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Good evening guys!Welcome to the Amazing Clear Coat Resin with Neciey! This afternoon we are going to add a Resin Coat to this Acrylic Art piece. It’s well cured and I think the resin will deepen the colors. This resin was purchased from Hobby Lobby last year, it’s easy to use but be prepared it smells bad yall? To use this you will needs gloves and the ability to work in a well ventilated area. It has a High Gloss and it’s easy to mix part A and Part B. Measure well for 3 minutes. When the mixture becomes clear it’s time to add it to your artwork. You will need the following items; Part A, Part B, The mixture measuring cups that come with the package or ones you have that you can measure equal parts, Craft sticks to stir, Gloves, I used a face mask. Once well mixed you are ready to pour and you have 45 minutes before it begins to cure. Make certain the surface is cleaned free of any dust or dirt any lints that will show up once the resin has been poured. Tape up the back I did not this time. If you are not sure how much you will need per canvas. Just google it a measuring app there will let you know how much it takes to over your canvas by you adding in the size of your canvas. Here’s the link! you have a good 45 minutes now let’s work it! I measured the cup with each part A&B. I needed 3 ounces for the 8X10. 1.5 &1.5 for each part. Easy Breezy, Lemon Squeezy. .Here I’m just smoothing out the resin taking it to the edges. The resin will roll down to the sides. My Table is not leveled so I already know I’m going to tilt this one. I love this resin, its clear, and its easy to work with…also self leveling. Hitting the edges now… Look at the colors!!!! Wow!!! This resin just makes every single color pop! Clear all drippings from the bottom. Prepping for the Heat Gun! What Happens when the heat hits the resin. . .? The Resin gets hot and turns watery! so now the edges need to be cared for, make certain all edges are covered and there are no bubbles. Colors are Popping! Surprisingly so are the bubbles! make certain to keep the overflow clear from the edges. its very hard to clear them once they have cured. I have the heat gun on Medium heat. You don’t want to burn the Resin either! everything is so smooth now…but remember my table is not level!!! What must one do???? bubbles will come so keep the heat gun ready! Need to make the playing field more level! Tilting time! The left side has gathered most of the resin… The right side is lacking because the table isn’t leveled. Have to make it right! Bubbles and more Bubbles will pop up even when your resin has become sticky. Using a Skewer to pop small bubbles. Okay Y’all that’s about it! Just as I thought it would be beautiful… The Blues, greys, pink and white are popping off the canvas! Can’t wait for the next one! Will you join me, Right here Same Art Channel, Same Art person! If this was your first time? Please Click Like & Subscribe! Thank you!!!

James Carver

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  1. Wow absolutely beautiful! I just got some resin to play with I am excited to try it! Lovely art big thumbs up from us!

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