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today is Friday November 29th and Miss
Kitty is not really doing so great she’s she’s eating her grain solid right now
without it being soaked basically she’s decided that she doesn’t like it when it
so she’ll eat a little bit of it but then gives up on it so you know I take
the risk of her choking on her feed but I also take the risk of her not eating
her feed so I kind of have to do whatever she’s just willing to do so
right now she says I’ll eat it if it’s just solid so that’s how she’s eating so
I’ve got her behind the barn and Stella of course
so she’s just kind of behind the barn and she has the option to come in and
out of this stall right here but she really doesn’t like to be in there
social she likes to be standing where she can see the other horses so and
everybody else is just right over there so she she likes to just kind of chill
out and be by all them so yeah I’m to the point where I’m just
feeding her as much as she’ll eat and I’m giving it to her in any manner that
she’ll eat it so that’s kind of where she’s at she’s got the reason I I did
just have her out with a herd and I went and got her because I just had a feeling
I should go and check on her and when I walked out there this was a deja vu
moment where last January when Rosie was sick the herd kept driving her off and
there was a certain spot on the hill that she would go and stand and when I
went to walk out and find Miss Kitty I couldn’t find her and she was standing
in the same spot that Rosie was last year so that was just kind of weird that
they I don’t know the herd just knows when something’s not right and they want
to drive the weaker links away because they are a risk you know the way that
the herd work says they look at the the older ones or the sick ones as being a
threat because it brings in predators so they want to kind of chase them out of
the herd but she seems to be doing okay eating and she’s spilling a bunch
on the ground but she’ll clean that up when she’s done eating everything out
the bucket so yeah I don’t know if it really makes any sense to have her
looked at by a vet cuz I know you know some people will probably suggest that
but she’s just had she’s had two visits in the last month got a clean you know
really good bill of health on both except for you know with the dentist
there’s that thing in her mouth and I did ask about you know should we have
that removed can we do it around here do we need holler somewhere for that we’re
really getting into the time of year where that’s just it’s not an option to
haul anywhere right now it’s just not so it’s something that I’d be looking at
towards for spring I’m pretty concerned about her and prepared I am prepared and
if I need to put her down I’m gonna try to haul her to my parents because they’d
be easier to bury her there that’s where she was born so but that’s of course
worst case scenario and in that case you know I will figure out a way to get her
there but you know something that’s kind of kind of a bummer is just all of a
sudden all of a sudden she just started getting chased away by its Nocona
particularly Nocona just stands there and watches her and drives her off and
Nocona is the herd leader so she knows that something’s going on but I might
even just try pulling Nocona out of the herd during the day and
leaving Miss Kitty out with her herd because horses they like to be with
their herd so and she gets along with so many of the herd member so well but I
can’t risk her getting beat up so if I pull Nocona out that might be my best
option Miss Kitty never gets marked up ever
she never has bite or kick marks on her because she’s really good at just
fighting you know finding the peace within the herd and she just kind of
sticks to herself so so she sticks to herself and so the fact that Nocona is
going out of her way to get her kind of that really bothers me I’ll show you
what what kind of marks she’s got on her nothing’s serious by any means but since
I mean she’s never merked up have you can see it but it’s pretty
tender she doesn’t want me to touch it but it’s just a big bite just a big bite
so she’s been doing some other weird things too like she looks back a lot not
at her side per se but just kind of back behind her big mark on her one on each
side same spot oh she’s got a couple more right here –
oh poor baby hmm
so yeah it’s just very much not not like her to be marked up like that so poor
old girl yeah just recently those are the first time I’ve looked at her and
I’m like man she looks old she looks so old it’s just weird she’s
looked so beautiful her whole life and just all of a sudden – just look just
look old but you know I guess I guess that’s a good way to do it because you
know I kind of want to just like rock it and look great your whole life and then
suddenly just like done I’m okay with that but you know it’s hard though is so
she’s 26 and her birthday was in June yeah so get this so pocos birthday was
in May and he had died in November miss kitty Miss Kitty’s birthdays in June and
it’s the end of November almost December so she is not yet
older than poco was when he died but she will be in a few weeks it’s just kind of
weird just kind of weird to me because he was 26 when he died she’s 26
she acted funny I don’t know it’s just you know all the fields man just kind of
gets me I’m like that she’s doing a good job on
this I got her chopped hey over there – so she’s got plenty of stuff to munch on
she’s got water inside the stall still I’ll leave it
she’s got water and hay inside the stall so she can come in and munch on that
she’s really not big on eating hay right now besides the chop stops she will eat
a little bit of that but not enough definitely not enough all right
there’s today’s update on Miss Kitty keep you posted

