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My name is Thorsten Helbig, I am a MAN ProfiDrive® trainer. Today we’ll take a look at the MAN Connected CoDriver, the virtual companion of the driver at his workplace, in his truck, where he receives a call from us and we give him various tips and tricks. Yes, hello, it’s Arthur Huber! Yes, Siewert from MAN Connected CoDriver, good day! The MAN Connected CoDriver can be booked from one to three months. During this remote training the driver is being coached at his workplace, in his truck, and there are no downtimes. The data about the driver, the vehicle and the route profile are sent to MAN ProfiDrive®. There they are being listed in an efficiency report and then evaluated by one of our experienced trainers. Based on this evaluation, the driver receives personalizied tips for proper handling of the built-in MAN assistance systems on board. These include the ACC, the topographical cruise control, the limiter, MAN EfficientCruise®, EfficientRoll as well as our MAN BrakeMatic®. Every week the driver receives a coaching report from us. With this report he can save up to 10 % fuel, which, in turn, has a positive impact on the total cost of ownership. This was a quick insight into our remote training MAN Connected CoDriver. If you have further questions, we are available at all times, here at MAN ProfiDrive®.

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4 Replies to “MAN Connected CoDriver training minimizes fuel consumption plus wear and tear”

  1. hatte ich bereits letzes Jahr als ich meinen TGX 18.520 neu erhalten habe. hat mir geholfen knapp 2 liter sprit zu sparen. auserdem kann man auch technische fragen zum fahrzeug stellen und bekommt diese super beantwortet

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