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100 Replies to “Muslim Leader Offers Pageant Queen Dethroned For Alleged Racist Tweets ‘An Opportunity To Learn’”

  1. the woman is acting like she’s speaking for all muslims and she has such a condescending tone though like at least let her talk,, “excuse me, let me finish” you’ve been talking the whole time like chill she was only gonna ask a question

  2. This episode is really bad, that Muslim Lady was so rude and cringey. Wow. She just had a speech prepared and that was basically it. Talking about "can I be your friend"….

  3. Jesus this Muslim is acting as if the other woman went around insulting Muslims everywhere for a decade or something. So confused…

  4. Too bad Allah is not real. Very unfortunate. Islam is not a true religion. There is only one God his name is Jesus Christ. The Muslim woman seems like a very kind, friendly woman. But truth is, she is following a false God

  5. Most important thing in the conversation: “She is a California girl”! It was not a dialog it was a monologue. Shame on this Muslim woman! Was not a example at all. Honest I don’t even care what she said. The young girl has all my respect because she showed Respect!

  6. Apparently she is not as bad as the other people who came to Dr. Phil. Because she is only misunderstood and she herself misunderstood.

  7. Omg this "Muslim" women obviously does not know why her own prophet implimented the hijab. It doesn't matter if she chooses to wear it, there are women in Muslim countries who are forced to wear it against her will. Muslims in Westernised countries always feel so entitled and have tender nerves, yet in Muslim countries they would kill you for just disagreeing with their religion. Hypocrits!

  8. People calling the hijab oppressive, would you say the same about a Catholic Nun? Didn’t think so. Not all Muslims wear hijab even in Muslim majority countries, Saudi Arabia doesn’t represent every other Muslim country. I feel sorry for most of this comment section, probably isolated in your White neighborhoods from the outside world.

  9. That lady better put on clown makeup as well bc she's defo not representing us in the right way. We do not claim her.

  10. I’m confused the hijab lady was talking about all this stuff that had nothing to do with the topics. She was rambling on so much and being rude I can’t even understand what she’s saying. Yes there are different types of people that do different things there summed it up it’s very simple

  11. That woman is so condescending and belittling in her approach its disgusting. This is why you cant debate with leftists cause their feelings take over and facts go out the window within the first 10 seconds.

  12. And this is were democracy kills democracy. If the muslim talks is freedom of speech, if the Asian talks is "hate crime".
    Creator of hashtag? Is this what we are doing now? There are people with different religion dying and she creats hashtag? I hope that's not all she is doing.

  13. I feel like this girl was full on attacked for like NO REASON!!!!!! I love Dr. Phil & usually back him 100% but this entire approach was just not necessary.

  14. Wait… I'm confused?
    didn't she just say she didn't want to wear one and feels like people who do wear them for a purpose would feel offended if people are just wearing them as a fashion statement without the back ground.

    Why is is she coming at her like this?????
    This it not putting herself in a positive light, maybe I missed something.

  15. She's noding but she's not listening. Once she steps away from overlearnt talking point her sentences make no sense, as for most Trump worshippers.
    She keeps repeating Sharia law, Sharia law as if it concerned her.
    We're Americans what Saudi Arabia does not affect us.
    And the Sharia law she worry so much about seems to suit her guru Trump when it comes to MBS.
    Wearing the hijab isno oppression.
    It symbolizes the distance with materialism.
    It conveys modesty. The point is to be perceived as a human being,nothing more. It limits the physical attributes people rely on to judge you, in order to judge you based on other worthier parameters.
    Any woman could see the point in that.

  16. why the Muslim woman keeps saying all the thing irrelevant with the girl's tweets? shes wondering if it is disrespectful to Muslim's faith to treat hijab as a fashion show on Hijab Day by Muslim themselves – wat she attempts to do is just to distract attentions of all people cos she doesnt answer the question that she shows up for – wat a crazy US haha for the sake of California girl XD

  17. I don’t agree with the Muslim woman on her attitude towards the other girl. I have so many Muslim friends & an ex fiancé that is a Muslim. So I am not against the religion at all.

    The Muslim was very condescending & arrogant acting towards the girl. Was so defensive when she took a break & the Asian spoke up. The Asian even said like an “oops” for interrupting (thinking she was done). Then the Muslim woman barked like a dog at her for “interrupting” ?!

    I didn’t like this at all.

