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I suggested to Lily that we could both get
a part-time job and donate the money we earned. Lily seemed very sad, because it would take
too long, and meanwhile people would call her a liar. Then I came up with a plan. One day when everyone was out of house, I
went to my parents’ vault. I knew it was filled with cash. I would borrow some money and then I would
put it back a little bit later, after I earned it. Surely, our parents would never notice. It was going smoothly. I took the money and was heading to my bedroom…
when I heard the front door open. I ducked into David’s room, which was closer. And I hid the money in his bedside table and
marched out just in time to greet my dad who had come home early. Later at school, I boasted to Lily that I
got us the money. She was as happy as ever, and so was I! That did not last for long. When I came home, there was something going
on. My parents were shouting at David and waving
the money I hid in his drawer. I recognized what had happened at once. Mom was cleaning up David’s room and found
the money. She checked the vault and saw where it had
come from. David fiercely denied any fault… but then
he saw my face. I was burning with shame! I rushed to my room and closed the door. I was breathing heavily and thinking about
how I could solve the problem I had created. Mom came in. She hugged me and said that David was punished. He would spend a week in his room and would
get no pocket money for a month. She asked me to not help him, so he could
learn a good lesson. I could not say anything, I just nodded. I felt so embarrassed! Later that night I went into David’s room
and apologized. But he was very angry at me (no wonder!) and
refused to talk. Not only did I bring some problems to David,
but now Lily and I had no money for the dog shelter again. But Lily had a new idea. She got inspired by some model and her ways
of doing charity. This particular model declared that she would
send her photos to anyone who donated to a certain charity program. And by photos I mean the private ones, you
know. Lily said we could do the same! I was horrified. I would rather sell all my clothes! But Lily was cool and confident. No one would ever know. There was very little chance that even one
person from our city would come across this… let’s call it a promo campaign. Lily added that, besides, we would change
our names, put on a lot of makeup, and wear wigs… It could be fun! I was hesitant and reluctant, but still, I
had promised Lily to give this thought a second chance. Now I cannot believe it, but back then I finally
decided that Lily had a good point. I invited her to my home where we planned
a photo session. She brought lots of funny and kinky accessories
with her. We took our clothes off and took pictures
of each other, taking turns. We were in a playful mood and pretending to
be models. And here comes my most important advice, guys:
never forget to lock the door. Because… Guess who came in? My brother David. He was taken aback and blushed, but Lily and
I felt so much more ashamed. David slowly backed away, and I comforted
Lily that he would probably never tell anyone. I was wrong. At dinner he brought up the subject that me
and Lily were not just best friends, but girlfriends. My dad literally lost his appetite. I tried to laugh and say we were not, of course. Then Mom got very angry at David and promised
to make his sentence twice as long in his room, but I stood up for him. Actually, David thought I was a better person
than I really was. During the next week, Lily and I earned a
few hundred dollars for the dog shelter. At first, I was very stressed, but since no
bad consequences followed, I started to think that Lily’s idea was brilliant. Until the very evening when I saw my dad checking
my cell phone. I could tell by his face that he had found
the exact app with my profile and the pictures I had sent. Oh no. I didn’t know what to do! I wanted to yell at my dad for taking my phone
without asking, and at the same time I wanted to cry and make excuses. Dad noticed me. He was red in the face with anger. He threw my phone at the wall and marched
out of the room. The only good thing there is that dad had
no intentions of discussing anything. Well, me neither. I immediately went to Lily’s place and suggested
we stop our charity donations together right now, before somebody found out and it was
too late. I had obviously already planned to stop, but
Lily didn’t want to. She became popular among school students. No one would’ve guessed how she made random
people donate to the local dog shelter, but everyone knew it was due to her efforts, and
respected it. I was afraid to go back home, so I was as
late as possible. I just imagined my parents sitting on the
sofa and waiting for me, with the worst punishment they could think of already chosen. I opened the front door, closed my eyes tight,
and stepped in. There was no one, just complete silence. I guessed I was lucky that night and that
the punishment would just come tomorrow. It did not. I could not understand what was going on,
but I figured that dad told mom nothing. I was so thankful to him and relieved. Still, I avoided making eye contact with him. A few days passed by, and David’s punishment
was over. I finally had stopped sending my photos. However, I noticed that Lily suddenly became
busy and had very little time for me. I thought that she must’ve been offended that
I left our charity team. Lily was reassuring me that nothing had changed,
but I could feel it. Also I ended up on bad terms with David, so
one evening I decided to go and talk to him, make amends, shake hands, you know. I knew he would be alone in the house, it
was the perfect timing. Remember, I gave you advice to always lock
the doors? Well, David left it open. And he was not alone in his room, he was lying
on his bed with Lily! Oops. It was my turn to blush and back away. Now I understood why Lily was so busy, she
was in a relationship with David! Wow! That felt weird, but I told myself I was happy
for them and that it was none of my business. Full stop. Later I asked Lily why she kept it a secret
from me. She said the answer was obvious. She was 16, David was 18, they wanted no problems,
so they were hiding their relationship from everyone. It would be nice to stop my story here and
pretend there was a happy ending. But nope. I’d just started getting used to the fact
that Lily and David were together when Lily confronted me on a street. She was outraged. David had broken up with her because of me! What? How come I was the reason for their split? It turned out that David had discovered the
details about Lily’s charity and dumped her. Lily thought I was jealous and that’s why
I told David everything. But I did not! Lily refused to believe me. At home I ran into David and had to endure
his tantrum, too. He could not imagine why I was doing such
disgusting things! And also involving poor Lily in that. Excuse me? It turned out that Lily told David that it
was my idea from the very beginning. Could my situation get any worse? And then the rumors started spreading at school. Students were whispering behind my back. I didn’t talk to Lily, but I saw that she
was suffering from the same prejudices. Somehow the truth seemed to come out. My parents were called to school to talk with
the principal. As I discovered later, mom denied the rumors
and was defending me. But dad already knew the truth. So my parents decided to transfer me to a
boarding school for troubled teens. I was crying and pleading, but they were determined. So now I am packing my things before I leave
home. Mom is heartbroken and does not want to talk
to me. And my brother David just admitted to me that
he was the one who started the rumors. He thought it was for the better, that I needed
to embrace the consequences and be more responsible. Well, from that point of view, he got what
he wanted. What could I say in the end? It’s a pity that my good intentions have led
to this: me losing my best friend and having to leave my family.

