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This is really hard right now. We’re in
uncharted territory. But there are some things that we can do when parents have
to go to work to ensure our children’s safety. One of the most important things
that parents can do is set ground rules ahead of time. What are those things that
are off limits in the home, what are those things that are safe for kids to
do while parents are out of the home, what are the emergency phone numbers?
Have that posted someplace on a bulletin board or on the refrigerator so that
kids know who to call if there’s an emergency if they can’t get a hold of a
working parent.>>Well some parents may be working home which can be challenging so
what ground rules should you set in the house while you try to get a little bit
of work done?>>Sure! So it’s difficult at best when parents are pulled in so
many different directions. One of the things that we recommend is setting a
timer so that when you were sucked into work and you’re really focusing on your
work, you don’t lose track of time. So that you can go ahead and check on your
children, every so often, whether that’s every 15 minutes, every half hour, every
hour, whatever you feel is safest for your child. The other things
you want to think about are also setting those off-limits rules while mom is in
the office working you may not be outside unsupervised, you may not use the
stove if that’s something you feel is unsafe for your child to do.>>What about
those teenagers or preteens that we’re leaving at home by themselves?>>So
teenagers really miss out on their social time under social distancing.
Right? But one of the things that we want to make sure teens know to do is the
same thing when they’re home alone during the school year, you don’t answer
the door if you don’t know who’s on the other side of the door, know who to call
for 911, know who to call an emergency, is there a neighbor nearby you can call, that your
teen can call if there’s something going on? Know where the fire extinguisher
is in the house, make sure they know how to use it,
no kids coming over to the house to hang out when mom and dad aren’t home.
>>What about screen time? May want to limit that and keep that social distancing
still going on?>>Yes, absolutely. Limiting screen time is hard
especially when kids are bored but it’s something that’s still very important
for us to do as parents. Keeping kids active in other ways. They can be outside
in the garden with mom and dad, they can go for a walk with a parent. There are
things that we can do to keep the boredom at bay. Maybe do school work
which I know is real popular.>>And maybe this is a good time to learn something
new?>>Absolutely! One of the things we
don’t recommend though is learning how to do something new like, you’ve never
ridden a bike before and now this week is the week you’re going to try. Because,
we wanted to keep otherwise healthy children out of the hospital. If
your child knows how to ride a bike and they want to ride their bike around the
neighborhood, as long as they’re wearing a helmet, they should have at it and have
fun riding that bike. But we don’t recommend learning a new potentially
dangerous skill if a child’s never done it before.
>>Thank you, Amy Bollinger for joining us today . We’re gonna take your advice to
heart and we appreciate it.

James Carver

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