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(music) MC: What a nice day it is today! Cheer: Yes, I’m so glad you had the idea
to come to the poo— ah!!! Why did you throw me in the pool? MC: What? I didn’t! Cheer: Well then who else could it have been? The babies are up there. They couldn’t have come down and then gone back up so quickly! MC: I think we should go investigate! Cheer: Okay, let’s go! Hmmmm, nothing over here. MC: Hmmm here either. Lil MC Swag: Who’s that girl that’s there
hiding behind that chair? Lil Cheer Captain: I don’t know. Cheer Captain! Cheer Captain! Cheer: What’s wrong, sister? Lil Cheer: There’s a girl hiding over there. Cheer: (gasp) Where? Where? She’s the one we’ve been– (gasp) Wait!
Wait, don’t go!! Awww she left. MC: Hmmmm who could she be? I would have liked to invite her to play with us. Cheer: Yes! Me too! Storieswithdolls: Hi everyone!! Stories with Dolls here! And guess what?? We got this package and I wanted to open it on camera here with you guys! (gasp) It’s from the channel Eva’s Toy Planet! And the note says “Enjoy! We can’t wait to watch your video!” Yay!!! Thank you so much, Eva’s Toy Planet!! Guys, don’t forget to go check out her channel, and if you like it, subscribe! Let’s see what (gasp) It’s the new Series
2 LOL Surprise Dolls! Yay!!! Thank you so much Eva’s Toy Planet!!! Friends, I’m so excited to see which ones
we got. And to see what the new LOL dolls look like. Let’s open the first ball that we have right here. The doll on the front is a completely new
one, and let’s see what else is different about this new ball. It’s a bit greener in color than the two
other ones. Let’s take a look at the new sticker secret
codes. And this one is Trophy Winner! Yay! That means we have a winner! And it looks like the design is the same as
the last ones, it has seven layers with different surprises in each layer. And this sticker is a bit different than the
other dolls because it doesn’t say what they do, it just has the little drawing that
shows that they can change color, spit, tinkle, or cry. First surprise! Let’s see what it is!! Ohhh it’s the bottle! Friends, I love this layer here where we have the little Devil with the Angel. I think it’s so cute!! Wow! Look at how elegant this doll is! Let’s see what we get here. Ooh, shoes! Oh, they’re ice skates!! Another surprise! Wow!! It’s super cute, and it even matches with the ball! They’re the same colors! We got the dress to match the ball! And now, the doll! She’s an ice skater! I wonder if she changes colors. Okay, well, let’s dress her. We’re going to put on her ice skating outfit. Boys and girls, there are several other channels that are making these videos, but I haven’t watched them yet because I didn’t want to
spoil it for myself!! I wanted the dolls to be a complete surprise. And we’re still missing a surprise. Let’s see what it is. It’s a pacifier (chuckles). And how about she goes for a little swim to
see if she changes colors. Ka-ploom! Awww it looks like she doesn’t change colors. Nope, she doesn’t change colors. But let’s take her here to the pool to see
what she does. Oh no (laughs), she pees! I think I better take her out of the pool (laughs)! (laughs) Oh gosh, I forgot that some of them pee, so it’s not a good idea to test them out in the pool. And it also comes with the instructions. And it comes with the flyer where it tells
us all the dolls that come in Series 2. Wow friends!!! Look at this!! There are some that we don’t even know what they’re going to be!! Wow!! This series is going to be super fun!! Oh, and it looks like all of these are going
to be babies. This one is Lil’ Rocker, that looks like
she might be a little sister. Like these from Series 1, she’s her sister. And it looks like in this series, they come
with even more sisters! And on this other side, they’re the bigger sisters which are different than the ones that we got last time. And let’s see which ones I want. Friends!! I definitely, definitely want to get the Angel and the Devil!! And this one that’s super elegant!! I love it! And this one that’s dressed up like Sailor Moon! How fun!!! I want this one too. I want this one too!!! Oh no, here she is. We do have her. She’s ice skater, and I’m going to add
the sticker that says she pees. And just like the girls from Series 1, she
comes with her stand. And there she is! Super cute. And she also comes with the other side of
the ball, which is a little hang out place for her. And a table with a piece of pizza. And here we have this part here for her to put her drink. And here we have the first doll we opened
