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the weather can play a large part in how
horses feel and how they act in this video you’ll see footage over a 48-hour
period and you’ll also see what happened before and after Miss Kitty stopped
eating they are having fun today is November 27th and this is our
first big storm of the year all the schools are canceled and college is
cancelled businesses are canceled my riding lessons are canceled so I left
Miss Kitty’s in a stall my left knee commands are up for the night with the
herd Stella loves it oh good morning miss
kitty oh great hi are you super upset that you’re stuck in a stop oh yeah you
are oh great she didn’t eat at all oh my gosh for those of you who have been following
Miss Kitty’s story you understand that she’s on a special diet due to her
recent health issues if you’re not familiar with Miss Kitty story be sure
to check out her playlist so you can see everything that’s been going on with her
now she’s getting mash and she’s also getting chopped a and she has a free
choice regular Hey and she didn’t touch any of it all night and she’s very
stressed out as you can tell from the pine now Miss Kitty’s never had an issue
of being in a stall before she’s always pretty content and it’s never bothered
her so I was very surprised to find her like this as you can see her flank is
kind of sucked up and she’s clearly been pacing for quite some time
now the reason that Miss Kitty stayed in a stall last night is because of the
winter storm we had very high winds in the direction that the wind was blowing
had I left her stall door open to the paddock that’s behind the barn the stall
would have filled with snow so and she has a tendency to just go outside and
stand by the gate so she can see the other horses and I wanted to make sure
that she stayed out of the weather Miss fussy pants didn’t want to eat anything
in her stall so you know I’m in a position where I really don’t have a
choice because I’ve got Mira I can’t have her losing weight
because she’s 26 years old and we are just now starting winter it is November
27th today and winter is gonna come on strong and I’ve got to have weight on
this horse I decided it would be best to just turn Miss Kitty loose out of the
stall and let her meander around the barn and see what I could actually get
her to eat chopped hay has never been a problem but she suddenly decided she
wanted nothing to do with that anymore then I went ahead and gave her some safe
choice original she did eat about a cup of that but for the most part just kind
of spilled it then alfalfa pellets she didn’t want
anything to do with that I bought those for her to feed soaked and she wouldn’t
eat them wet or dry I tried to give her some fresh mash and she wanted nothing
to do with that so I figured I would try giving her some of the new Trina senior
without it being soaked she did eat a little bit of that but definitely not
enough this is the part of horse ownership that people don’t prepare you
for because they get to a certain age and there’s only so many things that
you’re gonna be able to get them to do so she’s decided no I am NOT eating that
and what do you do you can’t do anything about it if I don’t let her just eat
whatever it is that she wants she’s gonna get too thin and she’s not gonna
be able make the winter so I’m taking a risk at this mare choking on all this
grain but by gosh she won’t eat anything so she won’t eat it wet and I you know I
kind of like I remember when my my great-grandpa was well he was 93 when he
died but towards the end he didn’t want to eat anything and because he couldn’t
taste anything and he never drank in his life and he started drinking whiskey so
but it was the only thing that he could taste and you know why whatever they
want whatever they want when they’re old doesn’t matter but she’s she’s so upset
right now she’s you know and she may not seem upset to you but I know that this
horse is not comfortable she’s just meandering around the barn and she’s
searching if she’s searching for something but she can’t figure out what
it is and I’m gonna turn her outside for a couple hours because that’s really all
I can do with her she’s not happy being stuck in the barn and
she’s are you gonna do so here’s what I want to know will you leave me a comment
below with the struggles you’ve been through with older horses and tell me
what you fed them that works I did give her beet pulp I actually haven’t given
it to her in a while it’s been a couple years but she was not a fan of beet pulp
at all so I’m not giving her beet pulp currently it is in the senior feed so I
am gonna try picking up some beet pulp see if she’ll eat that but I have a
feeling that she’s not gonna want to touch it
so she’s just here’s what we got going on meandering around and doing whatever