  18. K I like Dr. Phil and all but this episode was just stupid. This muslim lady is being so condescending to the other girl. Tbh I don’t even think the other girl said anything wrong??? She just had opinions omfg

  19. China, North Korea, and a whole host of asian countries are some of the most oppressive on earth and they follow a non-religious brand of totalitarian regimes. So please take a pill of hypocrisy and focus on them for a change Asian girl rather than Muslim Majority ones.

  20. Literally the world is on fire let people wear whatever they want to wear. No one has any empathy or willingness to learn from others about their uniqueness. So why bother with whatever anyone else is doing. Just don’t infringe on anyone else’s rights. And if you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all 🙄

  21. Most Muslim women aren't really nice they considered themselves the best amongst women on Earth😂 but reality they're the worst☺️😅😅😅

  22. “We are wearing the hijab to adhere to our faith”. Ok why does your faith necessitate the wearing of the hijab in the first place? Lmfao. The reason why it is a requirement in the first place is because the religion was crafted by men under the guise of “God’s word” in order to restrict the rights of women. It screams masculine insecurity

  23. I dont care if someone wears a hijab or not. But this was not a discussion at all! Like you can't ramble then get mad when the person tries to respond.

  24. To everyone who feels as if the Muslim girl didn’t give the Asian girl enough time to talk, this section of the show was created afterrrrr the Asian Girl spoke for 30 mins straight. On the full episode the asian girl spoke for 30 min straight and this is the part of the show where the Muslim lady started speaking. It’s disappointing how the producers edited this video Bc it discredits the Asian Girls opinion, along with making the Muslim girl look like she didn’t value the other girls opinion. However, on the televised episode we can see how both of them shared their opinion on EQUAL timings

  25. So basically some social justice warrior producer thought this was a good segment idea: Bring on a Chinese American beauty queen who expressed a perfectly legitimate opinion only to be beaten with political correctness. Does the Dr Phil show think we're all stupid?

  26. SIGH. Here is yet again 1 person trying to speak for their entire community. And here yet again is a liberal person letting someone else know that their opinion and feelings don't count even though supposedly the left preaches tolerance of all and acceptance of all. Hypocrisy is ugly.

  27. I'm a hijabi Arab but I see where the Asian girl is coming from she isn't being rude to us Muslims who r peaceful she was saying about corrupt ksa and stuff

  28. When Kathy told Rida, "You talk the whole time," I thought it was very rude. That also did not support her claim that she welcomed having these types of dialogs. I understand this is a free country and everyone has the right to choose what they stand for, but it doesn't mean you can make insensitive and offensive statements on a platform like Twitter and not expect anything negative in return. Also, when you walk around wearing a MAGA hat, you state so much more about yourself than, "I'm a conservative." That said, she should not get death threats and be attacked with racial slurs. My god, all of these only perpetuate more negativity and hate, and do we really need more? I also agree with some people here that Rida came out a bit offensive and condescending. Unfortunately, I didn't think her approach served well. And one little side comment to end this, Kathy reminded me of Tomi Lahren a bit. They both have the same intensity and seem to express the same type of political aggression.

  29. The Asian girl was so rude when say said that she was talking the whole time. Yeah we see where talking got you so sometimes it’s good to just shut up and listen

  30. growing up catholic/conservative we wore long skirts to our ankles, we covered our head for mass and showed no skin. Yet We were never ridiculed by it and I sympathize with the muslim community that faces backlash for wearing attire similar to ours. The difference is a fear of foreign anything in this country. And she’s right if you don’t venture out you will never see what the other side goes through. Like i said I grew up very conservative but as I got older and interacted and befriended people who were from different religions, backgrounds, ethnicities and sexual orientation the more I let go of the notion that the world/the country has to conform to my beliefs. I still practice my religion, i still dress conservatively and cover up and I am submissive but i do so with more empathy.

  31. "I have not seen any woman suffering as much as the believing women. Look! Her skin is greener than her clothes!" (Sahih al-Bukhari 5825)

    -Muhammad's Wife Aisha commenting on the treatment of women in Islam.

  32. Wait, according to you sjws, I thought POC couldn't be racist. By the way, just a little common sense, hijabs represent oppression of women. The fact that in Muslim countries if you dont have one on or do what a man says you basically die.

  33. Is the Asian girl meant to be the rude one? The Muslim woman is telling her a whole pitty story that has nothing to do with the girl.

