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Whats up guys this is Chris and today we’re
gonna learn a little bit of movie magic as we make ourselves disappear! I said disappear! work! Actually, Chris, this video is going to focus
on the clothes changing aspect. Once you can do that, the disappearing is
easy. There are 3 things that are essential to the
beginner’s version of this trick…a trick is something someone does for money…sorry
GOB I mean illusion. Number One! The camera can’t move. That means use a tripod and don’t bump it
by accident. Touching the camera is risky too, so a single
clip, a remote or the softest of touches is recommended. Number Two! The background can’t move. Don’t add or subtract from the frame anything
but the object that is disappearing and that includes other objects, light, shadows and
noise. Common mistakes are turning on or off a light,
a computer chair swiveling slightly, or an AC unit is off in the first part and then
on in the 2nd. And number 3, You can’t move! Obviously I’m moving in the video what seems
like the whole time. However, if you look right at the moment we
go from clip A to clip B, My body is in the same position in both frames frozen. So really #3 should be to match up the changing
frames. Record your first clip, then snap…now change
while remaining seated if possible, now line your snap back up and snap again before starting
your next line or expression. In both shots my hands are eye level, i have
the same facial expression, my elbows are 90 degrees, my body is centered on the couch
and my feet are planted keeping my knees are the same. iTS A LIttle tricky to memorize your position
and all these different things, try to use your memory and your camera monitor. You may have noticed the images don’t line
up exactly but they are very close….thats where slight of hand…or our snap of hand
comes in. When we snap we do 2 things. We create motion blur which blends our snaps
together and we create a distracting noise to draw the eye to that blend. As long as our body is in a similar position
it will be very hard to notice because it happens so quick. Now lets go to Chris in the studio to show
us how to edit. Start with the first clip and watch it until
the audio of the snap is over, then stop it. “disappear” right there. Now unlink the audio so that we can move the
audio by itself, then move the audio back to the point after the snap. Next we go frame by frame through the snap
to find the blur point. Right when everything is as blurry as possible. Now drag the video back to the blur point. Thats it for the blur point in the first clip,
now lets find the blur point in the second clip. There it is. Now drag the video back. Now drag the audio forward and move it out
of the way for our next maneuver where we are going to actually Tetris these clips together,
and then put the audio back until it hits the end snap of the first clip. And thats it. Voila! Cool tutorial Chris, you should have a YouTube
channel. “i do subscribe” So what was this video
about again. Oh yeah making yourself disappear. You don’t have to line up anything. Just get up, walk out of frame and out of
the room, and record nothing for about 30 seconds. Now you edit from the clip with you, to the
clip without you. Bam! Now you’re gone. Once you get the basics down you can try out
some new techniques. The important part is to be creative and have
fun. Thats the end of the video, I’m out! I hope you enjoyed camera magic. Let me know in the ocmments if there is something
else you want to learn or if you have any questions. And as always don’t forget to like and subscribe!

James Carver

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