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Hey guys! Welcome to Kids Cooking and Crafts I’m Princess Ava. Today we will be making a Belle Dress cake from Beauty and the Beast. I love Beauty and the Beast! the new movie is coming out in a few months. I’m so excited! I got the idea from my doll and their doll house. Want to come check it out……Okay lets go! I got big Belle and a mini Belle. So this is the living room this is the dining room. this is a bedroom. this is a bedroom and this is the bathroom. they have their own tiny Christmas tree. Do you like the wall paper? Lets take our bigger Belle and go make the cake! Okay So I’m going to bling in all of the magical cakes with my magical princess powers. Since I’m a princess. Cakes! Doughnuts! and Sprinkles! Oh wow! these came out floofy. This one is blue. this is yellow This is yellow this is pink. no this is purple & this is pink. Pssst! I actually make these ahead of time. Lets Get Fancy! I’m putting the frosting on so the cakes will stick together Okay so I’m cutting it flat so I have a good surface so I can put the next cake on. The blue is really good! Then I’m gonna do the thing again! Last One! So I put the purple one on the top because it’s more of a round. Dresses are big and puffy so it makes it look like a dome. A Dome! Like my head. It looks like a hamburger with extra cheese! I love hamburgers. Did mention that I like to eat food food? Now were gonna make Belle’s poofy dress part! *giggles* OOOOHHHHH YEA! Okay I’m Done! Now this is the trickiest part You have to cut a hole to fit her legs This is where it gets messy! Belle! Quit reading that book and get over here! Get it cause she reads a lot. hahahaha Now we gotta take her shoes off Oh! Her shoes are so pretty! You ready to dive in? Let’s do this thing. *fun music* Now comes the fun part! The pink. hahaha Did I that I love pink? And Food! that’s why I got these pink doughnut earings. I got em for Christmas from Santa. There amazing. *whispers* I love doing this! There! I did it! YEA! Now I’m gonna make the bottom of her dress really pretty. I’m going to alternate yellow an pink if you don’t know what alternating means it’s going like Pink, yellow, pink, yellow like a pattern Now for the little tiny pink ones. All Done! Now I’m gonna yellow and put like little dots up there. Were Done! She looks so beatiful! Belle! Take a spin! isn’t she so beautiful? So beautiful I want to eat her! Okay so, this is one of the funnest parts watch me cut it open and see all the rainbow colors. Ohhhhh look at all these rainbow colors! That was also one the messier parts Because I mean …. the cake broke. *giggle* Alright now for the funnest part of all time! Taste Test You guys want a bite? Mmmmmmm! that is soooo goood. That was so so good! mmmmmmm Thank you guys sooo much for hanging out with me today on Kids Cooking and Crafts Making this homemade Beauty and the Beast rainbow Belle dress Cake. Check our other cake videos. Here. Here. and Maybe here. And don’t forget to like. Subscribe and comment below! If there is something that you want me to make tell me in the comments below And if you make a dress cake like one of ours, take a picture and send it to me! Now I’m gonna call my friends and totally have them eat this cake with me. Oh, Hi Kayla. Yea do you want to come over? and eat some cake? yea let’s do it!

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