  34. Kind of weird how her being a conservative somehow turned into her being a racist….? I dont know.. if she was liberal no one would have bat an eye…

  35. Sharia Law directly conflicts with American beliefs, I don't disagree with her point. It becomes problematic when you don't approach the subject from a place of compassion, which I don't feel like she did.
    The woman brought on as a Muslim representative felt just as insincere, asking to be a friend then snapping at her.

  36. Disappointing episode. She should just stay with her opinions because one muslim woman doesn’t represent the opinions of many other muslims.

  37. For Dr. Phil to actually side with someone who has a social status for being the leader of the muslim community is funny.

    so Dr.Phil are you implying that we the people whom are not, "SOCIAL LEADERS", are not able to share our own personal thoughts publicly? Yes that young girl does not know about the religion but did she imply that the religion itself is bad?

    Take a look at the muslim leader and any other random muslim girls who actually live in islamic countries or even better live in asian countries. She does not even show the proper way of dressing a hijab should be shown as.

    When any other religion does something wrong, people start blaming them for being racist and problematic.
    But when the muslims stir up the trouble and i mean any type of trouble, people just listen in like idiots, keep quiet and follow as they say.

    Her statement on the fastest growing population was hilarious, we didn't ask and we don't care where or what the muslim population is in america. For her to give these information is utterly useless. So what if the muslims are growing? what's ur point there? nothing? Can u also explain on the facts where those people who want to love a muslim must and are forced to convert?, the muslim community ACCEPTS people but does NOT ALLOW people to convert to other religions? so is that a fair deal? nah They're just forced to then they don't have a choice but to accept it.

    WE ARE ALL ENTITLED TO OUR OWN OPINION BE IT ON SOCIAL MEDIA AND IN REAL LIFE, IF YOU CAN'T DEAL WITH IT THEN SUCK IT AND GO ON YOUR OWN WAY. mr's self proclaimed leader, if you want to judge whatever other people say and do then accept judgement from other people as well. NOT COMPLAIN AND WHINE ABOUT YOUR OWN PERSONAL PROBLEMS so that you can aim to have the viewers and people give you pity.

  38. This interaction was horrible. The Muslim lady was condescending. I feel like they invited Kathy on here just to bully her. This was the opposite of a learning experience. I dislike Trump too, but Kathy shouldn't be oppressed for her political views. In addition, the muslim lady isn't wearing a Hijab. If she was truly practicing her religion then she would cover all the hair, ears, and neck.

  39. I don't think many people understand islam and what the "quran" says and indicates. If you read this storytale, it incites repulsive life practices, revenge, justification for murder, barbaric punishments and sexual deviancy. So… I'm not really religious but from what I read from this ''book'', it's truly absolutely a disgusting foul practice as far as I would say it's immoral.

    NOW GO AHEAD and call me a racist or whatever you please. Nothing I said above was false. And if you don't believe this, do the research yourself. And if you're a muslim trying to persuade otherwise you're really arrogant.

  40. Disingenuous. I really despise when Americans try to nicey-nice things. Ya, America it's more accepted, that's great. Why didn't this woman talk about Muslim-majority countries and the real horrors that women go through? Somehow she skipped over that point. When the Australian Prime Minister tried to wear hijab in solidarity… Iranian feminists said, "We're trying to get this off of our heads." It's not so cut and dry. Dr. Phil Show and Americans – you're trying to make people treat eachother nicer by lying. This wasn't a proper conversation about issues, it was reprimanding the young woman instead of acknowledging she had a point. Or how about bridge with her trying to understand Chinese culture, where it wasn't that long ago that girls were killed because everyone wanted sons.

  41. Dr Phil this was disappointing. The girl first of all never targeted anyone but she’s being talked to as if she’s done a hate crime. Both you and the Muslim woman has to talked to her very poorly.

  42. If this woman loves to wear her hejob or whatever it's called she should move to whatever country that that's in and see if she really loves it she was born in America and should be American I don't appreciate her thinking a radical belief is good

  43. I stand with you girl.. I have lots of Muslim friends.. And if I were a Muslim myself I wouldn't like if other people wear hijab as a fashion statement.
    And the Muslim leader doesn't even make sense when she speak

  44. Wait that's a hijab too??… lots of blacks & latinas wear their hair in a wrap like that and we don't call it hijab.

  45. Poor girl, sitting there being patronized. I can tell she’s a smart girl, and she knows everything miss “influential muslim woman” is saying. I would have loved to be there instead!
    Nobody ever said the Hijab is forced upon muslim women (in the west anyways because we all know how women are treated in Arabia, Turkey, Africa etc..) but the only reason these women wear it is because they were indoctrinated into believing it is sinful to allow another man to see your hair. Iranians would see this woman and be curious as to why she isn’t wearing the full bed sheet to cover her body! Lmao

