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Lets make a Hachu fashion magazine! Yay! We have to express on four subjects Pianist HAchu English teacher HAchu, Lovely HAchu, Mischievous person HAchu Yay! Random one human, you can choose this question Donation TTS: Please wait a minute I need to poop One, one question: Do you want a wig? Or do you want hat? Or do you want both? Two: Do you want a dress? Or do you want clothes? Three: Do you want accessories? Or don’t you want accessories? Yes Donation TTS: Are you waiting for the person who needs to poop? Next human choose. Choose a nice fashion! Wig, Bag, Dress, Hat, T-shirt Pants or Skirt Donation TTS: Can you please wait more I need to walk my 9 dogs No. Shoes, Accessories. Ok lets go wig I have 5 wig. You can choose I have a lot of bag 1, 2 ,3 This. Oh and my dress Wow Wow good job! And my hat! Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god and my T-shirt Perfect and my pants or skirt And my shoes my accessory You can choose everything Everything chat Hi nice to meet you! Okay you just choose this first please. Yes wig okay, no hat okay okay good I want dress or different clothes? You want what? Ah, okay okay okay And last 3 please Accessories yes okay okay thank you so much, thank you, thank you So I am just wig, no hat and different clothes and accessories yes understand Let’s go next choose. Oh you can choose Oh you can choose wig 1 ,2 ,3, 4, 5 what number choose? 5! Oh wow. Next human nice to meet you. You can choose my up clothes Oh you choose 6 What is that? Ah this? This? Okay. Lets go you can choose pants or skirt 8. You want this pants right? Oh my god Okay you can choose accessory. Number 1 What Are you crazy? You no! Okay, okay this is never pianist. Lets go. You can choose bag. Oh you choose 5 So This right? Yes PogU okay nice to meet you. You can choose shoes 4 AYAYA. Thank you so much This is pianist Hachu fashion Lets go next fashion English teacher Hachu 3 wig. I am teacher okay okay. Good good good yes. Yes yes yes. This good Okay lets go choose your hat. 3, okay Okay lets go choose my T-shirt, 12 please Why english teacher is gangster?! Uh you can choose pants or skirt. You choose 14 right? Oh my god No! How, who? Okay Okay this is english teacher Academy teacher my job clothes Okay you can choose my shoes. 2 please omegalul Okay. Imagine please. What happen? This is what happen? I don’t know Allo okay you can choose my bag Go to the 6. What is that? Ah! What fashion?! What fashion?! No! No! Allo, okay you can choose accessory. 3 pog Are you serious? Are you serious now? Okay imagine, imagine, imagine this teacher! Lets go lovely Hachu please Please choose my wig. You choose 1 right? Okay Oh my god! Thank you Okay you can choose my hat. 7 This Okay. Thank you so much You can choose my dress 6 AYAYA Oh my god! Oh my god! Hi you can choose my bag No! Why 7? No Nice to meet you you can choose my accessory Oh you choose 4 What is that?! What this fashion?! PepeJAM, PepeJAM, Pepe PepeJAM Okay thank you so much next human. Please my shoes Okay you choose 3 Oh Wow wow wow okay. This is lovely Hachu. Right? Yes You make Lovely Hachu this fashion Wow Lets go mischievous person Hachu lets go. Okay you can choose my wig Okay Hi okay you can choose wig. ah ah 12 What is that? This? Wha-?! Lets go you choose my T-shirt. You choose 4 This? Oh my god. Oh really? Really? Oh my god I like it. Oh my god Thank you. Oh Luxury clothes. Thank you so much. Thank you Okay please choose my pants or skirt 13 what is that? Okay okay choose my bag Oh you choose 4 bag Oh thank you so much very good very good job very good job Hi okay lets go choose please my accessory Oh you choose 2 No! No! Why?! No! Last shoes is just 1 so yes this. Okay lets go chat now Clothes change time Okay number 1 start What the f***?! What is that?! Donation TTS: Yo new Tekken character looks lit What? Okay okay okay chat thank you thank you so much So now a fashion magazine is now maybe similar this homepage, this photobook homepage so I can made my fashion magazine Yes just waiting please and I am next twitch con Next twitch con I am meet my viewers I can send just, just 1? Just 1 human? 3 human? I am a lot of item so just very heavy I can’t so just maybe 3, 3? 3 is good yes okay just 3 Mm 3 lets go

James Carver

100 Replies to “I LOOK CRAZY! – Chat helps me make a FASHION magazine!”

  1. How much time offstream she put into numbering all the items and taking pictures of everything is why she's the best content creator

  2. Hey HAchu, teach my scrub ass some piano or do a video or two on piano basics or anything you like about it. I just started learning last year and got a full key keyboard to practice and I wanna get as good as you some day 🙂

  3. Now this is a streamer who cares about making good vids they are always verry good make you laugh and smile !!! THANKS haCHU XOXOXO

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