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We want to get rid of the clothes line because
it takes up a lot of room in the backyard and it’s also pretty unsightly. This is a
job where you need another person to help you. So I’ve got Tony helping me today, so
what we’re using today is the angle grinder and also the jack hammer. Now, obviously these
are quite dangerous so make sure you’ve got your safety equipment, goggles, ear muffs
and the gloves. Now, it’s quite a dangerous tool, so when you use it, it’s important to
have it at a horizontal level and also be aware of where the sparks will fly. The sparks
will fly over in this direction, so make sure there’s no combustible material over there
and also make sure you’ve got a bucket of water ready, just in case. Once you’ve got it down at that level, you
can actually twist it over rather than try and go right through it. You might fall down
on yourself. There we go. All right. Tony’s got the bolt cutters. So I’ll get him to give
them to me. And Tony if you can hold the wire up a bit. That’s it. There we go. We’re just
cutting them near the end and that way we’ll be able to pull the wires right around. Okay, now we’ve swapped over and got a small
angle grinder, because we’re going to use that on the stays. So we’ll cut the stay here.
That will come down and then we’ll be able to move the arm. Beautiful Okay, so you can see what we’ve done. So we’ll
work through. Do the rest and then we go on to the hard job of getting the base out. What
we’re going to do here, we’ve got the jack hammer. We’re going to jack hammer away at
the concrete. Now, the way to do it is start at the edge, work your way round and then
in. Don’t start in the middle. It’s just easy to start on the ends, chip bits off. As you
can see, we started near the edge; hammer straight down and it’ll break away from the
edge. So you just keep working away right around. Okay, now we’ve cracked the concrete
as you can see. So, we’ll grab the crowbar, put that in and jimmy the concrete away. There
we go, just lever the concrete up like that. Pretty much we work our way around. I’m just
picking up the loose bits and using these as leverage on the other bits. Okay, as we
can see the base is still a bit stiff. So I’ll have to dig a bit around the base to
loosen some of the soil so I can get underneath it with a crowbar. We’re nearly there. We’ve
got most of the soil around, but it’s far too heavy for me to lift out so I’ve got my
mate Tony again to come and help me drag this out. You’re all right, Tony? Right-o, Kenny. Let’s go mate. We’ll go over that way. I’ll grab the base. You grab the base and
I’ll slide that. There we go. Well, it was a decent bit of concrete.

James Carver

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