she wants but I need this horse to drink I need this horse to eat and you know I
hate to I hate to bring this up but it’s real I don’t want this horse to die in
the winter I mean you know losing our horses is one thing it’s terrible we
never want to think about losing our horses but it’s reality and the fact of
thinking okay if this horse decides to stop eating now how am I going to and
how am I gonna barrier how am I going to take care of that this time of year so
it’s not ideal at all and honestly I mean she’s she’s been in such great
shape she’s still working she’s still doing lessons so she’s not in a position
I feel where I should just put her down right now but walking in the barn this
morning and finding what I found really surprised me I’m shocked that she’s not
wanting to eat her stuff the stresses that go along with owning horses is
never-ending once one kind of goes away another one
comes and you know that’s just it’s just what it is but I think this is the stuff
that people just don’t warn you about well I’ll show you a little bit of
Mainzer and Nika everybody’s favorite you say hi to the people Mainzer
he’s cute little little wet bum see ya Miss Kitty’s got all this grain
everywhere and she’s over there searching she’s searching in the in the
grain bins she’s looking for more I don’t know what else to give her giving
her everything I can’t I’ve given her everything that we have to offer and
she’s like no I need something else so I don’t know to do for me just the cutest
I was so cute today is his first blizzard so when I called them in out of
the pasture I’ve never seen him like soaked before so he’s all wet and frisky
and came running in went right in a stall like a big boy I’m so excited he’s
so good I have been through this situation once
before with my horse poco he was 26 when he died and you know the couple of
months leading up to his death were pretty um pretty troublesome as far as
trying to find out anything that he would eat he was he was very sick at the
end and we had a very hard time getting him to eat anything besides grass in our
yard and right now we do not have grass because we’ve got two feet of snow so
you know this is bringing back some memories for me that I don’t necessarily
care for and yeah I’m I’m open to suggestions
so if you’ve got any suggestions as to what this mirror that is wandering my
barn might be willing to eat and get some good weight on her she still looks
good right now I just don’t want her to lose any more so she’s you know and I’ve
also been through this before where horses didn’t make it through the winter
and I don’t want to do with it I don’t want to do that I don’t want this horse
to have to do that I don’t want to have to go through that process and so yeah
we’re kind of in a we’re in a pickle here right maybe that’s all she needed was a good
role and stuff her face in the snow you now it’s about three o’clock in the
afternoon on November 28th and Miss Kitty has been out with her herd since
last night she really didn’t want to be alone and went and stood by the gate so
I gave in and just let her out the weather was good so I didn’t see a
reason for her not to be out there now as you can see how she just kind of
wrung her neck like that Miss Kitty does that when she’s frustrated or annoyed or
frisky or if she needs something or sometimes even if there’s pain so
there’s a lot of different things that that can mean I just know that for some
reason right now she’s not comfortable as you can see she’s standing away from
the herd earlier in the day she was in with the herd eating hay and now for
some reason she feels the need to sort of isolate herself from everybody else
so I didn’t notice anybody really picking on her but I wasn’t there the
entire time to see everything that was happening it would not surprise me
however if the other horses sense that there was something going on with her
and drove her out of the herd now if you’ve been curious as to which horses
have been pestering me this whole time that I’ve been filming it’s onna and
Sally and bear these three seemed to really like Miss Kitty and they just
kind of stood there and watched her like hey what you doing over there so they’re
they’re very loyal to her remember that big storm that we had yesterday all of
this snow is just from that storm two days ago we didn’t have any snow on the
ground so we got about 24 inches of snow in a 24 hour period my glove it’s kitty
that’s my glove yes kitty don’t eat my glove you’re
doing I have my club did you get picked on
last night did you get picked on last night see
you’re the one that wanted to come out you are the one that wanted to come out
oh poor baby she’s got a bit pretty good last night girl some of I’m silly please don’t eat my club wasn’t aware
that horses liked leather yuck