from the LOL Series 2 Dolls! First layer. It says Fashion Forward. So someone who’s always in style, or even maybe ahead of it? The sticker of everything they do. First surprise!! And let’s see what her bottle looks like (chuckles). Ohhh this one looks very similar to the Rocker’s bottle. Friends, what do you guys think? Is it going to be the Rocker’s sister?? Well let’s see! Let’s take a look at the shoes. Or could it be Fresh’s sister, because I remember that Fresh had shoes very similar to these… Wow friends!! I can’t believe it!! Well, I don’t want to get too excited haha,
but she is looking very similar to the doll that I wanted! This is the one that I wanted!! If she comes with the sunglasses, necklace, and tiara, then we got her!!! Yay!! Well, friends, I don’t want to get myself too excited just yet, so let’s open the accessories. (gasp) Sunglasses!! Okay, we’re doing well so far!! I’m starting to get super excited!!! Let’s see, let’s see. (gasp) Tiara!!! I am 99% sure that this is the one that I want! And the necklace!! Let’s take a look at the doll!! Yay!!!! (gasp) I’m super excited!!! Ahhh!!! I got so lucky this time!!! I don’t think I’ve ever gotten one that
I wanted so quickly!! Ahhh what luck!!! This one is just super super pretty friends!! Look at how elegant the doll is!! She looks like a movie star!! Friends, she’s so pretty I don’t even
want to get her wet. But, I guess we have to, we have to see if she changes colors. Ka-ploom!!! And she doesn’t change colors! But let’s see what she does. She goes pee! Good thing we didn’t put her in the pool
haha. And now, we can add the sticker that says
she goes peepee. Yay!! I’m so super happy!! Her name is It Baby!! Next one, next one. Ooo the sticker came out very quickly. Sick beat, haha. So maybe she really likes music. (singing) Double surprise!! This bottle. Some really cute shoes. Surprise, surprise, surprise, let’s take
a look at the clothes. Ooooo friends *gasp* Another one that
I wanted!!! Yay!!!! Oh my gosh, I was going to say that I was so happy we haven’t had any duplicates so far, and now I’m super happy because we got another one that I wanted! Wow!!! I must have such good luck today!! Necklace. And let’s put on her clothes! Wait, I feel like I’m missing an accessory… Because here in the photo she has her overalls, her boots, her necklace, but here she has a red headband and I don’t see it. It’s not in the ball, but I wonder why I
didn’t get the headband. The weirdest thing is that we already have
all seven layers here because this is one, two, her shoes are three, her necklace is
four, her outfit is five, the doll is six, and her bottle is seven. So that means those are her seven surprise
layers. But in the picture she has a red headband,
but I guess the doll doesn’t come with it. Oh well, it doesn’t matter. Let’s see if she changes colors. Ka-ploom!!! Let’s see what she does. She spits haha. Let’s put that she spits. The last ball!! Let’s see which one I want to get. Well, I already got this one that I wanted. We also got this one that I wanted. And I also wanted to get the one that looks
like Sailor Moon, and the Angel and the Devil. But since we only have one ball left, I want
us to get the Devil or I guess just one of these other random ones. Boys and girls, in the comments, let me know which one you’d like to get! Oh! Because we also have this other side, with
the other babies that we could get too. It says Fan Girl haha. And my sister thinks this is going to be the
one that looks like Sailor Moon. And I definitely think that it’ll be a doll
from that Club, the Cosplay Club. Let’s see if we’re right! First surprise, I think it’s the shoes. Oooo they’re like ballet slippers. And the bottle is yellow too. Ohhhhh it’s not any of the ones that I wanted. But the good thing is that it’s not a duplicate! So that’s great!! She comes with some glasses, and let’s get her dressed. Oooo!! She’s so cute!!! Let’s see. Yes!! She’s the one that’s on the front of the
balls!! Yay!! My sister says that she kind of looks like
the ice cream Lalaloopsy, and I think she’s right. Here we have her bottle, her glasses. And let’s see if she changes color. I don’t think so. Okay, well, let’s see what she does. She cries!! And let’s put the sticker here saying that
she cries. Friends, don’t forget to visit Eva’s Toy
Planet, and if you like it, subscribe! Friends, if you’d like to see when the LOL
dolls became the Powerpuff Girls, click on the video on the left. If you’d like to see the LOL dolls at the Playmobil park, click on the video on the right. And don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t
miss out on any of my videos!

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