfits you can make. Literally, four billion! That’s literally insane! Each time you can get a brand new outfit. A brand new combination and look, there’s blue ones too. Look at this, ta-da! I already opened one. Shh, don’t tell. Okay, I think we should open this and create our first
outfit and everything, because I’m really excited. Got it! Alright, look at this,
look at how cute this is. Okay, so you open up this
little bit right here, then you can pull this. Oh look, it also comes
with a little booklet. Oh my goodness, this has the
combinations and everything. Cute, okay, let’s turn the dial because I really want to see
what I get inside my capsule. What’s this? Oh here it comes, here it comes. (ding) Yes, oh my goodness! The first capsule. Let’s open it, it’s so cute. Alright, let’s see what we got. Oh, it’s a mystery blind bag too. So that’s fun, so it’s still a mystery. What am I going to get? Let’s find out. Oh my goodness, okay, alrighty! So, I got the top piece. Look at this. I got the very top part, it’s her torso. And her arms, and everything and then if I open up
the rest of the capsules, I’ll get the rest of her outfit, and her head, and everything, and then I’ll have a full-on doll. This is so cool, I want
to see the entire outfit. So, I say, we keep opening up capsules. Let’s go. (ding) There’s another one! Okay, all right. Yes, yes, let’s see what it is. Oh, I got the stand. Let’s see what else is in there. I got her head, her face. Aw, it’s her cute little face. Look at that, so cute. Look, I can add it, right here. I’m just making my own doll pretty much, like I’m assembling my own doll. This is so cool. Alright, this is what our
doll looks like so far. She’s definitely not complete. She needs her legs and everything. So, let’s keep opening. Also, I think it’s really
cool that they can pose like you see, I have
this little stand here. They have 14 different
points of articulation. Meaning that they can bend their hand, and their arm, and everything. So, you can pose them,
and they can be like, Pose, pose, pose. You can do so many poses, it’s so cool. I see it, it’s right there! Let’s grab it, okay. (ding) Got to find out what
it is, this is so fun. It’s so exciting to see what’s
in every single capsule. What is this? Oh my goodness, I got her shoes! And a necklace, right? A necklace, or a headband maybe? I’m not sure. Look at this. Oh my god, a bracelet,
it’s like a little watch. Whoa, this is cool, we’re going
to need a zoom in on this. Look at this, look at how cute. I think this is a belt and
then she’s got a little watch, and her shoes, and everything. That’s so adorable. Okay, I think we’re ready to
move on to the next capsule. I’m literally so excited to see her outfit because I feel like she’s
going to have such good style. (ding) Oh, here it is. I’m hoping this is the
legs, because, I don’t know, I just feel like we need
the whole doll assembled. Let’s see, what is it going to be? Whoa, it’s big, I’m confused. What is this? Whoa, it’s her hair! Oh my goodness, I completely
forgot about the hair. Yay, oh this is going to be so cute. See, this has got little pom-poms. Okay, we got to assemble it. She’s so cute, do you see this? Look at that, we got her hair. Do a little 360 for you. Cute, I think we have one more capsule. This has to be the legs, but let’s see. (ding) There it is. After this one we’re going
to have the complete doll and the complete outfit. Which I am super excited to see because based off of the
shoes, she’s really stylish. So, I’m excited to see the
full outfit, in all it’s glory. Let’s find out. Whoa, oh my goodness. A skirt, maybe. Look at that, cute. Here it is. That’s her legs! ♪ Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah ♪ Let’s assemble. There she is, but her outfit is not done. She needs her little skirt. Oh my goodness, this is
something I would actually wear. Honestly, I wish this was
my actual real life clothes. This is so cute! Do you see this? It’s literally her little skirt and it’s all moons and
stars, and like space-y. Okay, so this is my girl. Look at her, she’s so stylish. So cute, I even posed her
in this fun little pose. Hi guys, it’s Jordan. (laughs) Look at that, and also in the book, I can check off what items I got for her outfit and everything. And it’s so fun, because If I
open up these other capsules. I can mix and match her
outfit with the other dolls and create a whole new look. It’s going to be so fun. I think my favorite part of the outfit is honestly either the shoes or the skirt. I can’t decide, the shoes are really cute. But also the skirt. I would love to own that skirt. Really, so adorable! Okay, so that’s our doll. Now I think I’m ready
for the mystery wheel to choose my outfit for me. Oh no, this is going to be
totally random and crazy and I’m a little nervous,
not going to lie. So, are you guys ready? Alright, let’s go for outfit number one. So, we can just spin the