James Carver

100 Replies to “MISS KITTY STOPPED EATING! // Versatile Horsemanship”

  1. I got a pony and the owners said she was 14 but i soon found out that she was about 30 and she loves to do her job only minor old mare issues but thats all

  2. For my guy, he ate safe choice senior, alfalfa cubes/ pellets, beet pulp plus vitamins… but honestly when he quit eating I was not successful in getting him to go back to eating enough. We split his feeds into four soaked feeds, and at the end I was splitting those into more. He had underlying issues though and ultimately my decision to let him go was due to those chronic issues

  3. Poor Miss Kitty. She is lucky to have you give her all love and attention. She was restless to get out the stable I think. It's so heartbreaking when animals get very old, as people too. Appetite decreases, tastes change. They get fussy about food and things. You have in Manzer and Miss Kitty the two extremes of life.. With the good care you give her, Miss Kitty will still have a long way to go

  4. Hi Brandy I feel your pain my horse festus is 30 years old he has cushions disease so I really have to watch what I feed this last year he's been a very picky eater! He's had his teeth floated no missing teeth I have him on a probiotic and ulcer supplement cause he's on equiox!
    He's seemed to do better with these two supplements! My downfall is the cushions disease has to be on such a low carb sugar diet risk of founder! Maybe try topping her feed with applesauce or molasses! Do you think she'd eat alfalfa hay I know she wouldn't eat pellets worth a try! Good luck Brandy I know it's frustrating 😠 hang in there

  5. Brandi,

    When it comes to an eat no eat situation with a geriatric horse here’s what has worked for me. Cooked whole recleaned oats until they are fat and rounded. If you don’t have an oat steamer or cooker for the barn, you can just do it on the stove the same as you would for oatmeal (a pressure cooker is ideal for this). Two advantages come with this, one is they get lots of moisture with the fat oats filled with moisture. And two it's very digestible. You can also drizzle some molasses on it to make it a little more palatable.
    If she likes it, a couple of pounds one or two times a day should be adequate for her nutritionally at this point.

    Hopefully, that will stimulate her appetite enough that she will start back on the forage which is what she really needs to minimize digestive upset. The forage helps buffer the stomach acid in a way that grains don't The copious amounts of stomach acid in equines or virtually all hindgut digesters are designed to efficiently break down cellulose. Grains, on the other hand, tend to pass out of the stomach too fast to have any significant buffering effect on all that stomach acid. So a diet with a high grain to forage ratio will often lead to chronic digestive issues and potentially symptomatic gastric ulcers.

    I hope this helps.

  6. Never having a horse I can't give you any tips, but I can send Miss Kitty and you and your family love from me and my furbabies. xx

  7. Poor Miss Kitty – getting older sucks. Wish I knew what to suggest, so frustrating for you. I felt so bad that one of the other horses bit her, but I guess that's the herd dynamics thing. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  8. Hi Brandy and I hope Miss Kitty will improve and start to eat the nutritious feeds you have given her. Since I know nothing about horses, obviously this is a general cat/dog question. I don't know if it applies to horses. It is dementia and less aware of their home/surroundings. Dementia even in people they do PACE, wander, and lose their general direction. No matter if they've done it for 30 years. All of our cats for the past thirty years have only come from the cat/dog pound. My experience is with cats.
    When ill, they will voluntarily isolate, "hide", and resist social interactions even with their owners (us). I did love seeing Miss Kittty almost devouring your glove. Maybe she smelled you on the glove.

  9. I saw the title of this video ;my heart sunk… then I saw the date and I was somewhat relieved! It's too bad we can't read our horses or pets minds. I agree with wrex chatter great idea. Prayers continue for miss kitty now in 2020
    I also pray; you your family and your pets stay safe and stay healthy in this stressful world now💜🙏🙏🥰

  10. Not sure if it’ll help Miss Kitty or not but I have yet to meet a horse that won’t eat calfmanna. Just mix it into some feed. It smells really good and helps with weight too.

  11. Hello Brandie
    May be if you let manzer and or the poney to boost her Energie
    What if you let open her box so she could get in/out
    You’re going to make it

  12. Idk horses. But, I care for my mother. When she doesn't want to eat sometimes I will cook her favourite meal (salty, so she doesn't get it all the time) to get that first bite to trigger her appetite. Would this work for horses? Does she like a certain treat? Have her earn it so it doesn't become a habit of expectation!? I've also tried this with a sick puppy using baby food. Idk, hope she gets better.

  13. My friends 28yr old horse had copd, so would have antihistamines in summer… but he was fed bailey's keep calm high fibre, mixed into it was bute substitute, devils claw (cant remember if she switched the bute out for devils claw or had both an she would put cooking oil in …I forget which one though sorry🤔😳 garlic powder an turmeric dunno if that will be any help to u❤ (I used to make up his feed on my day there but because of his meds being added an taken away I'd always have double check meds wise). Aww miss kitty with the glove .. must of seen snow ball fights an wanted to try🤪👍

  14. You may need to try tricking her with her favorite treats, maybe pour some molasses or Karo syrup on some grain. She looks to me like her tummy is upset by her behavior, this might sound really strange but I've done it in the past…. peptobismal (sp?) I had to put it in a syringe and force it in. If it's her tummy bothering her, the pepto will soothe her tummy and she will eat and drink.

  15. I would say let her out and see if her appetite improves. We know Miss Kitty loves her herd and cannot stand being away from them.

