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A lot of men are apprehensive about wearing printed or patterned shirts. So in todays tutorial, I’m going to show you how you can use just one printed shirt in this case one of our signature florals and dress it four different ways. Now we’ll do this by pulling different colours from this main print and using that to not only accessorise but select the other garments that we wear with this particular shirt. So the first look we’ve got Richard in today, is a look suitable for most spring occasions whether it be a wedding or race carnival event or just drinking with friends at a lounge bar. Now we’ve selected our floral print shirt as you’ll see that there is a number of different colours though this, through the strong pinks and watermelon colours to your light blues and even cream and tan. We’re going to maximise those colours to create these outfits. Now first of all we’ve taken our spring/summer 15′ linen light blue blazer, with white accent buttons and we’ve slipped this over the top Now what this is doing is it’s bringing the blue forward in the print and making the blue the feature allowing us to use other blue tones through the rest of the outfit, but the blue also works really well cause it helps make the solid pink watermelon colour, pop a little bit more as well. In keeping with the trend we’ve paired it back with light weight, dove grey chino we’ve rolled the cuff once again to expose the ankle but also to show off our loafer. Now this loafer is a suede loafer in a blue tone with light leather lace detail from Croft. Finally, we’ve accessorised the shirt with tan and rose gold accessories. Now on this occasion, using that rose gold face is going to bring forward the lighter tones again in the shirt remembering that whenever we are selecting pieces to accessorise a printed shirt, we should be tying back the colours in those accessories, to the shirt. With Richards second look, we’ve taken the same floral shirt but kept it more casual. So we’ve taken off the blazer, we’ve popped the collar we’ve rolled the sleeves and pushed them up to just above the elbow Now to keep the look, looking fresh, we’ve paired it pack with a pair of tailored cropped white pants as you’ll see here. Now the pants are already cuffed, exposing the ankle. Now we’ve finished the look by simply adding a few simple details baring in mind that the floral print should always be your main focal point. So we’ve added a blue and white nato strap Daniel Wellington watch with a rose gold face which once again, pulls through the blush and pink tones in the shirt as well as the blue tones and we finished the look off with a pair of boat shoes. You’ll see here we have gone with navy leather shoes with white top stitch and a white lace detail. This look is suitable for most casual occasions. So on this occasion you’ll see with Richards third look we’ve gone with a slightly darker look. Now we have done this by pulling the dark navy and blue tones from floral shirt through by using an indigo coloured slim fit business pant. Now the great thing about our UBERMEN business pants is that they come with non slip tabs on the inside part of the waist band, which help give you a clean finish on your tuck and avoids your shirt coming out during the day. Now to finish this look we’ve slipped on our light weight grey wool and silk blend blazer with accent buttons, once again you’ll see we’ve got a quarter of an inch of the shirt showing beyond the cuff bring that colour down on the arm and balancing the outfit on both sides. To finish of the look, we’ve paired the outfit back with a black belt with a silver buckle and tied that in again with our croft black patent leather round toed boots. Now as you’ll see with our pant, we’re getting a nice long line through the leg and we’re getting full rise through the middle there. This is keeping your body proportioned, but also elongating the legs. This look would be suitable for a number of occasions, from the office to drinks, but also for most formal occasions as well. The theme with Richards fourth look today we’ve gone for a casual take on this particular floral shirt and we’ve incorporated a bit of colour, because I want to show you that you can still wear colour with a floral or printed shirt. The key thing to remember is to select one or two colours that feature throughout that print and only use those colours sparingly. So in this particular occasion you’ll see we’ve paired back this floral printed shirt with a solid maroon chino short and we’ve rolled the cuff so it sits just above the knee. The other great thing as well is that the cuff is cutting in at the slimmest part of Richards thigh which is ensuring that his legs are looking slim. In an instance where a pant cuts higher, if it’s the widest part of your thigh it tends to make you look bottom heavy and very large there. Also work the look back with a woven leather belt and then finish the look off with a pair of sued croft lace up shoes. The last thing we need for this outfit is a pair of sunglasses. It is a day wear look, so we’re going to select a pair of tortoise shell sunglasses with round reflective lenses. Now reflective lenses are a huge trend at the moment and they throw back to the colours we’re featuring in the wrist accessories, the belt also in the laces of the shoe and you’ll also notice there are some golden, beige and cream tones through the shirt. So you’ll see today I’ve shown you four ways of wearing the one printed shirt Stay tuned to UBERMEN TV for more great ideas for wearing printed and patterned shirts.

James Carver

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