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Hi sisters! James Charles here and welcome back to my YouTube channel! Today I’m joined with two very very special guests, Maddie and Kenzie Ziegler, and today we’re doing an episode of Beauty Battles. Just in case you don’t know what a Beauty Battle is, it is a little series that I do here on my channel Where I have two different people, both take half of my face to compete and see who is the better MUA I am so beyond excited! Me and Maddie have actually collabed before Maddie: We have. James: And we actually collabed like one year ago like today Kenzie: Really? Maddie: Yeah. James: Which is yeah so weird, we didn’t even intend for that to happen and it just did, so hello this is our one year collabiversary and then this is my first time ever having Kenz on my channel so we are so excited and this is going to be a good and fresh sister beauty battle. Kenzie: I’m so excited Who do we think is going to win? Maddie: Me, obviously. Hundred percent. *DING* Maddie: We have to like, say what the products are? James: Yeah, be beauty gurus. Kenzie: Wait, what is that? Wait, what is that? So today, we’re taking the Tatcha , the silk cream This primer from Tatcha #notsponsored is incredible Maddie: Yeah James: like 10 out 10 would recommend Maddie: Yeah, I don’t use primer but I got this sent to me and everyone is raving about it, like I’ve seen you rave about it. James: Yeah! Its insane and I don’t like primers, I think they’re so stupid but for some reason, this one… It works, girl! Kenzie: So, what do you put it on with? James: Finger… Kenzie: Oh, okay Maddie: You just dip in with your finger James: Yeah. Maddie: Hands are definitely clean. James: Pfft… I would hope so! Kenzie: Oh no! oh no! James: Ooohh i love this Maddie: Wow, you have really smooth skin. James: Thanks girl! We love a smooth sister! Kenzie: OH MY GOD, okay My best friend and I, we always say stuff like that now because of your videos and stuff. James: I love that Maddie: Every time I walk in, they’re like “we love a something sister” Kenzie: Yeah! It’s literally all we say. James: Don’t you love that my catch phrases have literally become like a international sensation for some stupid reason? Kenzie: Everyone I know says it James: I’ll be like walking down any street or in any store or in any like place ever and I’ll hear like at least five different people like *gasp* “Sister!” from across the room which I think is like so funny to me Maddie: That’s amazing. James: It’s crazy. Maddie: This is your go to right? James: Yes Maddie: This one of my favourite foundations James: It’s the best. Kenzie: OH SAME! Maddie: That’s quite tan but that will match James: It will match the spray tan . Kenzie: We love a spray tan sister . James: We definitely don’t love a flashback Mary, sister Maddie: I actually have to ask this, Kenzie: Yeah I don’t know the story behind that, Maddie: Oh my God, what! Do you live under a rock? James: Thank you, yeah. First of all, wow Kenz. Kenzie: I’m sorry I’m sorry. Maddie: No but like, seriously were you that white or was that edited. James: No! Oh so you don’t know the story either! Maddie: No I know the story but, Kenzie: yeah what! Maddie: but like every photo I look at I’m like theres no way you were that white James: I wasn’t that white I was in Boston doing a meet and greet and I took a picture with a fan Her name is Pam I still follow her on twitter today Maddie: Hi Pam, James: Hey Pam, Kenzie: Hey Pam James: and uhh She was far darker skin than I was So when you take a photo with contrasting skin tones Automatically the person with lighter skin tone would look way lighter when your taking it with the flash because of like the light balance of the camera I don’t really know how it works. And then she always puts a filter on her photos that make it even brighter. So I did look like kinda gray in the photo and I definitely did have flashbacks but the picture that went viral people completely desaturated and made me white So I was not that white but I definitely was not looking too hot. Maddie: Right, it makes it better that you were that white. James: the orginial photo was bad, but not like THAT bad, you know? Maddie:My side looks better already. – Kenzie: Well… ok ok You gotta give me credit here, you’re way better… She’s way better at makeup than me . -Maddie: At foundation? James: Literally it’s just applying foundation Maddie: You know, I was watching your videos, I sound like a fan, well, I kinda am. Um… and you don’t pull it out all the way anymore, you kinda like to keep it.. James: Wow that was like a recent video that I have on my channel .Maddie: I know, cause I watch your videos! James: I love that you keep up with me. It’s always really cool to me when people I consider close friends talk to me about my videos because like we’re busy like we’re crazy busy, like today so far, I’ve already had 3 meetings this morning, I had to go shopping for my Coachella outfit I had 2 business calls and then I took a shower I had to shave my entire body to get ready for Coachella and I had a fitting today too that I already forgot about. Maddie: He literally has Nair on his table. James: It just means a lot that like people like us are able to like take out their time and really like support their friends like i think its really dope. Maddie – of course Maddie – Its important to support your friends. Youre really funny aswell like Your videos are really funny James – Oh thanks tell me more Well sister Kenzie speaking of youtube You miss girly thang are in a new youtube show. Kenzie: I am James: Tell us about it please. Kenzie: So I’m on a show called Total Eclipse. I’m the main character. I get bullied alot so it’s-it’s pretty sad it’s pretty sad Maddie: In the show. James: Yeah I know Maddie: Oh okay. Kenzie: Okay I’m talking about the show; Yeah it’s really fun filming and the 2nd episode just came out today James: well you obviously started in dancing but do you really like acting now too? Maddie: Yeah I think my like main thing that I wanna do is singing right now but- Charles: Oh she’s a musician Maddie: She is…but um- Charles:We need to do a singing and make-up routine ft. Kenzie. Kenzie: Yes that’ll be so much fun. Maddie: I can ft. on it too you know Charles: Do you sing too Kenzie:No she doesn’t she’s just saying that. Maddie: She doesn’t pretend Charles:I love that Kenzie:She really is-Maddie: I went into an audition the other day and they made me sing Happy Birthday, and then I was, like, really embarrassed, and they were, like, you have a great voice. James: Can you sing it for us? Kenzie:Yeah, can you sing it. Maddie: I forgot the words. James: Riiight. Kenzie: Come on. Kenzie: I don’t know how to bake. So, we’re just gonna, um- Maddie: What do you mean, ‘You don’t know how to bake?’. Kenzie: I… remember? We went through this…on…when I did your makeup. I really don’t know how to do it. Maddie: I’m just scared for the nose… snatch. Y’know? James: Well, I think- you have to have faith Faith, trust, and a little bit of- Maddie: pixie dust. James:Translucent powder dust. Kenzie:umm, you see I don’t really know how to do this. We’re just gonna go for it. Maddie:Ok. Yeah, I’m not gonna help you, because I feel like…y’know…we’re at a…we’re in a competition. and I wanna win. We used to compete against each other our whole lives. So, it’s actually really nice to not have to compete against one another anymore. Cause like, I took more of the acting, and she’s taking more of the singing. Kenzie:Well, now I’m doing acting. So… Maddie: Well, yeah, you know what I mean. Like, if we Kenzie:N-n-no, yeah, I totally get it cause I have the singing and you have, like, the, you, you’re more dancer though. James: My favorite moment, um, of the show that shall not be named, When Kenzie finally was in the same challenge or… Maddie:I know you’re gonna say age category. James:Thank you. When Kenzie was finally in the same age category as maddie… Kenzie:Yeah James: and you guys battled against each other. I got this far and I’m just done doing subtitles for this thing *i don’t want to be here look* -kenzie *whispers exclusively* (we see you james, we see you -kenzie stans) *kenzie laughs because relatable* idk how they got that because I ThOuGhT i was a good actor So basically they are funny to everyone but me thanks (whoops) *james subtly flirting with jack* Wot de HECK ARE YOU kidding me? *gets trigGgGgGerd* She thinks she’s a guru she’s convinced! (and you’re not funny) *kenzie looks depressed* *look of horror* *maddie hOw Do YoU mEsS uP a HeArT? *kenzie triggered from the vape videos* *maddie triggered from the jack and insta incident* *kenzie triggered from the bikini photos* (um no we have strict parents) *earns like $500 just for this video, what a battle* *maddie laughs at a makeup attempt that is 100x better than what i could do rip* *Congratulating you for wasting your time watching this video* *Asks for likes to make $$* Haley you should retweet this so you can get that shoutout