  16. What about leaving another horse in the barn with her that she can see. I know if my mare is alone in the barn, she has a fit.
    I think she would settle down much better. Oops I wrote before I saw the other two horses. 🤗

  17. With our horse that is 24 this year has barley any teeth and we feed her thrive equine feed. It’s amazing!!! She was skin and bones last summer when we got her and the thrive has been the only thing safe enough for her to eat. You can feed it free choice till the get to a good weight than feed once or 2 times a day.

  18. Can you leave a buddy in with her? The last geriatric horse I had got so senile she would forget to eat, and I would have to remind her, and also she would forget where the fence line was. A buddy may remind her to eat?

  19. Thank you for this recap. Just starting into winter is certainly not an ideal time for illness (as though there is an ideal time). I think I was lucky that Rocky, almost until his final day, was acting normally until he had an intestinal rupture – likely caused by his Cushings affecting the intestinal wall. Dear Miss Kitty! Wish horses could talk. This sweetheart is so lucky to have an owner like you. ❤️

  20. Hi Brandi.
    The diligent work put into equine care. Miss Kitty is a very readable mare. Loud and clear with her mannerisms. She is in great care.
    Stay warm and well insulated dahlink🤗❤

  21. OMG! She was so sweet playing with your glove. I think she could smell you on it and it comforted her.

  22. When swallow food is that painfull I believe she won't eat anymore. I don't know about her condition/ situation is now? And when you poor more water over the wetfood and serve her the water with all vitamins/ mineral containing water? Will she drink that? At least in this way she get what she need, and as you already mentioned also elder people stop eating before they pass away. Her age is the reality, but you also mention that she is still working in thr riding lesssons.

    And the fact that she was 'eating' the glove, did you touch something particulair that she mabe like to eat or something?. That's the vision I get with these views of her behaviour. Mares..strange beings😁🇳🇱

  23. At my barn we have a horse that's around the same age as miss kitty and we put her grain in a cup in her feeder in the pasture with all the other horses. i don"t know if this would work for you because she is the herd leader and i know miss kitty is low in the herd.

  24. One of my old mares has heaves. She has to eat soaked beet pulp and soaked safe choice. I mix the safe choice with some 12% sweet feed and that makes it taste really good to her. I mix the beet pulp with the grain so she can't taste the beet pulp. My other old gelding without heaves I give him the same mix with soaked alfalfa all mixed together instead. My mare will choke on alfalfa but she does awesome with beet pulp. Sorry ms kitty is having a hard time. I dread the day I lose one of my seniors.

  25. She is ok with whatever you have to do with her …to send her over to better pastures. It is life for sure.

  26. Have you considered giving her some bedding in the stall? I know you usually don't do it, but maybe the hard concrete floor is too uncomfortable for her and she would like something nice and soft to lay down on, like the snow outside?

  27. maybe putting in another horse with her might encourage her to eat ,, who likes to eat alone anyway ,, so try that , give her a companion ,,

  28. Is she urinating and having bowl movements? She seems very restless. I’m sorry but the oldest horse I ever had was a 16 year old thoroughbred and he’d eat anything. So I’m no help to you. This is probably old fashioned since there are so many kinds of feeds now but have you tried plain old sweet feed?

  29. I have a 18h grey appendix barrel horse that I have struggled with since January we are coming into April. I got him really skinny bc they where only feeding a scoop of feed a day bc he is so picky. As if right now he is eating a pound of brand a half a scoop of sweet feed(for the sweetness) 3 pounds of 12 n 8 pellets 2 pounds of dehydrated Alfa and 3 scoops of amplifier. I have found soaking the brand and pellets that he eats more bc he is not a big fan of brand. After having him for a month in February he completely stopped eating and that’s finally when we decided to get him a buddy and he has not stopped eating since. I hope you the best with that beautiful mare just a couple of suggestions you can try.❤️

  30. I have a 30 yr old mare who will only eat sweet 10. She has lost a lot of wait but will eat all I give her. I know sweet 10 isn't the best to give her but all she will eat. She has been this way for about 2 yrs.

  31. What about grating some carrots into some of her feed, it would add more moisture & hopefully the sweetness would tempt her. She looked so funny playing with your glove !! Sending her hugs, she's such a sweetheart!

