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Hey guys, it’s Karina. Try from! Sis versus (Both) Bro! So, guys, today is revenge day! If you saw the last video, Karina’s making me spend so much money it’s crazy, on her Gucci belt. It’s $270. What!? So, today I am gonna be getting my money back. Karina, are you up for the challenge? What are we even doing first of all? Today, we are gonna be doing the I will buy whatever you carry challenge. So, I’m gonna carry all the expensive stuff. Karina’s gonna be like “Oh no, oh no!” I’m gonna be carrying all of it, yes. Ron, if you’re gonna be carrying things like this, I don’t think you’re gonna be carrying much. That’s not how I’m gonna be carrying it. I’m gonna be, I was training for this moment, okay? I’ve been training for this exact moment in life. Well, you don’t need to train, just long arms like me. I’m gonna get the most expensive things, okay? All right, of course I’m gonna be up for the challenge, but what store are we going to? We are gonna be going to the department store, so I can get anything I desire. That’s perfect! I can get Gucci, Luis Vutton No! No, no no! Today is revenge day and I’m not holding back. All right, but one more question. Are we spending our own money? Yes, I need my money back. Please give me my money back. All right, so you better come prepared because you’re gonna go bankrupt. No, no, no, no, no, I am having none of that today. All right, we’ll see. Rock, paper, scissors who is going first? (Both) Rock, paper, scissors, shoot! Oh yes. No! I am gonna be going first to pick all my amazing items. You know what, it’s fine, it’s fine if I’m not going first ’cause I can see what you’re getting so I can top that. Uh-uh. All right, let’s go now! So, guys, we’re at the department store and you can only pick one floor, so I picked the electronic floor, so we are gonna grab some expensive stuff and Karina’s gonna have a frown. Well, no, are you sure you want electronics? Right there, there’s clothes. You could get beautiful clothing for yourself. No, no, no, no. Okay, let’s begin our search. Oh no. All righty, what do we have? Well, I don’t really see why, you’re not gonna use any of this. Yeah, I don’t want any of this. Let’s look for something even better. Uh, hmmmmm, I don’t know, but I found this section that I really like, so, I’m gonna go to that section and, yeah, I’m gonna get lots of things, which is right here. Well, are you sure you wanna go here? There’s still clothing over there. Uh, look, there’s like PS4 games over here, Nintendo stuff over here. Ah, looking awesome! Look at these controllers How about you just get a nice case and that’s it? No, no, no, no, no. (laughs) Oh, look at all this. I can get this controller here. Okay, but I need to find the biggest thing first so I can stack the small stuff on it. Oh no Ronald, Ugh! Ugh! Uh… This is a nice case. It’s only 16 dollars, it’s pretty good! No, just no, no. Oh, what is this? Look at this! Oh, no, is that for the Switch? Look, it comes with headphones. I think it comes with those joysticks, I don’t know. Okay, that’s a option. (shoppers talking in background) I can put it back, so I’ll just take this for now. All right, it’s only about like 30 dollars, so it’s all right for now, all right. Oh, Karina, I see a controller here that’s 50. (giggles) Oh, no, you don’t have to get that, right? Oh, look at this case here! Ugh, ugh yes! Don’t drop it, okay. Ah, look at this, it’s like a controller holder. A controller holder. A controller holder? Are you sure you need that? Uh, yes, okay. Okay, and now I need this controller here. Ah, okay, okay Karina, no, not Karina. Ronald don’t drop anything. Okay, I also need another PS4 controller. Well, you don’t need all these controllers! Yes, I do, okay, uh… Aww Okay, um. (laughs) You want a red one? Yeah, I like red, I really like red. Okay, unh. (both laughing) Okay, so now let’s go to the game section. All right. Okay, Ronald, please I don’t want to drop anything, okay. C’mon, drop it, drop it, drop it. (Ronald grunting) Okay. You can’t even see anything now. (laughs) Yeah, I can slightly see. Ah, this is heavy. Oh, I might have to stop. Okay, lemme look at these games. Okay, what do we have? Uh, Rocket League. You could get Just Sing. You could sing a song. Uh, no. (Karina laughs) (Ronald grunting) Okay, uh, okay, I might have to stop. Please stop. You want that game? Yeah. (Ronald grunts and laughs) Oh no, my hands hurt! Okay, yeah, I’m going to the cash register. Uh, okay, where is it? Ron, make sure that you don’t safely arrive, cause I need something to end up on the floor. (game drops) (dramatic music) And, oh, he’s dropped it! No, ugh! Ugh! No, no, no! End up on the floor. (sad music) No, oh, oh. No, I so wanted every single one of these things. Ah, well, maybe next time. Or never. (laughs) Now, it’s my turn, all right, awesome, let’s go. Please help me. So, guys, Ronald just dropped them on the floor, so that means I don’t have to pay for him. This is amazing. I just saved like hundreds and hundreds of dollars, so I’m super excited. Guys, why can’t I win these challenges? Please pray that Karina’s gonna drop something or else I think my bank account is gonna go bankrupt. I don’t think this is a revenge for Ronald, I think it’s revenge for me, cause last time, in the last video, Ronald bought me an apple. Not an Apple product, but an apple, the fruit. Well, you’d spelled apple. (Karina laughs) Right now, we are inside the clothing store so we can get some clothing. So it will be pretty easy cause I can just put it all on one hand and I can get lots of it. How’s it possible to drop clothing? Please tell me. All right, now let’s go cause this is the men’s section, so, we’re