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As the coronavirus continues
to rear its head – Maori fashion designers are bearing
the brunt of the stress on export markets in China, but that hasn’t stopped them
from working on local solutions on the home front. For more we cross live to reporter
Hania Douglas who’s standing by. That’s right, this is
an extraordinary situation. It brings together
some of the biggest names in Maori fashion design and their many skills
under the one roof. The Kahui pop-up shop
opens amongst fashion giants. Kiri Nathan brought
the Kahui Collective together to celebrate Maori
in the fashion sector, and with concerns around exports
recently, they had to get creative. Six Maori designers feature
in the pop-up shop, and while fashion can be quite
a catty sector, these designers have benefitted
from working together. As the saying goes, united we stand. This store has a one-month lease. These designers say if the results of the stand
are fantabulous they’ll consider staying on-site
permanently. Thank you for the update, Hania Douglas. What a lovely report. Thank you, once again.

James Carver

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