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Shay: Matte and I started
quietly dating
about three years ago.And I guess you could say
we’re best friends now.
Look how sweet that is.When I first found out I was
we were super
happy/really nervous.
We couldn’t wait
to tell our parents.
– Oh, my god!
– Yes! I want to give you
a big kiss. Very happy for you two. Thank you. You know I love ya. She’s pregnant.– Man: Yeah?
– Yeah.Man: Are you serious?Yeah, man.Man: Holy shit.Shay: But I had to
feel comfortable
before I told the world.Matte: Is that YouTube video
Woman: Yeah.Yo, do it now. Okay, I’m going. Oh, my god. I feel like I’m about
to bungee jump. Do you know what I mean?
When they’re, like– Oh, ’cause you’re not
coming back up? ( laughs )As much as I am active
on social media…
( dance music ) We’re living
our full festival life.I still consider myself
to be pretty private.
I’d say six months
is a fair amount of time to keep quiet
about being pregnant. Okay, I’m gonna do this. Then I can be free
after I post this. Oh, my god. Oh, my god! I don’t want to go spinning until after
I’ve talked about it. Why? Because, Matte, I used to be the spinning champion
in the class, and now for me to go back
without announcing that– who would sit front row? ( laughing ) “Used to be
the spinning champion”? Out of the class. ( laughing ) This is– are
there champions in the class? No, but I just mean,
like, I spun like a champion in the class. I went every single Saturday until I couldn’t.Shay: I love it.
I feel so much stronger.
I feel my most beautiful
after an intense workout.
Seeing how far
I can push my body
is when I feel
the best about myself.
Well, you can still go. I don’t want to go right now. I need to be able to announce so then I– when people see,
they’re like, “Oh, she’s not as fast
as normal,” there’s a reason. You think anyone cares
on their bike how fast you’re going? Yes, I do. I think that there’s–
I notice other people. ( laughs ) ( laughs ) You’re an asshole. ( indistinct speech )Shay: What are we doing today
for my fun day?
Matte: Actually, there’s
a party. Want to go to a party? – ( sighs )
– There’s a barbecue, actually. It’s not a party.
It’s a barbecue. – Where?
– Actually, we can’t go. Why? You haven’t announced yet,
and they’re gonna know. Who’s gonna be there? It’s a Spotify barbecue. Do you want to go here? – No.
– We can’t go, can we? No. You said it’s Saturday. It’s my day.Shay: I don’t think
that the people
who are also going through
this with you,
they don’t understand
what’s going on,
’cause it’s in your body;
it’s not in theirs.
Do you think
this is bad for me: Just smelling it? Like, the alcohol fumes? ( laughs )When you stop doingwhat you have normally been
used to doing,
you know, which, for me,
was being social,
when that kind of stopped,it really sort of
messed me up a little bit.
This is the shitty side
of being pregnant when no one knows,
because–( sniffles ) You can’t go out to see anyone. You don’t want to see anyone, because– anyways… ( sighs ) ( sobs ) I don’t feel myself. ( sobs )I chose to hold on
until I announced
because of the first time.God.It didn’t go as
I had hoped for,
and it was
extremely difficult.
The first time
that I was pregnant last year,
Matte and I hadn’t
been planning. It happened, and we were
really excited about it. Hey, do you think that I get to
park here now or too early?Matte: Any questions
for your doctor today?
How do I make it so
that the baby stays
a little bit smaller? ( laughs )Matte: The heart’s pumping.Shay: I was, like, 14 weeks.At that point, I had no ideathe percentage
of miscarriages.
When it happened, I was just
completely blindsided by it.
I still have those photos
on my phone and I still have
all the doctor visits, and it’s weird because
I haven’t looked at them,
obviously. But it’s not like I forgot
about that happening.So of course,
I’m, like, super happy,
but I still feel
for that one that I lost.
This is the baby’s room. We haven’t touched one thing
in here because… ( sighs )
Of the miscarriage. I just want to wait it out. I want to get to as late
as possible, and then… ( snaps fingers )
I’ll do this.For me, fortunately,
it was one time.
I know other women
and other friends of mine who’ve gone through
a way harder journey. And I’m–you know, seeing that,
it’s just really tough, because you feel broken as a woman, and that is not a great feeling. Matte, did you get the floaty?Astrid and Laren
are coming over.
I’ll carry it outside for you. I don’t want you to
stress your wrists– stress your something. Is Laren honestly coming over? She’s so cute. – Astrid: Yay!
– Shay: Yay! Yeah!Matte: How old is she now?Astrid: Ten months.That’s crazy.Shay: Kick, kick, kick,
kick, kick.
– Matte: What?
– Shay: ( gasps ) Yay!
I booked my flight to Italy.Shay: And then I have to
go to Barcelona
for a campaign photo shoot.And then I come back,
I have one day, and then I go to Mexico
for a REVOLVE trip where I am wearing
my curated collection, which was curated way before I ever thought
I was gonna be big. Matte: “It’s popping.
You should come by.” What is that? Matte: “It’s popping. You should come by.” – Shay: What’s that?
– Matte: Nothing. He’s so mad he didn’t go
to this barbecue. Lawrence can grill you up
something real fast. I know. Astrid: Make you feel at home. It’s not the same thing, okay? The other one was popping. – Matte: It’s not what?
– It’s a big party. There’s a lot of people there, and I could have done
a lot of business. – Matte: What–what’s–
– Like, these are the– I’m in the music industry. It’s like, I have to go to
these different events – every day.
– ( Astrid laughs )Matte: You know what they say
of hockey, Lawrence?
Just be in front of the net.You’re–you’re in the play,
good things happen.
80% is just being there.– Lawrence: Showing up.
– Matte: Just showing up.
I had the structure– did you go
to your structural ultrasound?Lawrence: I went to everything.– Oh, okay.
– He went to all of ’em. Oh, really?
Oh. – Oh, sorry.
– Um, Matte was in Toronto. So I was like,
“Hey,” ten times, “It’s at 11:00,
it’s the structural one,” which is very terrifying ’cause you never know
what’s gonna happen. – It’s very important.
– No, no, no, no, no. We did know. ( sighs ) Going to
a structural ultrasound to check on the baby. I am solo, because Matte
is in Toronto right now. The Raptors are playing. Very important. I was like, “Hey, go to Toronto
for the Raptors game. Do you mind just FaceTiming me,
possibly?” – Matte: No, it was for work.
– “I’m gonna go in.” It was for “work.”Shay: Hi.I’m your husband.
( laughs )Shay: She’s my husband
for the day.
Please, take your seat.I’m your husband.Shay: You’re here.I’m sitting there, the doctor
doesn’t come in until 11:30. It’s 11:00. I’m looking at my phone, like,
“Wait, is it broken?”Friend: No way.Oh, shit.
That’s the whole head?Friend: Oh, my god.Shay: Oh, so you’re really
zoomed in.
Technician: Right across
the edge of the face
right there.
This is the upper lip
right here.
Friend: Look at
her beautiful huge lips.
Shay: Oh, I thought this was,
like, the body.
It was 3:00, I had gotten out,
I’m having lunch,
I dropped my friend off,
she’s like,
“Matte seriously didn’t call?”I was like, “No.”
He forgot. I reminded him an hour
before I left and the night before, I said,
“Please, put it in your thing.” He’s like,
“100–I don’t even need to. “100%. I’m totally gonna
remember.”Lawrence: Have you not read
any books?
I read a book. The one–number one thing
in all the books is, the only thing
that you need to do…– Shay: Show up.
– Is show up 80% of the time. ( laughter )Shay: He still has no idea.I think until
that baby comes out
and starts crying
will it then hit him.
And then I feel like
his role begins.
He’s gonna be a great dad.He is so good with kids.He’s just so comfortable.After the pregnancy,
I don’t have a worry at all.
Shay: Okay, I’m gonna do this.Then I can be free
after I post this. ( Shay and woman scream ) Oh, god! Oh, my god.
Oh, my god. Is this a bad time to tell you
that it’s not yours? ( laughter ) By the way.I’m finally be able
to announce it.
The reaction
has been incredible.
It’s just been really coolto feel that much support
and love.
Now I feel like I’m able
to connect with people
on a different level,and it gets real.