  32. Awe, poor Miss Kitty. I hate that she was bitten by one or more of the other horses. Breaks my heart. I have no idea what you can do for her but I do know you will do your best. You are a great horse/mom and they are so lucky to have you. Take of yourself also. Thanks for the vids, Brandi. ❤🐴🙏🙏

  33. I know this video was from many months ago and Miss Kitty has been slowly declining, but did you ever have that broken tooth in her mouth removed ? It's very possible she does not want to eat because it is very painful. Ive known other animals (dogs & cats) who stop eating thier food because of dental issues. Even wet food can cause them pain.

  34. have you tried soaked hay cubes? thats what the old horse at the barn i board at gets every night. he is 33 years old and super healthy. he also gets purina senior grain. idk if that will work for miss kitty but just wondering 🙂 praying that miss kitty will get better <3

    edit: There is also hemp oil, it might taste good to her and might intrigue her to eat her grain. the old horse im talking about gets it and loves it. It also has tons of benefits. gets them a good coat, good teeth, strong hooves, healthy digestive system, its a very good natural oil that could potentially help a ton 🙂

  35. Hi Brandi. Why didn't you post this video when it was taped? Poor Miss Kitty, she is my favorite. 😘🇺🇸

  36. It's amazing how you know each horse in the herd, and how they trust and 'talk' to you. Though she was feeling out of sorts, Miss Kitty still played with the glove, your glove. Having a relationship with a horse can be so rewarding no matter what the cost. Thanks for sharing!

  37. For Miss Kitty’s full story, here’s a playlist of her videos in chronological order

  38. I wish you nothing but the best with Miss Kitty ❤️ but I know you are concerned. And I am right along with you. It's the hardest thing to stand by and feel like there isn't anything for you to do to help her. Hugs ❣️❤️

  39. My 30 yr old mare who has lost quite a few teeth, thank god eats anything. She’s on a senior feed, Beet Pulp and soaked hay cubes. I joke with my parents and say she will probably live till she’s 45. 🤣. She is such a fighter. 💪🏻

  40. I’m in awe of all you do in a day, EVERY day! 🐎😯I think most of us will understand that u could use a break. Especially now with COVID-19, and schools closed, AND a rambunctious puppy (Stella playing with her is lovely.) Do you have a senior student with the right aptitude who might review some of your footage and do some editing——in exchange for some future riding lessons? Also, you’ve told us that u do all filming on ur phone (my mind boggles) perhaps this person could do a video of tips on how to do this—not horsemanship but I think people wd be interested. I see the MI governor is calling up the National Guard. Might Jason be called up? If so, another really good reason to take a break. Please take care of your human/equine/canine/feline/avian family first, and, as my mother used to say “take a deep breath and stir on with a tranquil mind.”

  41. My mom advised me to drizzle real maple syrup on a handful of the grain my older mare would eat…..just a tiny amount. It worked for awhile.
    I used a Wilton cake decorating bottle with a narrow top so just a tiny amount was dispensed

  42. Hows self isolation going that if the coronavirus has reached to you? I hope you all keeping well.💙🐴

  43. isnt there someone who can be an indoor companion for her? A friend with a senior horse needs to make sure he ALWAYS has a buddy he likes. His former stablemate died (they're both in their 30s!) and fortunately he accepted another gelding as a buddy.

    She loves the snow!! And the glove, lol. It's salty and tastes like you. Blessings to all.

  44. I absolutely LOVE your attitude! She's old, give her what she wants! Brandi, thank Goodness you think that way! Hang in there Miss Kitty!

  45. Brandi I've heard of giving horse's something called SWEETFEED. I don't think it's very nutritious though. But I've heard it really puts on the weight. You probably already know about that anyway.

  46. I understand when you said this is bringing back memories. My oldest right now is 27. In 2015, I lost my first horse 2 weeks shy of his 26th birthday. When my now 27 year old was 25 and early 26, any slight change in his behavior struck me with anxiety. During this time he also went off feed. Months of tests, feed changes, ulcer treatment, and endoscopy gave no answers. He lost so much weight. My vet finally checked him for PPID. That was his problem! He’s been on 1/2 a Prascend since October 2018, and he’s gained his weight back and his perky personality returned. Has she been tested for that?