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  1. Why is James and Maddie just ignoring Mackenzie like…look how sad Kenzie looked…it looked like she wanted to cry🥺

  2. I love James and Maddie but they should have included Mackenzie a little bit more she literally looked like she wanted to cry some times

  3. Wow you are soo rude what a great sister you are Maddie like really the hell? It looks like she tried to hold back tears!!
    One like for Kenzie to get treated equally


  4. When Maddie said” omg do you live under a rock “ James said omg that I you l felt like that was rude😔🥺

  5. James really upset me I know he's a Gemini and Geminis they kinda change the personality they have when they are around someone else but it's upsetting he's being mean to Kenzie

  6. Kenzie has said before she usually likes Maddie to talk more than her in interviews because it’s hard for her to talk in them, I guess kenzie wanted to talk more this time but Maddie didn’t realize

  7. ok so weird thing. umm. my name is McKenzie and i have a little sister named Madison… WE ARE MADDIE AND KENZIE!!!😂😱

  8. Maddie: I was actually at an audition yesterday and they made me sing happy birthday

    James: Can you sing it for us

    Maddie: I forgot the lyrics

    Me: Wait whatttttttt????🤨

  9. Great to see james charles is such a nice person… not dude legit ignored kenzie most of the fucking video😒 such an ass

  10. I don’t understand maddie said she takes more of the acting but literally you’ve been in one movie and you said like a total of 20 words the whole movie

  11. Kenzie: “hey sisters”
    Maddie to James: “don’t you hate when people say that”

    Me: Maddie you just exposed yourself you’re obviously just jealous

  12. James: She thinks she’s a guru
    Kenzie in her mind: He thinks he can always get the correct colour of foundation.

    😂 just a joke

  13. I lost some respect for James Charles in this video. I get why Maddie is so competitive, since they are basically in a competition.

  14. Honestly I watched the Kenzie being ignored video first and was super sad for her but after watching this whole one it wasn’t that bad. They were just joking with Kenzie. Her side wasn’t as good from lack of practice but honestly I think the video was fine

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