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Layout can be either tightly enforced using
templates, or flexible using fixed sheet mode. Preconfigured queues use templates, which provide automatic placement and sizing of graphics. In the SmartBar, choosing the template updates the: …total platen size …and print area. For this template, graphics are centered,
with oversized graphics scaled to fit. This template has two slots, filled with the
same graphic. These slots are configured to rotate the graphic,
which was required by the machine feed direction. If you frequently change templates, then enable
a prompt when graphics are received. Choose Queue menu>Properties>Layout Manager
>Show “Import Template Job”. When a graphic is received, you are prompted
as follows: Express – Use the current template Select – Choose from a list For templates with slots for different graphics,
choose the slot. You can edit and create templates. Create a variation by clicking […] to edit. Set the template name. Click the slot, then Change, and set Alignment
=Top Middle Click Update to save the slot edits, then
Save As to create the new template. Graphics are now positioned at the top-middle. For multiple slots, settings can be different
for each slot. The slot labels indicate whether slots use
the same graphic. These slot labels are 1 and 2. The first graphic fills one slot. The next graphic fills the other. By assigning the same label number, a graphic
will fill both slots. Templates provide automation and consistency,
reducing the risk of operator error. For more layout freedom, use Fixed Sheet Mode. Choose Queue menu>Properties>Media Setup Change the type to Fixed sheet media, and choose the platen size. You can now layout multiple graphics within
the print area. By default, each graphic is placed on a new
sheet. Press [Ctrl] to drag graphics between sheets. Useful layout tools for sheets are:
…cropping and tiling …copy groups …step and repeat

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