  46. How is she one of the MOST INFLUENTIAL of Orange County? I can't even stand listening to her. JUST GET IT OUT LADY! Say what you gotta say! Geeeesh!😫🥱

  47. She is rude when ppl want to explain her life and culture….she is not enlighten….from body language she is not open to learn

  48. Well, I mean, the pageant girl has a point. In Arabic countries that operate under sharia law, women don’t have a choice. That’s not to say that all Muslim women who wear a hijab are oppressed, but those who live in those Middle Eastern countries that operate under sharia law are. I think it’s important to remember that and to make them a part of the conversation too.

  49. she's to arrogant to really absorb any information theyre giving her, the fact that she keeps interrupting proves that.

  50. i live in a country where sharia is part of our law. however it’s not always implemented, our law would turn to sharia when religious matters are concerned. but wearing hijab is not one of them. hijab is a choice, we have so many girls who choose not wear it after hitting puberty and there are girls who decide to wear later in life. it is a choice and no one forces us to wear, not fathers not brothers and not the law. ofc it’s different in countries like Saudi arabia. cause practicing ur religion is not necessarily linked to wearing hijab, ive seen girls who wear hijab but don’t pray and vice versa. and yes dr phil made a bad choice with this guest, she didn’t explain anything she was just condescending and likes to hear herself y’all

  51. Um "Asia" includes:
    The idea was to pretend it meant "East Asia".
    "ASIA" includes SAUDI ARABIA LOL!




    2 India 1,380,004,385 Southern Asia

    3 Indonesia 273,523,615 South-Eastern
    4 Pakistan 220,892,340 Southern Asia

    5 Bangladesh 164,689,383 Southern Asia

    7 Philippines 109,581,078 South-Eastern

    9 Turkey 84,339,067 Western Asia

    10 Iran 83,992,949 Southern Asia

    11 Thailand 69,799,978 South-Eastern Asia

    12 Myanmar 54,409,800 South-Eastern

    14 Iraq 40,222,493 Western Asia

    15 Afghanistan 38,928,346 Southern Asia

    16 Saudi Arabia 34,813,871 Western Asia

    17 Uzbekistan 33,469,203 Central Asia

    18 Malaysia 32,365,999 South-Eastern

    19 Yemen 29,825,964 Western Asia

    20 Nepal 29,136,808 Southern Asia

    22 Sri Lanka 21,413,249 Southern Asia

    23 Kazakhstan 18,776,707 Central Asia

    24 Syria 17,500,658 Western Asia

    25 Cambodia 16,718,965 South-Eastern

    26 Jordan 10,203,134 Western Asia

    27 Azerbaijan 10,139,177 Western Asia

    28 United Arab Emirates 9,890,402 Western Asia

    29 Tajikistan 9,537,645 Central Asia

    30 Israel 8,655,535 Western Asia

    32 Lebanon 6,825,445 Western Asia

    33 Kyrgyzstan 6,524,195 Central Asia

    34 Turkmenistan 6,031,200 Central Asia

    35 Singapore 5,850,342 South-Eastern

    36 Oman 5,106,626 Western Asia

    37 State of Palestine 5,101,414 Western

    38 Kuwait 4,270,571 Western Asia

    39 Georgia 3,989,167 Western Asia

    41 Armenia 2,963,243 Western Asia

    42 Qatar 2,881,053 Western Asia

    43 Bahrain 1,701,575 Western Asia

    44 Timor-Leste 1,318,445 South-Eastern

    45 Cyprus 1,207,359 Western Asia

    46 Bhutan 771,608 Southern Asia

    47 Maldives 540,544 Southern Asia

    48 Brunei

  52. If that woman said hijab one more time I was going to throw my phone. The lady wasn’t making any points or very well spoken. She also didn’t allow anyone else to speak. Ffs

  53. I’m very displeased with this video. Like I can see what the girl said can be construed as impoliticly correct but this woman just came to make her feel bad about herself

  54. That is not a hijab that she is wearing, it is a hat. I my country, if she wears what she is wearing, she would be murdered and it would be called an honour killing. I don't know how it is possible for a Muslim to be a disgrace to both the Muslims and non Muslin belief! And yet she is sitting right there!

  55. That woman is not a true muslim. Her hair line is showing like crazy, it's not remotely properly wrapped. Her earrings, her make up.

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