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Come on, choose the sword – I’m so close to
winning here! Hey Kevin, I got us a pizza! No my change! Sorry Amy. Well I guess
I have to pick these all up now don’t I hey these nails won’t let me pick
anything up. Fine I’ll help looks a lot easier without those long nails okay can
we please eat our dinner now I’m rich no I’m rich fork it over
nope what if you drop it all again it’s definitely safer with me
something tells me Kevin’s going to regret doing that Oh Kevin did you miss
me you better keep quiet ami he could wake up at any second looks like it’s
just us out here ami careful he’s waking up
good that was really close you’re in dreamland right Kevin good I’m about to
teach Kevin a very valuable lesson Oh No what did he do oops
looks like I fell asleep on the couch again man that was some good sleep oh I
guess I better get ready for class um Kevin something looks a little different
what the did I visit the nail salon in my sleep how on earth did I get these
well looks like your days about to get very interesting dude Ami’s calling how
am I supposed to pick up the phone with these hang on Amy I’m trying here how
you sweat the screen with these things wait Oh use my elbow no but not working
it worked I like your new manicure yeah yeah this
is so hilarious yeah it really is this is gonna be the worst day ever while they can be a pain maintaining
your nails is a great excuse to relax and catch up on some gossip oh that
really itches oh there’s a nail file just isn’t cutting it wait a second
hey guys want to go to the park uh what’s going on here oh yeah a little to
the left Amy I’ll come back later well this is
sufficiently awkward let’s not talk for an hour okay check in the old Instagram
before bed are we well did you see that lightning quick turn off the light I’d
better close my eyes and hope it goes away soon it’s so scary yeah Annie
open your eyes there’s someone or something in your room hmm what is that
please don’t hurt me it’s the light switch I found it okay who’s there
show yourself hey there Kevin I thought you were an evil monster that was going
to kill me what do you want whoa can you please take my nails off ouch
these things sure hurt to take off be careful I still want some skin left on
my fingers my regular nails I thought I’d never see you again oh hey guys
wondering what’s going on I figured since you loved eating and licking stuff
so much you’d enjoy a good old-fashioned food challenge for each item you see
you’ll decide who bites it who licks it and who leaves it alone got it
all right guys you better get those appetites ladies and here comes your
first challenge well what are you guys waiting for open that sucker up chicken
feet man I hope they get off that plate and
walk far away from us oh no you’re not really gonna bite that thing are you
want a taste oh that looks chewy quick grab me a pail
Oh right Sofia you’re up – back no I don’t think I can do it
how am I supposed to put my tongue on this thing if only you had a magic spell
to make that foot disappear leave me alone okay good Kevin you sure got out
of that one didn’t you okay can someone please take these away now wow that’s
one delicious looking cake strawberry raspberry cherry who knows what flavor
it is hey you didn’t even look at your card yo ladies and gentlemen reveal your
cards hey I get to taste that pink frosting it must be my birthday cuz I’m
taking a big bite out of the cake and unfortunately that means Kevin gets
nothing sorry man excuse me I’m just gonna bring this
thing closer to my end of the table hey have one lick Nicki let’s see which side has more frosting
whoa really dope into that thing didn’t you Sofia hey can I please take a bite
please sure can it’s all yours buddy baby Oh Kevin did you really not see
that coming hey nobody laughs at Superman well you
kind of deserve that Sofia hey can someone clean my glasses I can’t see a
thing like I should totally ask him out no big
deal oh my gosh check out Kevin looks like there’s no
hiding those bad boys nope they’re actually laughing at your fly you just
can’t win today can you whoa busted oh this is the funniest thing ever
oh it’s never funding the butt of the joke Oh stupid Amy ooh
chemistry class sure isn’t getting any easier is it and it’s even harder to
remember if you can’t take any notes just because you’re a sumo wrestler
doesn’t mean you can’t get lost in a good book every once in a while man I
didn’t know becoming a sumo wrestler would be so much work
what no I totally forgot about our date oh I can’t forget that dang I hate to
break it to you Jess but there’s no way you’re fitting those things into that
thing do these even match like I’ll ever fit in this okay this looks weird but it
just may work at least it’s a bold choice
right well maybe I should go for a more I’m about to save the day kind of
five what are you trying to fly away from your problems now okay
the goofiness of this look almost takes attention away from the fact that you’re
in a sumo wrestlers body I said almost man nope this definitely isn’t working
it looks like you’re just going to have to be comfortable in your own skin wait
a minute I can still dress up my face can’t I yes
makeup okay the cap is off and I’m ready to
apply I said I’m ready to apply oh no seriously now I look like bozo the sumo
wrestling clown now what 30 minutes hey bro I really need your help Jess I don’t
mean to embarrass you but you’ve got a little I think that’s the least of my
problems today Kevin here will you help me please
huh just put it on my face okay how do you even get this stuff out of here
there whoa where do I even begin all right Kevin take a feature and focus you
can totally do this oh those are pretty broad strokes keV all right just a
little more powder here I just have one last finishing touch to complete this
masterpiece all right you’re ready to go all right looks like Kevin’s job here is
done thanks dude and there’s just as date boy is he in
for the surprise of his life yeah just is that really you whoa I’m ready
for our hot date baby you’re gonna pull out my chair for me or what if your date
really loves you they won’t care what you look like on the outside Wow who
knew it would take so much time to pull out a darn chair yeah you’re gonna have
to pull that thing out a little more keep going buddy
okay is this enough I hate to ask but they’ll need to pull that chair out
just a little more come on you’re almost there oh man look how embarrassed he
looks yeah you did it thanks boo now I just have to figure out how to sit in
this thing easy easy okay my butt is officially on the chair
do you mind handing me that glass of wine honey Thanks
Cheers I could almost taste it come on
something tells me this maybe this couples will last date

James Carver

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