James Carver

100 Replies to “I Sold My Private Pics For Charity”

  1. Rule of thumb: If you have something private on the phone, never, EVER leave your phone unintended where someone would look at the phone, like other video where people look at the phone on the photo, or message.
    Okay, why did they always leave their phone where someone would look at it about what they're doing??
    Have they ever heard of password for their phone, or something?

  2. Wait a minuteee… 16 girl unless you're 18 thats stuff considered illegal 8B. Though doubt this story's real…. WAIT A damn minute o3o… your bro is 18 and with Lily. Sorry again ALL THATS DAMN ILLEGAL. Statutory PEOPLE.

  3. You know what I would have done I would have slept my best friend right in the face and said no you should of and not of did that

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  5. I hope she wrecks her brothers life like he did to her..
    Revenge can happen without her even trying..
    That's when its called sweet revenge or sweet karma..

  6. hey! lily is not your freind. you should avoid her. shes more popular than you! she did not own you a dog shelter. lily is a geting you a money. you should avoid and pretend you dint saw her. shes in a devil in shoulders!😣😣

  7. It was not your fault if there gonna be that way you got to make them get in there ac avanchali they will regret what they did

  8. You can just tell the teacher what just happing . And tell you parents about the charity not just a stupid thing about your brother just say . You can win this thing is so easy , and tell everyting about your brother and lily are in love i think that lily are not telling they parents about this

  9. 4:28 NOW HOLD UP (gets closer to mic) I’m not the only one seeing this right…………..they both…………HAD

    A NiCe HaIr STyLE

  10. Bruh
    Why do the thumbnail look like Wanda from Fairly Odd Parents?
    Also what the hell does Cosmo think about her doing this?


  11. This comment section is filled with girls that try to micromanage others and often find themselves drowned in drama despite saying theyll stay out of it lmfao

  12. That brother is not no good one it is one thing to hate you forever another to put your business out that had nothing to do with him and ruining her life and making a her life hell

  13. The "friend" is a jerk who cared less about charity and more about herself. The brother is a jerk who traded his sister just to date her best friend. The parents don't listen to their daughter and allow their son to be horrible to her.

  14. Your brother shouldn't have started these rumor telling your parents would have been enough for what his intention was.

    And why did lily break the agreement to not tell anyone?

  15. Can you stand up for yourself, girl?
    besides, If Lily was your friend truly, she would believe you and tell you the truth no matter what and never blame her mistake to you. That's just wrong!

  16. Kudos on this story. Some people care more about themselves than the friends they have around them. If Lilly's parents are that poor, how is it that she attends the same school as Alice? I feel sorry for Alice for being in an awful situation.

  17. Are people ganna ignore the fact that she sold her pics for charity. Like who's ganna want her now that she revealed her NUDES.

  18. Wowwwwww so are we just not gonna talk about how the dad could have done something or talked about it with her and preventing this entire thing? We not…okurrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  19. its unfair lily thought of the idea and fosed her and she got punishined gurl if i were u il go to the principles office and spill the tea on the speaker

  20. Why does the video not come to the Turkish channel? {Channel name= Gerçek Hikayeler} I just wondered. Everyone is waiting for the new episode :,)

  21. Look, you did what you did and there's nothing you can do to change it. You've made so many contributions to some places. However, you need to split yourself with your parents and your so-called "best friend", because their toxicity and betrayal had made yourself sent to the wrong place. You have to survive through this, I know you can. Good advice: Make as less friends as possible, or none, because friends or families can be your future enemies.

  22. the two girls was just stupid and have there pride in the wrong direction there isn't one to blame who they both make wrong decision

  23. For Lily it was not about dog charity, she didn't want to be call a liar, it was everything about her self, bad friends pour character.

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