James Carver

37 Replies to “I WISH HORSES COULD TALK // Versatile Horsemanship”

  1. Much love and support sent your way. I can totally relate to looking good then wham.. happened to me from the wreck, it even gave me big gray strands in my hair when I only had like 4 gray hairs before. Traumatic experiences and or growing old sucks! You take such good care of all your fur babies, and you know them better than anyone else, so you do what you do and dont let what others say or think take away from that. I will gladly share my experiences and suggestions and thoughts, but that's all they are. Every horse is different therefore whatever they're experiencing is different even with a common ground/cause. What may have worked with one may not necessarily work with another. You know this as well as anyone. I hate hearing you say that you're prepared because I dont want to think about all of us losing miss kitty, but it's a reality and the cycle of life and preparing oneself is the responsible thing to do. It sure makes each day we still have with our older ones just that much more precious. You are the most wonderful lady and I really wish we weren't so far apart, I would absolutely love to have you in my life beyond YouTube, but I'll take what time with you as I can get it :0)

  2. You’re never really prepared, but I admire your resolve. I’m sure that’s a fluctuating thing. πŸ’•

  3. question: if you remove the leader and put Miss Kitty back in the herd, wouldn't the next in charge do same as the leader?

  4. As she gets old, Miss Kitty will go thru ups and down with her health issue. Although I understand perfectly your age comparisons with Poco, please don't hurt yourself by doing so. Miss Kitty will reach her bithday in July and beyond. Millions positive vibes for her. 😍

  5. Poor Miss Kitty! 😞😞 I suggest taking the dominant horses out some and see if she can get some beloved herd time.

  6. Poor Miss Kitty – hang in there darling. You're in good hands. I hope you get to spend more time with your herd. Thank you Brandi for the update.

  7. Hi Brandi”Horses do Talk. Horses talk with there Feet when they Kick” & when they are Angry & throw People off there Back.πŸ˜„

  8. She looks so healthy. Such beautiful markings. I know this video is old but I hope she is doing better! Stay healthy!

  9. Hi Brandi.
    Horses speak loud and clear. Most people just dont listen.
    Miss Kitty reminds me of the distinguished lady with a certain character.
    Example. The Incredible Molly Brown. Survivor of the Titanic. She went through adversity at sea. Came home. Retired and lived as a noted woman.

  10. Bless her heart.πŸ˜₯ Brings back memories of my last Doberman, Jada. She was beautiful. Had a gorgeous sleek, black and tan shiny coat that glistened in the sun, and she loved to run and play. One day, a couple years ago, her life came to a screeching halt almost overnight. She had developed hip dysplasia and started having difficulty with walking. About 2 months later and many trips to the vet, her hindquarters were paralyzed. None of the meds the vet had tried worked any longer. I'll never forget that sad day in October when I had to call my son at work and say, "It's time, Sissy can't get up."πŸ˜ͺ The saddest day of owning a beloved pet is having to tell an old friend goodbye. I'm hoping and praying Miss Kitty will get to see another birthday in June, and she can enjoy some luscious spring grass just around the corner!❀

  11. I will share your video with a horse sanctuary that I donate to when I can. I've seen them leave no stones unturned with their rescued elderly horses and maybe they have some ideas for you. They've had eldery horses they've rescued that owners gave up on, and turned them around. I've seen the before and after pictures they have posted and they're simply amazing. The name of the sanctuary is Little Brook Farm and they are in New York. I have sent her a message asking for ideas or asking her to contact you.

  12. πŸ‘πŸ˜ƒπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  13. Poor Miss Kitty 😒 She's a beautiful and lovely horse. I love her so much ❀️ Poor baby 😭

  14. When my favorite 11 year old chocolate lab got so sick I only had him put down when he refused to eat and had no bowl movements or urinated and he was crying so much. After fighting with the vet fir a week because the vet said he was β€œsenile” I finally told them if they didn’t put him down I was going to buy a shotgun and shoot him myself. He couldn’t even walk anymore and his ribs were showing. But the crying in pain I couldn’t stand and nothing the vet gave worked. So I took him in on a Friday morning and he died in my arms and I cried like a baby, so did the vet and the vet tech. You will know when it’s time. I’m certain of it. God be with you kitty.

  15. embracing the beauty and hardship of aging is a spiritual journey. Walking with our loved ones until the end is a priceless gift. It's difficult to bear, but for so many animals a good death is not assured. As a kid, my first horse was 'retired' to a friend of a friends farm. Years later I learned he was abandoned there, feral for years. I had NO IDEA. Could I have prevented this at age 14? hard to say.

  16. She looks like she can eat but she is uncomfortable. Gazing back, awkward swallowing. Some rolling. What would be the harm in dialing in some Omeprazole? As a test,

  17. Hope she starts feeling better! You take such good care of your animals it's very hard to see them like this! It's good that she's still eating and drinking some

  18. If u r feeding beet pulp know that there is a lot of gravel or sand in it. I found it by soaking, straining and rinsing. The manufacturer doesn't list it, nor do they admit it. Just know you will need to feed sand clear on a regular basis to get it out of their systems. Beet pulp is a by product of the sugar beet industry.

  19. Warm water in shed. Salt , vitamins, veggie oil, and maybe ulcer guard in feed. maybe just wet feed to soften it but not make it sloppy. could try soaking a flake of hay, then using the water from the soak on feed or in its own bucket in stall . give hay to other horses if she's not interested in it. Keep trying. Where there's life there's hope!

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