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My eyebrows bruh maybe I should cut the dryer
off. I don’t think anything is quite like a fresh
shirt out the dryer. I feel like a donut. Hi Everybody! So today’s video I wanted to shout out my
budget fashionista’s. My sistas, my girls, my peoples who are trying
to be modest but on a budget, who like look, “I don’t have time for all of that” that’s
expensive blah blah, okay look, I’m with you, I’m a I’m a budget girl, I’m a budget. Save that money girl. Save them coins. Repurposing things so as much as you can do
that the better. Take one day and raid your mothers closet,
raid your grandmas closet, raid your aunties closet, swap things with your friends and
you will find that there are already very interesting things that other people own that
they do not wear or use as much anymore and if you raid your grandmother or mothers closet. It’s gonna be vintage and different and really
interesting and you can find a way to make it more trendy. It’s probably going to be modest because that
was just the day and age. So get your life, raid your grandmas closet,
raid your mamas closet, and find you some cute modest clothes. Second tip. I think you guys can guess this right? I guess you guys would have thought this would
be my number one right? Thrift store. So, you can all you have to do is check for
quality. Wash those things, and you have something
that’s really really nice and a lot of times. People haven’t even worn those items as much
and it’s really easy to find very modest and fashionable clothing items for a little. The third tip is um experiment with repurposing
and sewing your own clothes. So you’re like “ok! look I don’t wanna be
a designer. I don’t want to be a seamstress. I don’t want to deal with that stuff.” Look, look, look just give me a chance. Just give me a shot. Give me a shot. If you can do a few basic sewing things. Just a few basic sewing things, no one is
asking you to have super advanced techniques, if you just know how to do a few basic things
you can, like your amount of style and potential for things you can wear, will just skyrocket
ok. So just um you can buy things from the thrift
store and you can repurpose them and make them into other things, you can buy things
at the thrift store that you can just use as fabric and you can make your own clothes. Um, you can like so yeah you can repurpose
things from the thrift store and you can sew your own clothes by buying fabric and if you
keep your eye really really close on the sales you can land a good deal on something on a
fabric and you can just buy it and then when you know then you can make something out of
that fabric on sale. So, yeah you can definitely do that and just
get your creative juices flowing. You never know! You never know! You may start liking it! You may start liking it for real! for real! You don’t know. You don’t. You don’t know. ok. So yeah. So those are just three things that I think
you can definitely do to be modest and fashionable on a budget. Um hopefully you guys enjoyed this video and
I will talk to you later. Bye!

James Carver

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