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Ok, so we’re going to talk about folded items
because we all know that you can’t hang everything in your closet. Now if you don’t have a lot
of dresser drawer space, you have to make room for the folded stuff in your closet so
like I said before, you’re going to get a shelving system like this which is really
great and I love seeing my jeans. I don’t want to have them all laid out. I want to
see them as soon as I open my closet because I wear jeans pretty much every day. So you’re
going to fold a pair of jeans and you’re going have a shelf that is just for jeans. So what
I like to do is have jeans, bags, t-shirts and then other t-shirts that I wear to the
gym. So I like everything all in one when I open my closet I don’t want to have to search
for things. I want to be able to see everything. So if I’m going to the gym, I know the top
shelf I’m going to grab t-shirts, I know the second shelf I’m going to grab my pajamas.
I know the third shelf I’m going to go to my bags and I know the fourth shelf, I’m going
to go to my jeans. And like I said, you can put anything wherever you want, just as long
as they’re in chronological order that you like and that you can find.

James Carver

6 Replies to “How to Organize a Closet : How to Organize Folded Clothes”

  1. It's very loud and abrasive to listen to, partly because the volume is WAY too high, and partly because your voice is breaking. If you smoke, you should consider stopping in order to improve the tonal quality of your voice.

    While I applaud the intention and effort put into the idea and the presentation, I do find some other organization systems a lot more impressive.

  2. For example,. there's a girl who rolls up her jeans in a large, shallow drawer, so they are all easy to remove (not stacked) and all the pocket designs are visible at once.

    Another example, you can fold t-shirts, tanks, camis, etc to stand up vertically in a drawer so they're, again, not stacked and easy to see and remove individually. I found out about that yesterday and freed up a couple of drawers (really!) because of the more efficient use of space.

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