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The denim jacket is one of the most essential pieces of menswear out there But is yours fitting you properly? What’s up? Everybody George here from GP the lifestyle in today’s video I’ll be showing you how a denim jacket should properly fit. There’s always gentlemen There is a video summary wit time since linked in the description If you want to review certain points, let’s get started. Now. How long should the denim jacket be for in my personal opinion? There are three different levels of fit one for short men one for regular height men and one for tall men now Let’s start off. We do tall dudes Now if you’re tall and wearing a denim jacket, the first thing this is universal is when you’re wearing your pants Make sure you wear them normally at your waist level Don’t sag your pants and don’t wear them too high hiked up or again too low if you’re taller guy you want to make sure that the end of your denim jacket ends right above the waistband of your jeans or your pants and you want to make sure that there’s about a centimeter – no gap in between I personally think that this is the most Symmetrical look that you can get the most proportional and overall fitness of the best Now if you’re a regular high guy anyway between 5 9 to 6 foot you want to make sure that the end of your denim jacket either falls in between the middle of the waist bed or Anywhere before the top of the way then right in between there It can be a little bit shorter for you But I highly doubt it since off-the-rack clothing doesn’t really fit the best cific towards you but as long as you’re in that Gap of the waistband between the middle to the upper portion of it It should be the perfect length for you Now if you’re a shorter man anything under 5/8, I was about to say 5 9 within a relay So all my friends are under 5 9 and I don’t want to feel like a massive dick But if you’re again If you’re under 5 foot in you want to get a perfect fitting denim jacket in terms of length you want to make sure that the end of your jacket stops at the bottom the middle of Your waist bed or Google moving towards the bottom of your waistband once you start hitting zipper territory The jacket is too long and I just personally think keep the length at that Don’t go too long Because then you look like you’re wearing a dress and oh go too short because you look like you’re wearing a crop top How do we determine the optimal sleeve length? So once you put on your denim jacket you got all loosened up so everything hangs and you want to make sure that if the denim jacket if the sleeve length goes past your knuckles it is too long and That is just not a proper fit for you. Now, if you’re you know, if the end of the sleeve falls anywhere between the middle of your hand to your wrist The fit is fine because you can wear it because if you’re moving around a lot It’ll slide down and out actually look pretty fine. And you could get away with the fit However, if that is even if it’s longer than that, I would personally recommend and this is what I usually do for every day I’m jacket is I cuff it I cover the sleeves because I know if I cuff the sleeves so write about love the wrist for me and adds a little bit layer of style because like when you Cut your jeans. It looks cool I’m so stupid. But then again if you cuff it Especially when your Sherpa denim jacket matching this fur cuff with this collar It just looks amazing And I think you can get away with that wearing regular denim jackets because there’s nothing wrong with cuffing a denim jacket sleeve It’s thicker it’s built for it. And it looks rough. You’re supposed to be rugged and masculine We’re not going here for costs and elegance and then again I just think go cuff the sleeve if you’re not sure or you’re a little iffy about it because the jacket may fit in every other aspect great But if this is the one thing that is keeping you from buying it Fuck it just company buy it if you like it and it fits great in every other aspect now on to how the jacket should fit across your Chest and I like to do a weird test. I don’t know what this is called. I think I just made it up But what I like to do is when I put the jacket on I like to put my arms Like this like a robot and I want to pretend like I’m giving somebody a hug. Why do I do this? because I want to see the amount of movement that I have across the chest and if I feel that I can get a Full hug. I know it sounds ridiculous. Then it is too tight then again This jacket is a little thicker so I didn’t ease a little mixed bag But then if you can do this and they’re just ever so slight a little bit of resistance mid to low resistance I Still think the jacket can fit you great as long as it does not feel like like it’s going to rip and it doesn’t feel like you have a whole lot of Restricted movement there. You can still you know have a fair bit of more. You can swing your arms You can raid you can give people hugs. I still think that’s great. Even when you button it up. Try it out Make sure that is actually, you know not going to explode and that’s for me today guys That is how a denim jacket should fit if you guys have any question Do you like me to help you out drop him in the comments below and if you guys enjoyed this video be sure to drop A like and subscribe to the channel because does help the travel girl I can reach more people but these videos you guys so much for watching and I hope to see you in the next video. Peace

James Carver

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