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(knocking) (upbeat music) – Hi, I’m Liza. – Liza.
– Liza. – You’re Liza, right? – [Liza] I’m from TaskIt
I have your food here. I also deliver
flowers and groceries. – That’s adorable. – Wha bang pang.(laughs) – Okay. ♪ Watch me while I work ♪ – That needs to be dropped off. – Oh – You want me to kill your cat? – Your app says any job anytime. – I’m going to a funeral
as a professional mourner. – Look at those tears,
(crying) those are five star tears. (laughing) – What kind of weird
business are you running? (cheers)
(crashing) – What’s up high? Wanna get bro? – What did we do last night?
– I got a piercing! – Oh my God they went right
through the best part. – Like a shish kabob.
– Like a tiny door knocker. – It looks like somebody
stabbed a dolphin. (laughing) Liza you’re a full
on crazy person. (yelling) (screams) (slapping) – Get ahold of yourself. (gasps)
Wow, I really hit you hard too.
– Yeah. I know. I can make a career out of this. I’m a genius. Side hustle, will
be my main hustle. Why are we standing around
jacking our beanstalks? Let’s get it done. Am I right? (laughs) (crashing thud) (grunts) ♪ So watch me while I work ♪ – I once turned a
kid’s birthday party into an underground rave
or I may have accidentally brought a kid I was babysitting
to an underground rave. No you gave a kid molly. ♪ So watch me
while I work, hey ♪ ♪ Hey ♪ ♪ So watch me
while I work, hey ♪

James Carver

100 Replies to “Liza On Demand – Official Trailer”

  1. here to say that i haven’t watched the actually series bc i’m too broke for premium BUT the perfect date that JUST came out on netflix like a week ago is SO similar to this .. i say they stole the idea tbh☕️🐸

  2. The show looks too much like Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. I love that Liza is moving on to bigger things, she is amazing, but she deserves a better show, where she is a boss lady, not some loser.

  3. almost all the comments are about her in rewind, i’m the only one who doesn’t know what they mean 😞

  4. I only came here because I saw the thumbnail in Google play when I wanted to update youtube , I don't know who the fuck liza is

  5. Im juat reading all of these this and wow i just. I disnt know people could be this mean


  6. jesus fucking christ can youtube stop with the c-grade bullshit, itll never be netflix or any other of that crap, good on the gal for getting mad cash but far out dude how many tomatoes must be rotten?

  7. Dear youtube,

    stop recommending me things I don't watch. Thank you.

    Your youtube red shows rlly suck.

  8. So pewdiepie is the most subbed channel on the platform, uploads everyday, but a girl that has a dead channel is still more appropriat to get a youtube original? This makes tons of sence

  9. Her acting sucks…she sucks at acting…acting is not for her…she is not meant to act…I dont know any other way to put it…

  10. I love how famous failures like these people get so much attention and recognition. While people with actual, real talent get dumped and demonetized into the ground.

  11. i really really hate this pls dont recommend me this shit love the girl but fucking hate the extra try hard in this production 😛 k bye

  12. People please stop hating on Liza. When she reads these she must feel terrible to see you all ( and i mean most i know some of you are still nice) saying such mean stuff. If you want to hate go somewhere else .If you don't even like her than stop watching but i on the other hand really enjoy her content so please leave me alone and don't all jump on me for asking you to stop.

  13. Damn girl you are huge, I mean your gonna be huge, I mean your always gonna be skinny but now you are going to be famous, I mean you were already famous but now you gonna be extra famous!

  14. Guys, this is something she worked really hard on. Stop being such assholes. Imagine if you were offered the chance to make your own series over youtube videos, are you telling me you would't take it? And of course she hasn't posted in months. You think making a series is a side gig? It's a time consuming thing! Plus I can imagine she has her own personal life and well being to maintain.Just be nicer guys. No need to spread hate and put down something someone put time and effort into.

  15. How is an adult woman this small??? Is she even 80 pounds??? I think she's even more petite than Kourtney Kardashian and Kelly Rippa. I'm surprised one of her skits hasn't been to pretend she is an 8 y/o lost in the mall.

  16. omg liza is so amazing she should have made more of an appearance in etn season four it would be awesome if she is freed and im way to young to watch this but its great for teens  but I love liza

  17. Скрины на рекламе ютуба да да я один из немногих который пришел оттуда

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