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100 Replies to “HUGE Life Update (Struggles, YouTube, The Next Chapter)”

  1. Congratulations! If you’re happy and your family is happy, that’s the most important thing!! I’m stoked for you and excited to be a part of your new adventure!!

  2. Que the violin music, gheeez, it’s not the fact that you quit your other job. You are making over a million dollars a year now, why do we care if you hired a editor? Why are you ashamed of that ?? I just feel that you have it all right now but somehow are feeling guilty ? I don’t understand what you are trying to say here ?

  3. Well I am celebrating your HUGE accomplishment (1,000,000) and hoping your subscribers continue sharing to get to you 2 million!!!!!! You loved your job but I think you will love the coming success even more!! You are so amazing – listen to us – we are still coming back week after week. And yes your editing is noticeably excellent.

  4. Shea, first of all, kudos on your transparency in this video. Not that I am surprised because you have always been transparent 🙂 Second, no one thinks less of you for not having a corporate job. Yes, it was amazing to see how you handled everything but only because you loved every aspect of your life, including the HR job. If things were taking a turn for the worse at your job it might have reflected on all other aspects of your life and who knows, maybe your fans would have picked up on that anyway. Bottom line, don't feel that you disappointed anyone because you didn't. Its natural for you to feel upset about your situation. I was there last July, had just gotten promoted while I was buying a new house (and tripling our mortgage) and I was so stressed and unhappy at that job because things weren't as I expected. I didn't want to leave because I liked the company and just increased our debt but was losing sleep, skipping lunches each day, working long hours and no longer going to the gym, mentally not present even when I wasn't at work…it was rough! I quit 5 months after starting that position. It felt strange at first and I felt guilty. But soon I gained so much clarity with my mission to help women heal after miscarriages and help them rediscover their inner peace and joy. I started my own coaching business and have the honor of transforming lives and families. Some things have to end so something more meaningful can begin. You are doing great! Just have the mindset of "Oohh…room for new adventures! I wonder what I'll get to learn and experience!" With that emotion vibrating off of you, things will continue to unfold beautifully for you as they always have. Hugs and love….

  5. Shea, Be proud and make no apology, you have earned this, there are quite a few women I follow who do it all by themselves,BUT it is there only job and they have NO CHILDREN and no HUSBANDS, and they ALL………SAY the same sooooo many hours devoted to editing ….. So embrace the help MRS 1 million 💕👠👜

  6. Shea, everything happens for a reason. God is in control. Just let and let him lead. This is Purpose. Live your purpose. Don't struggle with God. He has already blessed you. Just give him the glory that's due unto Him . Continue to use this platform to spread His Love. You'll be fine.

  7. You had to make a difficult decision because things had changed at your work. Nobody should EVER think less of themselves or you, for that matter, because you are now there for your family, your YouTube family, and I'm sure the great friends you made during the years you worked with your company. You are a great mom, wife, friend to all, and a great YouTube personality! Hope this helps. Gwen G.

  8. I know exactly how you must feel be as everyone is saying, you made the right decision! But also it sounds like circumstances pushes you there, it wasn’t really your decision really. Also wanted to say thanks for the reference to the editing class! I started a YouTube channel like 2 weeks ago and it’s soooo bad. I also have 2 kids, plus a dog plus working full time with a 2.5 hour commute and I have a sister who is chronically ill who I support with my parents. So A LOT going on because I am that person who does everything. I do all daycare pickups dropoffs, home cooked meals on the table every night, and just EVERYTHING. And my 6 month old doesn’t sleep so neither do I. Point being I’m already busy and I have no idea how to edit so I decided if I’m gonna start this channel I have to just start posting. But I know I need to up my quality or the channel will never get anywhere. It’s mostly niche with hair content but I want to do lifestyle and stuff and I won’t get an audience recording and editing in a few hours on my iPad during the day on Fridays when I’m working from home. Oof. Baby just started crying, gotta go! And happy for you

  9. Congrats on making this decision! I’m sure it was a really difficult one to make but you have to do what’s right for you and your family. You’re so funny and I love watching your videos and balancing life family work it’s so personal. Only you can know what’s right for you!

  10. You took a very big decision, but I seriously think it was the best one to take. It is very important to think about our health and mental health, and when we have too much on our plate… well it can be dangerous.
    I think you are great at what you are doing on YouTube. Keep doing it with your fun sense of humor.

  11. We are still proud of you , and that is one of the reasons we love you you are so transparent in every decision of your life , I think you are awesome and is just growing pains , you are going for bigger and better things , so celebrate and enjoy your journey , we are always here for you 😍👏🍾

  12. I was actually scared to click on this video. She looked very serious on the pic. Lol!
    I was scared she was gonna stop making videos or less!….. Phew! 😅
    I’m selfish! Lol!