James Carver

100 Replies to “Keeping A Secret – Ep 1 Almost Ready”

  1. Also I’m sorry for the miscarriage that you had to go to through I don’t know what it’s like but my mom had two miscarriages before she had me so I would have had two older sibling but sadly no

  2. Wow… I completely understand your feelings, I had a miscarriage at 33 weeks into my pregnancy, a week after my baby shower. I was devastated, and never truly went back to normal. Its been almost 8 years after that happened trying to have another baby and our only hope at this point is invitro. I'm terrified and anxious when we finally start the process. But I'm happy for you and wish you and your family all the best.

  3. I understand wanting to wait. My husband and I were expecting our 2nd child…our 1st boy!! Our daughter is 6 ( yes we waited a while…lol). During a regular doctor's appointment my doctor noticed our son didn't have a heartbeat. I was admitted to the hospital and my labor was induced. I was in the hospital for 4 days. I gave birth to our little man Aug 1, 2019 at 8:58 am and the funeral home came to pick him up the next morning. If we try again, I'm not telling a soul!!! My husband talks too much so honestly I may even keep it from him for as long as I can. We still haven't touched his nursery. It's still up. I was 7 months pregnant when this happened and experiencing a stillbirth was one of the most traumatic things I've ever had to go through. My heart literally hurts but time is strengthening me.

  4. Honestly my pregnancy was never a secret but I still felt so isolating…its hard to explain it's like when people find out they treat you differently I'm the same person I always was I'm just growing a person.

