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Hi, my name is Shelby on behalf of Expert
Village, I’m going to show you how to potty train today. In this segment I’ll be discussing
some tools on transitioning your child from diaper to underwear. It’s really important
some of your children might really stress, “I don’t want to be in underwear, I want to
be a baby, I want to be in diapers,” and it’s really important maybe you’ll say, “you know
what, they don’t make diapers anymore in your size, we can’t buy diapers anymore.” Or if
you have a new baby in the house, you might want to say, “your baby brother or sister
wears diapers but you’re a big kid now, so you wear underwear” and make it like they’re
a big brother or a big sister and they’re not a baby anymore which will encourage them
further to wear their underwear instead of a diaper. Vice versa if your child has a older
sibling, you can say, “look, your big brother he doesn’t wear diapers anymore, so you don’t
wear diapers anymore either you’re a big boy or a big girl,” which will further encourage
them to wear underwear just like their big brother or big sister.

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