  13. I love your videos and will be watching whatever you post! Thank you so much, you always make me smile and sometimes laugh out loud!😃

  14. You’re amazing no matter what! You have shown us that it’s possible to balance work, family, and even do what we like! I’m trying to balance work and family right now (no kids yet) but still there’s a lot of other stuff that needs to be done…I look up to you and I am so happy for you!!! I hope now we get to see you more on YouTube! 😉

  15. If you want to continue doing the certain aspects of HR that you liked, why not consider becoming a private HR consultant? It would be your own business, you decide which services you’ll offer, what you’ll charge, how much you want to work, etc. My mom has started doing this and she’s so happy with her decision. And there are so many aspects of HR that you can pick and choose, mix and match your services to cater to your own workload and what you’re passionate about. Just an idea, anyway. In her city, she can charge between $125-200/hr. If she were in my city, she could make around $400/hr. This is in Canadian dollars. All depends on the demand around you.

    Anyway, love your channel, love your quirkiness, I’d totally drink wine with you.

  16. If you hate your job, it is best to move on. You did what was best for you and that is a great message to send. You are still a superstar!!


  18. You shouldn't be upset about leaving your job, your kids really need you and if you split yourself in too many situations it would have hurt them.

  19. I’m sorry you had to quit a job you loved! It’s soooooooo hard to find a job you love so to have to quit must have been heartbreaking. I envy the fact that you had that.

  20. I so relate to this video. I just quit my long time job, and I adore the staff but just couldn’t keep working there anymore. I have 1.5 weeks left and I know I’m going to cry the entire time.

  21. Sweetie, your job quit you first, so take a breathe and realize, you are still awesome! That can never change. Now go slay the world with You Tube!

  22. Sometimes opportunity comes wrapped in change that you didn’t ask for or wanted. Hugs to you as you step into your new life…you’ll do great!❤️

  23. Like you said, if your job started having you doing something that you don't like. You will quite your job sooner or later. So don't be sdcc o hard on yourself. Things all happen for a reason. Love you.

  24. We are soooo proud of you! Thank you for sharing with us! And Thank you for always being here for us! We love you and your family!

  25. We are not here to judge your life, but to enjoy your high quality content. Be proud of yourself always, you just deserve it.

  26. Going through life changes over my career also… corporate acquisition and a redundant position, unemployed after 9 years. I just wanted to say I appreciate that you spoke about you feeling upset and that you are struggling with these hard decisions. I tried to hold them in and I’m just glad I’m not alone! Life goes on and I know that however it doesn’t hurt to know I’m not the only one 🥰 love your videos!!!!

  27. I’ve always liked your channel because you don’t inauthentically push products just to make money because this is your career. Please don’t change this! But I totally understand needing to leave a job that doesn’t suit you anymore and I wish you all the best!

  28. What a tough decision it must have been indeed and clearly it was not made lightly. Sometimes you just have to trust life and I truly believe that good things happen to good people so you’re right you will be fine 👍 congratulations on making such huge changes in your life and go get them!🙌

  29. I absolutely love your channel and bravo on hiring an editor. When you get to a certain point, you have to know when to outsource. It shows that you care about your content and your family. It’s a sign of strength and intelligence! Your channel has been such a joy to watch and you are super inspiring. Thank you for everything that you do for the YouTube community! We are proud of you for making the hard decisions especially to better your family. I don’t think less of you, if anything, I’m impressed by your mature decision making and for sharing your struggles with us! ❤️

  30. Hi Shea, good for you for making the decision! As you know, there is not enough time in the day for us to get everything done that we want! And most of all, I’m glad you realize now, “there is not enough of you to go around!” Good for you! And don’t worry, we would be crazy to be disappointed in you! I love all your videos and pretty much your whole philosophy! Keep up the good work and congrats on your new beginning! ❤️💕❤️

  31. Shea, God will lead you if you will follow! It blows OUT LOUD that life won't accept the square peg in a round hole! You are a very bright young lady who is transitioning into something else, bigger & better!!! My Hubby told me this once when I was going through a hard time…"This or something better". Go For It! Everything changes with each tides ebb & flow! Hug your family & forge on!!! 🙂 2 Thumbs up! Praying for ya!

  32. Get a MANAGER !!! YOU are YOUR BUSINESS .you will be flying all over for BUSINESS DEALS in no've worked your BUTT off for this be PROUD.. THIS SHOULD be a SUPER EXCITING TIME in YOUR life .I hate you feel you have to downplay being such an awesome you tuber.