  5. Lol Girrrrrrrrl that first crying in the car clip of you through me all the way back to me being pregnant at 17 and hiding it in high school & no one knowing. Your not the only one ♥️

  6. You can have a glass of beer or one guiness every once in awhile while pregnant 🤰🏻 doctors actually recommend it!!

  7. I understand her hiding it…. I had 2 miscarriages and I hid my pregnancy now because of the pain of saying am pregnant today to the world and then tomorrow you wake up and your bleeding 💔😭worst pain 8 months now and I waited 7 months to say it out loud or show it 🙏I just wanna say miscarriages isn’t easy it’s the worst pain knowing you lost your child but keep your head up and pray🙏💯

  8. I'm sorry u lost your little peanut. It's still your baby and it's totally fine that you still have pictures of your baby on your phone you loved them.

  9. I totally feel her on waiting to announce her pregnancy. I just had my baby shower at 6 months and was the first time I posted anything about my pregnancy on Facebook.

  10. I hid our pregnancy till I was like 7 months cause we had two miscarriages and was so nervous. And we didn’t post about the baby till almost 8 months when we had our baby shower.

    It is so hard to not share and not talk about and honestly yea not complain about. It is quite the trick to stay quite the and I applaud you for being able to with the added media pressure as well.

  11. My aunt had 12 miscarries. She was blessed with 2 beautiful children (my cousins now). I can’t imagine. Women are resilient and so strong.

  12. I really felt when she cried, I'm 4 months pregnant and there's so many changes to your body and you cant really explain how it feels.

  13. Started watching your series only a few episodes ago. Didn’t know you were pregnant! And you are right when you say it won’t hit him until the baby is here. And you are right. My husband said the same, even though it feels different to us women too. But that’s because we are a little more prepared being pregnant, and feeling all the symptoms and all of the babies movements.
    And by the way, congratulations on the birth of your baby!

  14. "Do you think this is bad for me? Smelling the alcohol fumes?" Heck no girlfriend. My bestfriend and i had a glass of wine every night while she was pregnant and her beautiful little girl came out perfect. Shes the smartest 2 year old ive ever come across.

  15. You did a great job, and you are blessed to have a man that loves you and a healthy baby. You did it right!!♥️💕💓💗💞❤️

  16. Ik exactly how she feels. I kept my pregnancy private for entire 9months only bc i had a miscarriage at 7 months. Its the most loneliest feeling ever even when ur partner is there.

  17. 🎶 got a secret🎶
    🎶shay is pregnant🎶
    🎶swear this one you’ll save🎶
    🎶better lock it🎶
    🎶In your pocket🎶
    🎶taking this one to the grave🎶
    🎶if she shows you🎶
    🎶you will know her🎶
    🎶dont tell what she said🎶
    🎶cause fans cant keep a secret🎶
    🎶if the secret is a baby🎶

  18. Wow. Seeing you be so real and raw and showing the good and bad of a pregnancy is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen on YouTube. Congratulations Shay you’re going to be an amazing mother 🙏❤️

  19. That is what happens if you are used to be in control. My Mum use to always say, the best you can hope for is to try to control the controllable. Meaning rest is an illusion.

  20. This is what a stay at home mom feels like you literally get shut away from reality and it’s just takes so much from you 😪🥺

  21. I remember her boyfriend Matte during his Much Music VJ days here in Canada! I was wondering why he looked so familiar!

  22. I’ve always loved her and how down to earth she is. When she was in her car crying and explained how sad she was to have a miscarriage. I felt that pain because I’ve had miscarriage my self and you never truly get over it or the feeling of being scared that something might happen. I hide my pregnancy till I was 4 months along because I thought of the worst and cried every night. God bless her for being so much stronger.

  23. She is happy with Matt they are literally the parents of many children to come she is best in both worlds…..hands down Shay you rock and your Babel family………💕💕💕💕❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍

  24. I know the feeling of miscarriage. It is the worst feeling knowing you'll never meet the little angel . I miscarried about a month ago. I'm so happy for you n I have seen your labour videos n I'm so happy for you. God bless U n Ur family n Ur little bundle of joy.

  25. Omg I felt this video so much because I’m in the same situation right now. I’m pregnant with my second and only my sister knows n my sons daddy. I’m still tryin to figure if I’m even happy. I’m scared of everything all over again. Not only that I just understand where she is coming from totally. Things are changing all over again. Not being able to do wat I use to. Cause now my son is one so we can do more but now I can’t

  26. I’m so proud of you omg you save lives with your existence. ily and I wish your family best of luck and health!! don’t cry🥺

  27. She is so strong 💪🏽 omg … amazing girl / mom / wife 😍😍😍

    Love from France ❤️

    Like my comment 👍🏽😘

  28. Omg Matte Babel???!!! I had such a huge crush on him when he used to be a MuchMusic VJ he’s damn fine, you go girl!! I didn’t recognize him in your delivery video, but he looked familiar, anyhoo congrats to you both!!

  29. I am so grateful for this video!!… never thought someone would verbalize the feeling and emotion of a miscarriage ❤😥

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