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What is attractive to me in TreeFrog,
and why I joined the company, first of all, is the meeting with Maxime and Kevin. They have very specific skills, mixing biology and biophysics. Second, they wanted to create a company that was really a fast-track to market and would bring added value to patients. And also they wanted to create a
very special company in the way that they will manage it. That was very
appealing for me and that’s why I decided to be co-funder with them and moving forward as chairman of the board. Over the last two years, there were two
major milestones that we were delivered by TreeFrog. First of all, the preclinical results regarding Parkinson’s disease. They were the first guys that grafted some mature neurons and then delivered some very very interesting, better than everywhere, outcomes. Second, they were able to demonstrate that C-stem can deliver better costs and better quality for cells, at a scale that has no competitor as of today. That’s for the past. And regarding the future, the key milestone will be to build C-stem as
the gold-standard of the IPS-derived therapeutics. So that’s the main point, and that’s the next challenge to deliver.

James Carver

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