  33. I agree with all the positive comments, you have so much to be proud of don't let this get you down. Grieve the loss and then enjoy your wonderful family. We are all here for you and do not think less of you for doing what you had to. You deserve to be happy in your home life as well as your work life. 💜💜💜

  34. I am worried just go out spend some time and literally to be honest yours and my mother's situation are same sje does all the household work and then do work feom home her day goes like that she don't enjoy…. So i just wanted to say i know you love filming videos n i know it really takes you half day probably but don't forget to rome around the city meet n party… Good luck always

  35. Shea!!!! You are so amazing! My name is Lenzie Brant. I’m posting under my hubby’s account. You are an inspiration to me! I have such a passion for fashion….clothes, shoes, jewelry, handbags, learning about styling, trends, the latest fashions, hacks, etc! So I just wanted to let you know I think you are freaking AMAZING!!! I think you HAVE to do what is best for you and your family….PERIOD! I don’t think it’s cool or fair for people to judge you as to whether or not you work a job outside of your YouTube business. I don’t think it is even really relevant. What matters is YOU ROCK at your YouTube business and you and your family are happy! God bless you and your family!!!!

  36. Oh Shea- it’s hard walking a way from someone thing that you love. When the job no longer fits your needs and your life, what choice do you have?? I was a Chef- Culinary and Pastry – I loved my job- i loved my creative outlet and most of the people but it no longer worked- I had a similar transition – and it was heart breaking- I truly miss it! But my family is better off with me being home nights and weekends. My check book is better off with me as an Insurance Agent- I have better car and I purchased a home for my family- we have more and better opportunities since I make more money. But I still miss it. Shea, all that I mean to say is that I understand and thank you for telling us. We love you and support you. You have to do what is Best for your situation. And that I know this, I will make sure to let the commercials play on your channel. You are so great – passionate, goofy, fun, and have similar interests to me- yes I think we would be friends. Also- great news that you were able to find and editor that you can trust!! BTW- congratulations on 1Million Subscribers!!!!! This is a big deal!! Hold your chin up. You did the right thing. 💖

  37. Your day job was going to change and that is ok; enjoy your children. I know is hard with medical insurance; steady income you can count and 401K and all those benefits, I get you, but you’ll be 👍 ok

  38. Just need to say this one thing…please stop apologizing for telling everyone about a great editor or anyone else for that matter. I don't care if it's "considered" selling on not, if someone has a talent for something he should def make a living off of it…

  39. Shea you’ll grieve leaving your HR position and work family for a while and you will thrive along with your precious family. Family first. You did the right thing. So just relax into your new life and enjoy your time with your children. Everything will unfold as it is meant to. 1 million subscribers is one hell of an achievement and well deserved.

  40. I also loved my job, but my last day was the day my daughter was born. Left and never looked back. Not everyone enjoys being a stay-at-home mom, but that's been my job for 21 years. "The days are long, but the years are short" is my favorite description of motherhood. I'm still mom, but Darling Daughter doesn't live at home now, but she still needs me (and her Daddy) and still makes me crazy. Be blessed in your decisions, and don't let staying home become a competition or a reason for guilt! Time flies.

  41. I’m surprised you were able to juggle everything as long as you did!!!! I’m excited for you and your family sounds like the right decision ❤️

  42. Congrats! No one ever regretted spending more time with their children!! Or quitting an unliked job!! Just join your coworkers at HH once in a while so you don’t miss them 😂
    I hope you make more videos of how to style a SAHM with a SAHJob. I wonder how much your style may change. It’ll be exciting to see!! Still waiting on a video to see how to style your hair like in the video where you announced you cut it!! Please!!!!
    Congrats on the 1M subscribers!! Thanks for helping me get back to updating my closet after pregnancy!! I’ve used some of your links!! I don’t have the time to shop around so you helped me tons!!

  43. Basically in a nutshell you are a sellout just like all the rest of the youtubers. You quit your job which is your decision but you hired an editor so you have more time with your family which makes no sense because you quit your job and so now you actually DO have time with your family AND you can do your own friking editing. Just like all the rest, you got too big for your britches and it all went to your head. You are a sell out and you can blame your job all you want but in the end you wanted to quit. I will be unsubscribing. Everything that made you unique just got flushed down the toilet.

  44. I love your honesty and willingness to let us into your world. I think you made the right decision. And I know how hard it must have been for you. I recently closed my business of 12 years and was upset for weeks after wondering if I did the right or wrong thing. I know I did but now I’m scared to get a job in the real world again and work for someone else. I want a flexible schedule so I can do things and travel with my daughter and I’m just afraid that with a job I won’t be able to do that. Sooooo……

  45. Shea, I never wanted to leave my last job either but my bosses made life hell. Each person has their own reasons for doing what they do. What types of clothes will you show us now that you don't work in an office?

