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Hi everybody! Today let’s make another
one-pot meal. You have a pot?
And make a meal! These days, all of us, we are all
really struggling from a difficult time. A lot of you guys are working from home. And probably a lot of
families don’t go out. Restaurants are closed,
so what else can you do? You gotta make some delicious
meals for every 3 meals. You have kimchi? Well-fermented
kimchi in the refrigerator? Let’s make kimchi sujebi! Sujebi is hand-torn noodle soup. “Hand torn noodles.” Sounds
very very delicious, doesn’t it? First I’m going to make noodles. I will use my food processor. And you have to change to
a dough blade. And we need 3/4 cup of water. 1/2 cup… … and 1/4 cup. So total, 3/4 cup. And let’s add 1/2 teaspoon of salt. 1 tablespoon cooking
oil, vegetable oil. Look at that!
My vegetable oil is so low! (laughs) “Maangchi is so poor!” “She cannot afford cooking oil!”
(laughs) 1 tablespoon cooking oil. And then 2 cups flour. One cup… Two cups… Really really easy! Especially if you use a food processor. By the way, if you don’t have a food processor, put just water, salt, oil, and flour in a bowl. And mix all together
and then knead it. That’s all. (blending) I kneaded for 1 minute and then you see?
It shaped into 1 ball. This is my plastic bag. I will just prepare
everything inside here today. That’s why I said “super-easy!” Put this into this
plastic bag. Don’t waste. This dough is very sticky. See? But it’s firm enough to handle. That’s the key point, that’s
why this ratio is very important. Whenever I make sujebi
I always remember this ratio. You know: 2 cups of flour,
3/4 cup of water, 1 tablespoon oil,
1/2 teaspoon salt. What else? That’s it. So this ratio is
always in my head. So easily I can make sujebi. I will just keep it here. If you make this soup maybe 6 hours later for dinner, you can keep in the refrigerator. Until tomorrow it will be ok. (running water) And now I already put
8 cups of water here. I need anchovies. These anchovies
are for making stock. Large size. I will use this amount
for 8 cups of water. Let’s see how many anchovies are here.
We need to remove these heads and guts. Like this. After cleaning the heads and guts,
let’s see. 13 grams. 13 to 15
grams you can use. This is a stock pouch. It says, “Dashi bag”. I will just add this. Let’s add to the water. I will add 2 garlic cloves
and 1 medium sized onion, around 6 ounces. Slice and add. And garlic. Garlic. What did I say? I’m
making kimchi sujebi. So I need kimchi! This is
8 ounces of kimchi I already premeasured my delicious homemade kimchi. It’s very sour. And also 2 tablespoons
kimchi brine is here. I’m going to chop this
up and add here. And let’s add! (running water) To medium high heat. Let it cook. Let’s check out
our noodles. These guys are the
noodles! (laughs) It should be torn by my hand. Really really soft! So you can just,
you know – like this. Like that. Knead. This is what I’m doing. And put it here. On a rainy day, Koreans are
eating and making pancakes. So that the house gets
very warm and cozy. Korean jeon – vegetable pancake,
potato pancake, and this sujebi. Also this sujebi, hand torn noodle soup. Why? Because it makes us feel so
cozy and warm, and it’s easy to make. (bouncy music) Smells so good! This kimchi, anchovy, together mixed and boiling, it makes my mouth water! I boiled for 25 minutes
over medium high heat. Let’s take out the anchovies. We didn’t add any salt here so
it’s a little bland, I’m going to add fish sauce. Now we have to handle these noodles. So wash your hands nicely. We never wear rubber gloves,
Use bare hands. So thats mom’s cooking, you know? Tear the noodles! Take out the dough. Like this! (laughs) See? And we have to make this dough chewy. And just make this
way, we have to knead. A few more minutes, like this. Let’s open this! Now it’s too big, so
I’m going to divide it into 2. And put some water here. Like this. See? You can almost see through. This irregular shape
is more appetizing. Look at this! Stretch this. And like this. And then stir. And then we have to
use the other ball. Water. When I was young, my grandmother
was making this for the whole family You know, for 8 family members,
When she made this, we said, “Oh, we gotta help her!” And then all the children got
together and made it. Of course my grandmother’s are
thinner and nice, beautiful hand-torn noodles but We children made like one ball.
(laughs) small balls. So when we ate it:
“Oh, who made this?” And stir this. Wow, looks good! Looks nice. I like to add hot pepper paste here. Slice green onions. I use 3 green onions. From now, I will cook just 5 more
minutes. That’s it! When you taste this,
if this is too bland, add salt. Add salt to your taste. I cracked the lid. Because it’s really bubbling now. And I’m going to eat with this oi- muchim.
Spicy seasoned cucumber. And… This is also a really easy recipe. And a really nice side dish. We need some salad-like
side dish. I cooked just 5 minutes. Nice. You want to see? (timer rings) Yay! This sesame oil is optional,
but I will add 1 teaspoon. Nice, isn’t it? Let me taste! (slurping) Mmm! Mmm! (laughs) Mmm delicious. Hot! Mmm! I love kimchi! Mmm! (crunches) So good! It goes well with hot,
delicious kimchi sujebi. The broth is very savory, and a
little spicy. And a little sour. Really yummy. And crispy kimchi. Noodles are really thin,
chewy, and also soft. So this is a perfect meal. Simple meal. How would you like it? (laughs) Make it! Kimchi sujebi! Today we made kimchi sujebi. Kimchi hand-torn noodle soup. Enjoy my recipe, see you next time!

James Carver

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  4. Yes, and we're all in this together. I hope you and your family are staying safe. Love & blessings ❤ STAY SAFE GUYS!

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  9. I love you and your videos. I’ve been watching you for years and really appreciate how you’ve made cooking Korean food so much more accessible for us who are not Korean (soondubu, doenjang-jigae, emergency kimchi, kkakdugi,a nd dakbokkeumtang are some of my favs) I’ve watched so many other of your episodes and can’t wait to try making jjampong for my mom, crispy chicken wings and your broccoli pickles (to name a few)! You’ve been such a tremendous source of comfort during these uncertain times. Thank you, Maangchi! I hope to meet you someday and thank you in person for your generosity and kindness ❤️

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    Then this video came up like just 10 mins ago
    And u still have the same spirit god bless u

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  12. Wow Manngchi!!
    This Kimchi sujebi is the food that my mom made for me when I was childhood.
    She also made cucumbers often.
    I miss the my mom’s food.
    Thank you so much, Manngchi XOXO

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  15. You have near 5 mill , congratulations, thanks for the recipe, people help for the elderly neighbors to keep them home do some deliveries for them ask what they need from the stores. We need to stand for each other

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  18. Maangchi, I must make this wonderful soup! The Polish make a similar hand-torn noodle, but not so thin and irregular. We also sometimes add egg. But yours looks so yummy, and the shape, texture, so tempting! A lot of gluten formed, making the dough so nice and stretchy. I want to make you laugh here – when I first started cooking Korean food I would go to a busy Korean market and stand in the area of the product I needed. In this case, the fish sauce. I would stand there pretending I knew what I was doing, then watch the Korean ladies come and pick out their fish sauce. Almost everybody picked that brand you use in this video, so ever since, I use that brand, too!

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