supposed to be in the woman’s section. All right, uh, hmm. Karina, look, a perfect pair of white jeans! You should get that. Ronald, I don’t really want those, they’re, they look like they’re really big. Yeah, hmm. All right. (gasps) Oh, wow, this is so cool, look. No! It’s neon, neon is like in style now. How expensive? Look, ten. Ten, yeah, you can get that. All right, I think I wanna get this one. Extra small, perfecto. Yay, it’s ten dollars only. All right, so this is good, now we’re gonna continue. Look at these jumpsuits, they’re so cool! That’s awesome, I really like this black one. How expensive is it? Uh, I’m not, I’m not sure, I’m not really looking at the prices. (needle scratches across record) No, look at the prices. (fake cries) I’m good, all right. Uh, this one is small. Perfecto. Karina, your clothing are touching the floor. Well, that’s because it’s clothing, okay. Excuses. Medium, extra small, perfecto. Beautiful, I like this. All right. Drop it, ple-ease, I don’t wanna spend so much money! Ron, not about to drop this. Karina, like, do you do this like every single time you go to the mall, you go on a shopping spree? Yeah. Oh, this is really nice. I like this one with the floral pattern. This is large. Please say it’s in my size, extra small. How expensive? How expensive? Perfect. 30 dollars!? No! This is good. Okay, I think your hands are filling up. I also need like the red one. I’m just getting jumpsuits for days. Just drop something, please. I like the red one. Your hand is filling up, that’s a good sign. Well, it’s very far from full. (Ronald whimpers) Uh, what else do I like? (gasps) Oh, I really like this jumpsuit. I think I wanna get this one. How expensive? How expensive? Extra small, perfect. Let’s continue. Please help me. Drop it, drop it, drop it, drop it. The yellow one’s not in my size. (Ronald whimpers) Please say the gray one is . . . No, it’s not in my size. Yes! Yes! Yes! Aw, it’s a jumpsuit, I like that. What is it? I feel like this would be way too big for me though. Twenty-three. I don’t think it’s gonna be in my size. Karina, you spent like 200 already, please stop. But, this is like really cute. No, no buts. (Karina gasps) This top is fine, I like this top. No, it’s not my size. Please be in my size. No sizes, please. Karina, can you go check out now? That would mean the world to me. Uh, you know what? I’m good. Or, drop it. Drop it would be better. I’m good for now. That’s fine. Oh, I like this pattern. How’d I not see this one before? Uh, my size, it’s only one, so please be my size. It’s 13. It’s extra small, perfect. All right, I’m getting so many things, my hand is really filling up, Ronald. No-oh-oh! Stop it, Karina, please! (Karina gasps) These are so like fun pants. Pants, I want these pants for you. Well, I gotta get my size. This is a small. I think they have an extra small. It’s 23! (whines) Uh, please be in my size. No, that’s not my size. Please don’t have her size. Please be in my size. Please don’t have her size. Please have my size. That is an S, I don’t know if they have extra small. Karina, one more hook, here you might drop it. Drop it, please. Drop it, I beg you. That’s close. All right, I think this may fit me actually. I thought you dropped something. But, I really liked this pattern. Of this, I get the blue and the orange ones. You’re struggling, aren’t you? Nope. (Karina laughs) What? No! Wait, this is such a fun top, I love this. Okay, uh, what’s the size? What’s the price? I want to know the price. It’s no. It’s twelve. Large, no. Yes! But, there’s another top over here I really like. It’s a fun top. Okay, what should I get now? (gasps) Graphic tees, I need more graphic tees. All right, this is a small, I think I’ll get this one. How expensive is it? This one is cool. Forget the price, Ronald. Wait, I really like these jeans. Twenty-five!? Are these high-waisted? I need to check these are high-waisted. They’re high-waisted, perfect, all right. Okay, Karina, you have to like stop it now. Please help me. Okay, my arm is getting a little sore now. Yes! But, I’m not stopping. Oh, there’s some cool pants over here I really like. Please be in my size. Oh, these ones are in my size, perfect! All right, I’m gonna get these. Wait, what? What’s happening? You’re getting something else? (Karina gasps) Wait, there’s a cool jumpsuit in the same pattern. No! Look at that, 38, 36. So, guys, I think I just finished. I went around the entire store and I picked everything that I wanted and I’m not even close to dropping anything. Do you have your money with you, Ronald? Yes. Are you ready to spend it? No. Well, you’re gonna spend it anyways. Let’s go to the cash register. Please drop something. (sad piano music) I think the total’s about 400 euros. Oh, my goodness, what kind of idea was this? One, two, three, and four. (sad piano music) Yay, I’m all done. And, my bank account is all done. That was a great shopping spree. Guys, that was the worst revenge ever! I spent more money on this than on the Gucci belt that Karina got in the previous video. So, guys, please help me! Go to our Instagram which we will be down below in the description and comment what can I do to save my bank account because I’m about to go bankrupt. Or, we could just do a part two. No! No part two. You are gonna get these type of clothes, which are so expensive and impossible to drop and then you’re just gonna get like, spend like 2000 dollars and I’m gonna drop everything. Ronald, that’s the point. Guys, comment in the below with our Instagram if we should do a part two. No. (speaking fast) We’re on video avid and Spotify chat See you all next time, Goodbye! Please help me. (upbeat music)

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