  47. I’m comforted by the date on the video and the present date. I cannot speak to specific food items for horses but remember trying every conceivable different food towards the end of each of my dogs lives when appetite began to fade. You got a full range of suggestions. Only thing I wonder is any kind of lesion that impinges on chewing and swallowing since she does seem to sniff and pick. And again marveling at that energetic connection between you both, where you know what she is feeling without words. ❤️

  48. When one of my horses got a bit picky about his food a few months ago, we started crushing candy canes ( and then just normal peppermints when the Christmas season ended ) to mix in with his feed! They're a pretty powerful flavor and scent, so mixing the powder and chunks of even a few made his feed more palatable to him. As long as they're made with real sugar and not a sugar substitute, it's an idea worth trying, especially when you can buy a bag for only a buck or two to try it out at first, without dropping a lot of money on some sort of special feed.

  49. May be she was unsettled due to the storm. I know when there is a storm like that my bones really ache. She could be sore due to the storm. Also put other horses with her, ones that will not pick on her. I know there are cat bowls that open up for cats that have a certain tag they are wearing so only that cat wearing that tag can get access to that bowl. Too bad that there is not horse feeding tubs that can work with the same same concept so you can monitor her intake and pervent other horses from eating her senior food.

    Would try watermelon. It is soft and a lot of water just do not leave to rind on when trying it. My uncle's old horse loved it. Even though it was messy.

  50. My mare was the same age, we would soak her food it apple cider and would sometime drizzle a bit of molasses. We also put some apple cider in the water because they would drink less in the winter.

  51. Also, maybe she's having a hard time with the food on the ground? We put my girls food up higher as a last ditch effort and she was in there like a dirty shirt

  52. Poor Miss Kitty, I would let her do anything she wants and let her eat anything she wants. Try just plain sweet feed and oats. Sweet feed has molasses and oats will make her produce saliva and she can swallow it easier. See if that works. She really likes your glove, she seemed more relaxed when she had it

  53. You should try and sprinkle some sugar in her feed then mix it in that is what I do every time my horses don’t want to eat but only put like have a tea spoon for the firs two feeding then she will thing you will put sugar in all the time

  54. Love your videos! You have such an uplifting attitude, even in hard times. I really appreciate that! I've never had a horse that didn't want to eat but I had a mare who wouldn't eat her feed because of powder medicine and I used Quaker oats all natural apples and cinnamon instant oatmeal packets with warm water in the food and she ate it so fast, even with the nasty tasting medicine in it!

  55. I feel you pain and feel bad for Miss Kitty, my mini mare at age 25 was doing the same thing. She always loved bread (the vet said it was ok to give her) also apples or applesauce and carrots (shredded) I would put it in her grain. My mare too would eat things for a while then refuse them so I was constantly changing stuff. I found that she didn't like the chopped hay at all. Also weight gain products everyday.

  56. When this happens I think that hydration might not be good.. older horses have less drive to drink… my 35 gelding I tried warmer water and added salt to the feed to incourage water intake

  57. When we had an older horse the only thing he would eat is Triple Crown sweet molases feed senior so it was soft and he would only eat that

  58. Have you fed her beet pulp with molasses? Wet it down with warm water till its sorta slushy? My picky, ulcer ridden older gelding will eat this. It has to have molasses though.

  59. I have a 28 year old Tennessee walker (gelding). He was getting thin and had become a picky eater. He eats prochoice senior(dry) and I add about a cup of Nutrena Amplify to his mix. It keeps his weight up,he actually gained weight, He is on 85 acres of nice grass,lake for water and free choice to go in the barn. He has done really good. Winter months (never gets that cold here I am in the south)We keep round rolls out all winter. He is much happier being out all the time, the barn is open to all the horses and they go in and out as they like. He was just not happy at all with the being stalled routine,he had attitude and would go off his feed more often and would get an upset stomache alot. He is much happier now, I was very lucky to be able to place him here with his buddy's. They have all done really good. There are little rolling hills in the pasture so he gets exercise by walking up and down and all over. He loves the Amplify.

  60. She looks like early colic to me which can happen with weather change. Early colic cure may be a trailer ride which might be hard in the weather situation. Tried that and it worked once. Our vet tubes with Epsom salt water now. Try some metamucil. They should be treated yearly or more often.

  61. Mercy People, can you please watch the whole video before commenting? She SAID Miss Kitty was only in the one night with door shut due to snow blowing into stall and had never been bothered by being stalled before, so her behavior was surprising. She HAD other horses in stalls the next day for Miss Kitty to see and be near. She offered her every kind of feed you ever heard of and probably some you haven't. Also read each other's comments. You will likely see yours has already been asked and answered.

    God bless you for your patience in repeatedly answering the same questions/comments over and over!

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