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A lot of babies do cry when they're getting
dressed, and it's not because they're getting hurt, or they're uncomfortable, it's just
the change in temperature and kind of being manhandled that makes them a little uncomfortable. You'll notice with your infant that the tone
of their muscles is very rigid, so it's actually a little bit difficult to get them dressed. You'll pull their arm down and it'll spring
back up. So when you dress them, you may be thinking
they're crying because I'm hurting them, they're pulling back. That's all a involuntary reaction and they're
only crying, again, from either change in temperature or being moved from happy place
to another place and being manhandled. So when you would get them dressed, you would
have everything you need right at your fingertips. A lot of babies are squiggly or squirmy and
they move a lot. So it's really important to always have your
hand on the baby and make sure everything you need is right within your hands reach. So first thing you would do is put this onesie
on the baby. Bunch it up and make a very big opening with
you hands. And gently holding the head, you would just
pull the shirt over their face. And again, usually the babies are crying. They're not in pain. They're not uncomfortable. Just when they're little, they don't like
to be dressed. The next thing you would do is pull their
arms through. Now as I mentioned, they have very rigid tone
so that can be difficult. The easiest way to do this is put your hand
through the sleeve and grab their hand. A lot of parents feed the hand through the
sleeve, and a lot of times the finger may get caught and the hand doesn't move. It's much easier instead if you stick your
fingers in, grab the babies hand, and pull it through this way. So you would pull this through, and pull the
onesie down. And you're going to mind the belly button
because it either has just falling off or going to be falling off. So you want to be very gentle there. And then snap up the little snaps. And again, your baby may be starting to calm
down because they're getting warmer. They have some material on them. Snap all the proper snaps. And if they're an infant, then you want to
reswaddle them. And that's usually until they're about three
months old. So after they have their clothes.

James Carver

19 Replies to “How to Dress a Baby | Infant Care”

  1. I have been giving “Babies magic tea” to my colicky baby twice a day. It worked like a charm and within a couple of days, his hyperactive crying got ended.

  2. "Alot of babies do cry when they're getting dressed its not because they are hurt or uncomfortable, its just the change in temperature and being man handled makes them a little uncomfortable"..
    so basically they're crying because they are indeed uncomfortable

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