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-JeanPod, wake up!
-Hello Rossy! I’m hungry, I want to make
a Spanish omelette. Help me! OK, here are the ingredients! Potatoes, eggs, onions… No, my omelette doesn’t have onion in,
JeanPod! OK, no onion. Olive oil and, most importantly, the secret ingredient. What secret ingredient, JeanPod? A good chef! -Franco!
-Hello, Rossy! What a surprise!
Thanks, JeanPod! Let’s peel the potato first… Then we’ll beat the eggs. Yes! Here you go, Franco. Three eggs. One… Yes, a small omelette! -Now to beat them.
-Yes. -Rossy, do you have an electric whisk?
-Of course! Pass it over. No… You’re beating them really well.
Look at that rhythm! Look at that whisking arm!
You’re a human whisk! Let’s see how it looks. Incredible. And it smells gooood. Now let’s eat it, you and me. I want a bit too! -Go back to sleep, darling. Bye bye.
-Bye bye. -JeanPod doesn’t eat a thing.
-Oh, really! You can really tell
how well you beat those eggs. Sign up… Sign up… Sign up… We can’t wait on you all day to sign up!

James Carver

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