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Hi, my name is Jean-Yves Thibaudet. I am a pianist and I am very excited to be here tonight at the Moritzbastei for KLASSIK underground. Do you think that these days the borders between musical genres are being broken down? I think it’s better than it used to be. I think it’ll still be better and I think we can still do more. I believe that it’s wonderful to mix. I love for example to do shows with any kind of music but just meet from different worlds. And I think that it brings something that is very unique. Now something that we haven’t talked about tonight, Jean-Yves that we really must talk about is fashion! Yes! It’s wonderful to have an artist who uses fashion as a means of expression. You used to have Vivian Westwood design your clothes. See, everything I have here, everything. She still designes everything? Vivian Westwood, yes! This is a very special suit. She made a trip which was amazing it was in Burgundy She was there with Andreas and they stayed for the entire weekend. And as my gift she brought this suit with her She made it just for me. That’s wonderful that you brought it especially for KLASSIK underground! Exactly! So I wear it for special occasions.

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