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(upbeat bluesy rock music) – Hey you, I’m Celebrity
Menswear Stylist, Ashley Weston joined by my partner and husband, Dorian. – Hello. Damn it, I was trying
to do the Vulcan thing. Anyways, how! – Fail. Anyways, today we are going to go over the Fall Style Do’s and Dont’s. Let’s get into it! (upbeat bluesy rock music) – So let’s start with what you should be doing as
my number one point. So, what you should definitely
still do is wear color! Wear color this fall. I think its definitely a misconception that people should just dress
in super super dark colors or black or gray or navy
but that’s not true. I mean, you don’t wanna go
dressed in bright pastel or pastel colors anymore that’s
more spring/summer colors. It matches the lighter weight fabrics that you wear during those times of year. What you wanna actually go
for, are darker jewel tones or more kind of like autumn tones. So like burnt orange, dark green, those kind of colors
that you can mix in with your black, navys, grays,
the more neutral colors. – Even better, we did a
whole article and video specifically about the colors that match your skin tone
for this time of year. So check it out in the
companion article linked below. – And the first don’t on the list Ash, is you don’t want to only just wear jeans. Great choice. – Yes, definitely. – Get a little stale and
boring if you’re wearing that literally for the next coming months. So instead, you wanna branch out into thicker weighted fabrics of
chino pants and wool pants. Chino pants just you have
to be a little careful. There might still be some
summer stock held over so if the feel kinda thin– – Don’t get those. – Don’t get those ’cause they
will look completely off. They’ll be wrinkly looking
and just won’t work well. And you want the thicker
weighted chino pants. So, don’t just wear jeans,
expand a little outside that, and you’ll look like a million bucks! – And the second thing
you should definitely do during the fall is to layer your clothing. – My favorite, favorite time
of the year because of that. – So during the fall,
obviously temperatures vary. Sometimes during the day it’s a lot warmer and then by the time evening hits, its definitely a bit on the chillier side. So layering is key. So what I mean by that is your base layer can be a T-shirt or a
button-down, collared shirt. And then you layer a
sweatshirt on top of that. And then finish it off
with like a bomber jacket or a sport coat. That way, during the day if
you start to get a little over heated– – Just remove them. – Just remove some layers and
then you can put it back on for the evening time. – You don’t want to flash some bare ankle during this time of year. Sure, if you live in
a tropical environment where its summer year-round obviously this doesn’t apply to you. But if you live in a climate where you actually have seasons, I’d argue LA kinda doesn’t
even really have that. – I mean it gets still a little cold– – Yeah, it’s still a little chilly. – During October, November. – Yeah, you’re right, you’re right, okay. So, flashing your bare ankle is for spring at the earliest and definitely summer. Not a good look if you want
to have a cuffed pant look. You do that with boots. You don’t do that with
dress shoes or your sneakers during this time of year. – No more bare ankles! – Sorry. – Time to nix it, time to get
rid of it, the time’s over. You just have to wait a couple
of months to do it again. – And the final thing that
you should definitely do for the fall and winter is
invest in a pair of boots. – Or you can just get some. You just buy ’em. – Yup, get some boots. – You don’t have to be like– – You can invest in them. – You don’t need to buy boot
futures and all that stuff. – But, no, boots are perfect during the fall and winter months. And if you get a good quality pair, they will last you a very long time and keep your feet nice and warm. – I’m on five to six years
on one pair of my boots. Four years on another pair of my boots. I mean, and they basically look brand new. So, yeah, definitely this time is exactly when you should
start getting boots. Who would have thought again, Ash? Do we have an article and
video about this already? – We do, and here’s the thing. We’ll definitely list down
in the description below. But we’ll also list a couple
of our favorite boots. So some Chukkas, casual
work boots, and dress boots, and Chelsea boots in the article that’s related to this video. So definitely, check that out! – And the final don’t on this list but, Ashley, what do they need to
do before we get into that? – If you’ve been enjoying this video, let us know and give it a thumbs up, subscribe to our channel
for more videos like this and hit the bell icon to
be notified every time we upload a video. – Ring-a-ding-ding! The final don’t is stop wearing your lightweight fabrics. – Oh, yeah. – If you don’t know what I’m
talking about, start learning. ‘Cause you need to. It’s gonna be critical
during this time of year. So, that means anything linen, anything lightweight chino cloth. – Seersucker!
– Anything seersucker. Take them out, put them away,
store them, do whatever, put them to the side of your closet, so you don’t get tempted to wear them although I don’t think you
would, but ya never know. – You’d be so cold! – You’ll be cold. Its just time to put them aside. Do not wear ’em, I’m sorry,
its just not that time of year. You just gotta put ’em aside. And then go for the
thicker fabric materials because they just look better and more seasonably appropriate. It does make a difference and
people will absolutely notice. All right Ash, I think that’s it! – That’s it! – All right guys, we’ll
see you in the next one. – Bye. – Bye. (upbeat pop music)

James Carver

79 Replies to “Men’s Fall Style Do’s and Don’ts For 2019”

  1. What are your thoughts on flat front Corduroy plants chino style for fall? Is Corduroy out of style or is it coming back?