mystery wheel multiple times until we get at least
shoes, a top and pants, and an accessory. So, we’ll see how many it
takes, I don’t even know. I’m so nervous, this mystery wheel. Ready? Three, two, one, go! (drumroll) (ding) Leggings! Okay, I love leggings,
that’s actually good. Okay, so leggings, we’re good. Alright, time for round two. What do we get to wear with the leggings? (drumroll) We get to wear jeans? I mean, I guess we could wear
jean shorts with our leggings. That’s so weird, but I mean,
that’s want the wheel wants. So, we got to give the
wheel what it wants. So, let’s go into the next one. Leggings, and jeans. That’s going to be an interesting combo. Sneakers! I love sneakers, that’s great. So, I’m trying to picture this in my head, I’ve got leggings, jeans, and sneakers. Alright, next one, let’s
hope I get a shirt this time. (drumroll) Oh look, you thought it
was going to leggings but psyche, it’s actually on glasses. So, I can wear my
glasses with this outfit. That will be fun. I don’t wear my glasses that often. I usually always wear contacts, so this is going to be a
totally different look. This is going to be really fun. Okay, next one. Oh wait, that’s on blue for sure, blue. This is the plot twist
in the mystery wheel. It’s mystery blue,
meaning that I can choose any article of clothing that I want, but it has to be only blue. So, that’s going to be a little tricky, but I think I’m going
to use that as my top. I’ll pick a top that’s all blue and then I’ll have, I
think I’ll have everything. Because I have my accessory, I have my shoes, we’re good to go. Alright, let’s go get
the outfit downstairs. Welcome to my closet, so here it is. Alright, I think we’re ready to go inside, and pick out my outfit. Oh, there it is. I was like, where’s the handle? Alright, I have to pick a blue shirt. But the thing is, I mostly
own white, pink, and gray. So, blue doesn’t really
fit into that category. But I could look down here. I have these random shirts right here. I’m just going to have
to pick one of those. I’m actually really surprised. I really don’t own very many blue shirts. I didn’t realize that. Let’s see, what do I have here? Oh my goodness, you guys,
do you remember this? “The challenge life choose me”. My JustJordan33 shirt,
we never sold these. These were just for
like our family to wear. Just for fun, and this is my shirt, and it says “JustJordan33” metallic, and it says, “The
challenge life chose me.” So, I think we should wear this, honestly. Let’s do it! Ta-da! What was that intro? This is my outfit, here it is. That’s the final look and honestly, I would not think to put these
items of clothing together. But the wheel picked
it for me and honestly, I feel like it’s not too bad. Like it’s pretty fun to
try this new style out. I don’t know, would you guys ever wear jean shorts with leggings? Let me know, because I don’t know. Maybe we can make it a new trend. Okay, back to opening up a new capsule. Because I want to see
which doll I will get. Let’s go! Here we go. Alright, I’m going to take off my glasses because I’m wearing contacts right now. And contacts mixed with
glasses is not a good combo. So, those are going to go off to the side. But I wanted to show you that you can can actually take apart your doll and if you want to store
her inside that box, you actually can. So, you can open it, and your
can reload the entire box. So then you can open
up the capsules again. If you take your empty
capsule and open it, and then if you just put in
the pieces that you want. Like I’m going to put in her hair. So, oh no! She looks like my dad! (laughs) Alright, there’s her hair. So, I’m just going to close the capsule and then you can take it, and you can put it back in the box. Just like this, drop it in and then it reloads the entire machine. So, then you can just play it again. You can put new outfits in the capsules from your other boxes that you opened. And then you can just mix and match, and it’s just a bunch of fun. So, once I open up my second doll, and then I get the outfit, I think I’m to try to mix and match. Like add it to this capsule
and add it to this machine. And then just try and mix
and match the outfits. Alright, I thing we should
move on to this one. So, the blue box was actually the Ctrl+Alt+Magic Collection. And this one is the Ram Rock Collection. So, this is going to be a whole new style and I’m so excited. This box is going to be
like a whole new style, and I’m really excited to
see it, so let’s get it open. Oh, here’s our little booklet. It’s like a little mini
magazine, do you see that? I love that. Okay, let’s open it up. (ding) We got our first capsule. This is the first piece I got. I got the torso again. What are the chances of that? But look at her little hands, their like rock and roll! I was going to do the I love you sign and then I was doing the
Shaka at the same time. And I’m like, I don’t