  46. I'm proud of you for making the decision that is right for you. And, I have no doubt that you'll be recruited for other opportunities because you're amazing. If another perfect opportunity comes up… you'll be excited to go back to work. If not, you're right where you should be. On a different note, you always look fantastic, but I particularly love your lip and eye colors you wore in this video. Would you please share the brands/colors with me?

  47. I’ve been enjoying your videos from day 1 and so happy for your milestone- wow 1 million!!! 🙌🏼🎉🤩😍 thank you for sharing what you have been going through and your life updates! Enjoy your family and your new journey. More great things to come ❤️🥰

  48. Congratulations !! Your work ethic got you to where you are. I don’t think less of you .. and if anyone does well…my only child , my son died in 2018 ! Trust me, you made the right decision to spend more time with your family!

  49. Omg! Shea please don't feel bad at all. I'm sensing that you feel like a quitter for literally quitting your job and that we would be disappointed in you. Instead what you have accomplished is going from being employed to being self- employed, and that is *HUGE**… (cue fireworks!!!)… CONGRATULATIONS!!!! You are the real deal! I remember slightly feeling bad when I had to quit my first real job because it wasn't working for me and my family, but in my gut I knew better things were going to come…. and they did… thank God! And that's what I'm sure will continue to happen for you! Hey you can keep advising us on what would be a great work handbag (I'm always looking for the next best doctor bag)… and we will listen because you are the fabulous influencer with 1 million freaking subscribers….*grin Keep up the great work! With warm wishes, from Naureen in Michigan who grew up in Pittsburgh!

  50. having to leave your HR job for your sanity, health, family and life does not make you any less superstar for me, i still love you, respect you and adore your positive vibe

  51. Shea, I wouldn't worry about this at all! Something that God has shown me through the years is to "Go through the open door". I think that's what you clearly did! It's obvious that one door closed at your work and another HUGE YouTube door opened and has stayed that way for you! I know that you have a large following of people who are happy to stick with you to find out where that door takes you. ❤️

  52. Shea, you did what was right for you and your family. Never be sorry for anything. You have opened the doors to new possibilities and the future is in the palm of your hands.

    Happiness is the key to everything and we have all been where you have. To bigger and better things. Change is good.

  53. Just make sure you do stuff for you outside your home. Keep a space in your life to focus on things and people that gave nothing to do with your family or youtube. A new hobby maybe? Skydiving? Fingerpainting? I am a member of a community samba drum group. We play events, parades and benefits. It's a lot of fun and has nothing to do with the rest of my life! Except it really does!

  54. Congrats to you on an amazing milestone! And although you may be feeling sad about leaving your job I think it will turn out to be the best decision you ever made! Take it from someone who has a highschooler & a middle schooler- the time goes so fast! I’m so blessed to have been able to be home with my kids & get to pick them up every afternoon & hear all about their day. You will never regret spending that time with them. Enjoy every moment💗

  55. I think it is amazing that you were able to listen to your heart and make that decision. I know it feels like a break-up or something but in the long run you will see that you couldn't have gone on burning the candle at both ends . You're sweet.

  56. We absolutely love you and I am not judging at all. Do what feels right in your heart and it seems like you did just that ❤️ absolutely LOVE your channel❤️

  57. Love your hair!! Yes be happy you hv over 1m subbies. Quite an accomplishment! You need help? Get help glad u found Emily! More time w family is the most important. Shea you made the best decision for yourself. It was all way too much! Good luck to you w everything! We love you and you’re fine!

  58. Shea, just remember this your health & insanely comes first because if your not good then your family isn't good. It's hard, but you are an amazing strong woman 💪 keep doing what your doing. Oh & it's not just your editing it's YOU & your personality that makes these videos so awesome. Many blessings to you sweetie 🙏❣️🤗😉

  59. 100Million viewers is a BIG achievement and you truly deserve it x leaving a job you love is scary but you’ve done it x naturally there will be an adjustment- if anyone can do it and do it well it’s YOU. You’ve got this Shea xx

  60. Thanks for your very honest video! I can understand that you have struggle with this but it´s good for us to know. /Marie from Sweden

  61. Lots of luck!! Give yourself time to adjust. This doesn't mean you can't ever go back to outside work. I quit my job and was home for 6 years when my kids were young and then returned to work.
    Love your lipstick- what is it?

  62. Seems to me that your job changed to the point where it didn't exist anymore and gave you no choice. That's corporate America for you. Be happy you had the good fortune to get out – So many people don't have that luxury of leaving a job when it goes south. It served it's purpose and has now lead you to move on.

  63. My God, why can't you come to the point!? You are blabbing! I left the video midway. In the beginning I thought you and your husband were getting a divorce, then I thought you were closing down your Youtube channel and now I'm not jumping to anymore conclusions. I don't want to watch this stupid video any longer!

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