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with a comfortable pace and just gonna make a video on schrieffer to pick one comes in two sheets obviously so you guys have gone first time you know purchase online again I got this from only so I'll company with a website about pivot if link in the description below very telling about 1516 pound it's a very good material as long as well so insha'Allah I'll show you later snow so they bought the same length the sheets and you can just put this towel and there's a towel the hell so she could see it's pretty you know pretty big so for the guys you're going so guys we would first time I know this may sound a bit funny but this is all you hear you won't have anything teacher no underwear no jeans nothing like that so so it's nothing so first time and maybe feel that weird you'll get your sensual no so obviously plan is that what I'm going to do in sure loved ones of pass through security and you know couple hours before the flight go you know have some food etc there's enough and then I promised him an hour before the flight just go to the bathroom and I think this one at 10:05 and Heathrow I'm not sure but wooden bathroom and if he had disabled keep a call million so he was going and change there and then done you can just keep your harem and your hand luggage and keep you know after perfume exception like that too so you can use that before making your knee as well so I'll show you just a bit for this on so you just supposed to stand like that and you head on up so we just do it from here it says that we had put it on so speculating okay keep this wait longer put this like that so let's tuck it in as much shiquan yeah just bring this other one around here again moving it just keeping it here and what you do is use fallen in love so when you pull on it up keep it above you and obviously something keep up covered as well obviously you can pull it down a bit see it space strong sturdy you know for the back again play so deep it's strong so you can you can walk in this you know so he'll play he just covered here Commodus fisherman you won't go first love it's covered at the back as well so you can have it longer than the shoes you want so that's the bottom part just hear it there and it's the top one okay so you hold this one yet so you just put it on like a job done did you call it and see the speed on there and again keeping this leg log and just always always make sure you're covered here so have this part long flip it over there and that's it you're done my junior we do is have one year you know pin it there company here you can you can see how do you feel you know we're dependent as well so we can get somebody to depend for you one very very important tip I would say when you're doing Salah a lot of people build up and expose their chest and they hope the nest bed underneath their belly button the navel and exposing their data as you guys know and it's photos to cover yourself from here Tierney's so any head and as I mentioned there's nothing at all you know no wonder we're here you're completely naked apart from two sheets and what you do is you just keep this above the earth so when you're doing sloth you can you can do a lot of those for like a lot and you do that and that way you're covered up me as well and make sure you covered here and yeah feel the copper so this is how you prove anything always be cautious or what body part you're showing as well you don't wanna be sure you know non-meta man except shop you stop right so just keep it like that so yeah so now we have a great journey how you put it on so I do it anyway

James Carver

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  1. I have a question. If im leaving from my country to perform Hajj only and my departure is on 20th Zul'Qadah, do i have to be in Ihram in the airport though the rituals of Hajj begins on Zul'Hijj and main rituals starts from 8th of Zu'Hijj?

  2. Assalamualaikum !! Me & Ammi both r going to Umrah for the first time in April 11th or 14th … In shaa Allah… Im so excited bt mean time im so emotional tht Allah ia giving me this chance… Nt everyone gets it so im really thankful to Allah… I never even imagined that i will have to see kaba n mecca so soon… In shaa Allah.

  3. plz make dua for me i want to go on umrah this may. our plan was to going on may or march or april. it is delaying. so plz guys make dua and pray for me.
    if u guys pray for me.
    leave a like.or a reply.
    i am really serious not joking.
    not writing to get likes or replies

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