know what’s happening. But this is the sign she’s doing. This means rock and roll. Oh my goodness, her makeup. Look at that! Do you see that? She is definitely going to be
a little rockstar over here. Okay, let’s open the next one. (ding) Second capsule open, I
got shoes and a purse. (ding) Look at this skirt. It’s geometrical, it has
all these shapes and stuff. And here are her legs,
she’s like, “Hello”. Alright, it’s time to open
up our very last mystery bag. Let’s see, what’d we get? Oh her hair, and she got sunglasses too. Look at this, her hair is so long, you can see this braid right here. Let’s put it on. Oh my goodness, I get it. That’s so cool, it’s
like a high up ponytail but like braided, that’s so fun! Alright, here is my
Ram Rock Capsule Chick. Isn’t she just so cute? Her outfit is adorable. Here are the two side by side. Here’s the Ram Rock, and
here’s the Ctrl+Alt+Magic. And you can totally tell
the two different styles. Look at that, that’s so crazy. I want to mix and match their outfits and see what it looks like. Okay, before we mix and
match their outfits, I think we need to spin the wheel, and see what it chooses for my outfit. Okay, let’s go. We meet again. Let’s spin the wheel and see what I get. The wheel picks some crazy stuff. I’m nervous, let’s see. We got boots! I mean, it’s summertime right now, so that’s a little weird. But we’ve got boots, so
we’re going to go with that. Round two, let’s see what we get. Blue mystery again! I don’t know what. Maybe I can use that for my pants, I could get blue jeans, that
could actually work perfect. Let’s do that. So, we’ve got boots and blue jeans. What’s coming next? I’m worried I’m going to get flip-flops and then I’m going to
have boots and flip-flops. Oh no, did I just jinx myself? Okay, this is on the
edge, maybe we can just oh my goodness, wow! I got a hoodie, and
totally not flip-flops. I think we need to spin
again for that round. So, far we have jeans and
boots, no hoodies, sadly. I wanted the hoodie,
but not going to happen. Let’s see what we get though. Princess crown? I guess we’re going to
have a very stylish, bedazzled, princess crown. Alrighty, okay. No, why? I got my glasses again. Actually, wait, I have a good idea, but it’s going to be a surprise. I have a good idea for glasses, but I’ll show you guys when I get the whole outfit assembled. Hopefully I get shirt,
or hoodie, or something, or I don’t even know, a jacket? Let’s see, oh no, socks. Well at least I got socks with my boots. It’s not what I was looking
for, but we’ll go with it. Red mystery, okay we got red mystery. Means I can pick out a red something. A red shirt, or something. So, I think we’ve got all the items needed to go assemble an outfit, I’m going to go grab it, and I’ll come back and show
you what it looks like. Why hello there. Here’s my outfit, don’t
forget the glasses. I decided to go with
sunglasses for this look because I feel like it’s fitting. So, let’s show the whole outfit, this is what it looks like. I stole these boots from Audrey’s room, so, shh don’t tell her, okay? Don’t let Audrey know
that I took her shoes, but yeah, those are Audrey’s. So I decided to pair
this with some mom jeans, they’re like high-waisted and everything. And then this shirt, I
know it’s not true red red, but it’s like a burgundy red. It’s like a really dark burgundy red, so I counted it as
a-okay, but I don’t know, I don’t know what you guys think. But here’s the crown. Honestly, I feel like
I like this one better than the first one, but
I’m not sure really. I think you guys should
comment down below. Which look do you like better? Outfit number one, or outfit number two? This is outfit number two right now. I don’t know, what do you guys think? Which one would you wear? Okay guys, we’re back and here are all the dolls. And I think we should take a closer look because they’re all super-duper cute. Look at them. (upbeat fun music) Okay, now I think we should switch up some of their pieces and customize them. (playful music) Okay, so we mixed and
matched all of the styles, and this is the final product. They all look super-duper cute. I think my favorite has
to be this one, you guys. It’s just so pretty, I love this skirt. How it matches so well with the hair and then the butterfly
wings, like the fairy wings. And then the little
shoes, it’s just adorable. I love it so much. Which of these dolls is your favorite? Comment down below. And also, which of the
Capsule Chix would you want? If you want to learn
more about Capsule Chix, make sure you check out the link that’s in the description box down below. Alright, so I guess that’s
it for today’s challenge. Thank you guys so much for watching, if you enjoyed it, give
it a big thumbs up. Subscribe, turn the subscribe
button from red to gray and I’ll see you all next time. Bye! (lively fun music)

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