  2. Question: how annoying does it get having Dorian correct you on semantics when we obviously know what you meant? And particularly when he's actually used the same phrase in other videos (e.g. "invest in a pair of boots")? 😃

  3. I know Labor Day officially ends summer but here in L.A., we're still sweating like a whore in church. South Bay is uncharacteristically humid. What do you recommend for people who live where "summer" can last until November? Thanks- Randy.

  4. Hello Ashley!
    On your companion article, I'd like to know what Dorian is wearing for the first and fourth picture. Your past articles had a description and link of where to buy the items of clothing, and it was very helpful. Thank you!

  5. One like for the attempted Vulcan salute. Nice comment on color. I've seen so many people already wearing all black and it's so depressing. Unfortunately Fall only last like three weeks in Montana…

  6. Dear Ashley and Dorian,
    Thank you for another great movie. I really like your channel and the contents of your video's. Yet I have an topic I'm struggeling with.

    What colors can you combine with grey hair without looking pale or old.

    This question may seem odd, but I will explain. Sinds the age of 20 I start to turn grey. Currently I have reached the age of 30 and most of my hair has lost his original color. I have chose to wear this hairstyle with pride. However, it is hard to find cloths that complement the color of my hair without looking pale or old. I therefor limit my wardrobe to items that are blue. I would like to extend my wardrobe with a larger variety of colors. But I have no idea what colors I should choose. Can you help me?

  7. Hey, question: what do you think of the so called midtown uniform? Button down shirt and suit pants or chinos paired with a navy or gray fleece vest. Has been very popular among young business professionals in NYC, SF and other business hubs

  8. I'm a neutral color kind of guy, anyway. Also, you keep mentioning Chinos. Why not khakis?

    I'm in SoCal. It still feels like summer here.

  9. Question: Whenever you post photos of "wool pants", they always look like a thick, grainy, rough fabric; but all the wool pants that come up on searches seem to be a light, shiny, gridded fabric. Is there a specific texture or fabric type we should get?

  10. Hi y’all. I’ve been a huge fan for many years, but I—and I think many—struggle to really dress stylish because I have a gut. Every time I see y’all’s work it’s always with extremely thin/fit men. Would you please consider doing a Q&A or video series on larger guys—especially with beer guts?

  11. I was wondering if Ashley and Dorain could do a, what to do when you first Suede boots/shoes and how to clean Suede boots/shoes videos? Since whenever I try to buy or think of buying suede, there all these extra cleaning things you need to do. To ensure a clean look later on

  12. Great content! Would be very interested in a vid about how to find combinations/outfits in your wardrobe. Keep up the good work!

  13. Here in Puerto Rico we have summer till november. Not uncommon to spend Christmas break in the beach. So in short, why am I watching this.

  14. Quick question about fall in the warmer climates. I travel to South FL a lot where it's in the 80s all winter. I should still go with thicker fabrics? Thanks!

  15. Disagree on the exposed ankle in fall, usually, it's early to mid-fall you can still wear them because it's not even that chilly. This is mainly because sneakers are still primarily the choice of wear up until late fall/early winter.

  16. I’m a fan of y’all but….. did you just tell me to wear a shirt, a sweater, AND a jacket in 50-70 degree weather? Are you two southerners? Cause up here in the north that’s still t shirt or at most long sleeve shirt weather lol. I’ll die if I wear 3 layers at that temperature lol.

  17. so no ankle in fall, how do u recommend wearing a sneaker with pants than. stacked, straight rolled with tall socks?

  18. i wish you would stop promoting the bomber jacket when it's already so overrated. i think ppl can wear lightweight chino pants if the temperature isn't that low. like it's not a DON'T. yes if someone is wearing heavy pieces and light chinos, then there is a mismatch, otherwise it's alright.

  19. I guess these fashion tips are mainly for those who live in places that have seasonal cold weather. Here on the west coast of the U.S., these rules are inappropriate.

  20. I really hate the no showing ankles. I sometimes wear low cut sneakers in the winter. I think showing socks when wearing low cut sneakers is a sin no matter the weather

  21. I dont know why but the bare ankle looks idiotic. I like to use chinos and a bit of ankle is fine some guys over do it to a point that it looks dorky and stupid no one wants to see your bare ankles asshole 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

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