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His name is John Ambrose McLaren Hi Lara Jean Dear Lara Jean, I couldn’t believe when I opened up that
letter and it was from you If I had written a love letter back then, I am pretty sure it would have said something like um… I like reading with you, you’re really pretty Do you know who I am? Someone I sent a love letter to ? yes, someone. Dear John Ambrose, do you remember the
Halloween party Dear John Ambrose, I really love you I’ll
always know that once upon a time my heart was yours we had such good times at that treehouse just hanging you know, reading the time capsule, we should dig it up yeah, totally we can invite everybody I think I can handle helping my
girlfriend you know thank you tho i’ll see you tomorrow, sure I know I should have told you about me
and Peter I read it all wrong it’s totally my fault Are we good John Ambrose ? We’ve always been good, Lara Jean Wow Hey I know you’re with Kavinsky Him and I are… I mean it’ll probably melt by morning
but It’s Peter ? just know that, I’ll be waiting here for you

James Carver

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