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Oh gosh this will be interesting okay intro What is up SkySquad? It is Nicole Skyes and welcome back to my channel! If you are brand new be sure to hit that subscribe button down below and become a member of the SkySquad. Now if you are already subscribed, be sure to turn on notifications that way you are always alerted when I post a video because now-a-days in Youtube it is very important to turn on notifications because Youtube is not recommending videos like they used to. So I haven’t done one of these videos in an extremely long time and I’m super excited to re-resurrect the series. We are going to see how many applications are in Anastasia’s Dip Brow. Now by how many I mean I am going to use the entire product and I’m going to put it on my eyebrows. The whole thing, whole thing. So, both these eyebrows are already looking ratchet now, they about to look super ratchet. Cause I’m bout to have some caterpillars. So before I start applying the Anastasia I want you guys to guess down below how many applications you think will be inside this little Anastasia or Anastasia, however you pronounce it, container. Let me just open it up and show you what it looks like if you don’y know what it is. So this is how little the container is and that is it. So I am just going to get some product onto my brush. Wow, my brush looks really dirty, okay. WOAH. I definitely got way too much product on there so I kinda wiped it off on the side. Okay, let’s apply it. Let’s go. Let me scoot in, HI. Okay, The first application is done! It’s already looking kinda weird. Um, I already know that by the end of this video my eyebrows are gonna look fricken crazy. *Music* So we are at ten applications and this is what ten applications of Dip Brow looks like. Um it feels really, really wet. It doesn’t feel good and it’s definitely not dry. Let’s add some more. *Music* Okay so we are on our 20th application and this is what it looks like inside of my Dip Brow. I barely even made a dent. So, that’s awesome. That’s really awesome because I know my eyebrows are about to be like that thick coming off my face. So this stuff is really wet right now. So I’m going to let it dry and then I’m going to keep applying. So I’ll check back when these things are dry! Okay so I just put a blow dryer on it for like ten minutes and it’s still not completely dry. So I’m just going to go ahead and chug along because we have a lot. And when I say a lot I mean like we have a lot to do. So let’s just continue. *Music* Okay guys so I am at forty applications now. Forty. And this stuff feels thick. And I literally, I literally have slugs on my face. Just like that girl said .. that my eyebrows look like slugs. They do. They really do. “Damn Nicole, are those eyebrows or are those slugs?” “What are those?” Do my eyebrows actually look like slugs? *Music* Here is a closeup on the slugs. We are getting some buildup on the bottom and the top edges. They look marvelous though. I’m gonna go try and dry these a little bit and then I will be back for some more applications. Let me just show you really quick. All.. that we have touched so far we still have a huge pot. *Blow Drying* Okay so I was blow drying my eyebrows and I um accidentally touched my eyebrow with my hand. And I smeared it a little bit.. OH that’s a good look. *HMMMM* Okay I think that we made that look a little bit better. Although my forehead is going to be red for a little bit. OKAY! Let’s continue on… to apply the magical eyebrows. I feel like the guy from Lazy Town. You know the villain guy with the giant ass eyebrows? That’s what I feel like right now. *Sigh* After twenty minutes of blow drying my eyebrows they are still not completely dry. We are getting some major clump-age right here. *Music* So, we are on our 50th application and it’s starting to look like chocolate, or like chocolate pudding. And I’m getting really hungry. *Music* We are at 70 layers now and I’m going to go attempt to semi-dry my brows just to make it easier.. for the rest of the applications. This is how much we have left in our Dip Brow container. Now it doesn’t look like a lot, but I can promise you there’s a lot still in here. Like, a lot a lot. Like.. My eyebrows aren’t even going to be able to carry the weight of how much we have left. *Music* So we’re at 90 applications and I’m thinking that this look is like the look of the future. I’m pretty sure Kim Kardashian is about to do this as soon as she sees this video. Like…Damn…Looks good. *Music* *Singing* Yup, yup, yup. Yup. Yup. So I finally applied all of the Dip Brow to my brows. And I’m feeling great.. my confidence.. sky high. I feel like I look amazing. Kinda look like Drake. So now, it is time for the final reveal when I tell you how many applications are in are in the Anastasia, Anastasia Dip Brow Let’s get right into the news! Okay but for real though, I hope you guessed before hand because I’m right about to tell you. If you did not guess I want you to guess right now! Pause the video, go down in the comments down below and guess! Okay, you ready? Are you ready? I’m gonna tell you. I’m gonna, I’m gonna tell you. … *sighs* There were.. One hundred and three applications in this container. On my brows, right now. Now let me get into the little stipulations little tos little tos of the Dip Brow. So as my brows got bigger I had to keep applying more. So… Technically… There would be, I would estimate, about 130 to 160 applications. Unless you have giant caterpillar brows like me right now. Than it would be 103 applications. So, depending on how much you apply to your brows that’s going to reflect the amount that’s inside this container. Obviously.. But. For me doing this experiment, 103. Now, why do you do this Nicole, why do you do this? I don’t want you guys to get ripped off by the high-end makeup brands. I normally just do high end. Now, I’ve filmed a bunch of how manys before so if you wanna see how many applications are in.. Kylie Jenner lip kit, Mascara, uh I did a rainbow highlighter. That will all be linked in the description down below. Now we are not done, so do not leave this channel. Just because you got the answer. I am going to wait for this to dry and then we are going to take it off. So I guess in the mean time, I don’t know, I kinda wanna, maybe I’ll answer some calls on Snapchat. And I’m going to pretend there is nothing wrong with my eyebrows. Maybe that’s what I’ll do. And I’m going to wear these sunglasses to kind of block my eyebrows. So in the conversation, like while I’m talking to you, the SkySquad member I’m going to take off my glasses. And I am going to reveal these wonderful brows. So, this should be fun! Are you ready? Oh my gosh I’m trying to answer, there’s too many I can’t answer them! Fan “I love your videos, you’re so awesome.” Nicole “Oh, thank you!” Nicole “Thank you, you’re so sweet.” Fan “Oh my god.” Nicole “What?” Fan “… Eyebrows…” Nicole “Wait, what’s wrong with them?” Nicole “They don’t look good?” Fan “They look so good..” Nicole *laughing* Nicole “I’m doing great.” Nicole “I love your makeup!” Fan “I love your videos! Fan “Oh my gosh.. great brows.” Nicole “Wait, what’s wrong with them?” Fan *laughing* Fan “They look … pretty thick.” Both *laughing* Nicole “I’m doing, I’m doing really good.” Fan “Oh my gosh I like your eyebrows.” Nicole “Wait, what’s wrong with them?” Fan “They look like Hershey {?}” Nicole “Hi! Oh my gosh you have really nice teeth.” Nicole “Do you like my eyebrows?” Fan “Yeah.. haha” Nicole “Do they look good? It’s a new trend going on right now.” Nicole “I’m doing good you know, just hanging out here in my room.” Nicole “Do you like my eyebrows?” Fan *laughing* Nicole “You’re so nice you didn’t even say anything about them.” Fan “Cause I’m just shocked.” Nicole “I love your room too!” Fan “I like your eyebrows.” Nicole “Do you, you like my eyebrows?” Nicole *laughing* Fan “Your eyebrows look great!” Nicole “Oh, thanks!” Both *laughing* Nicole “Okay guys, like go like this. Pretend like they’re crazy looking. Be like OH MY GOD” Fans *laughing* “Okay.” Nicole “Okay, three two one.” Fans *gasp* “Oh my god!” Nicole *laughing* Okay so you guys have seen how long I’ve been sitting here right? I mean well you cant, you haven’t really seen but I’ve been sitting here probably about thirty to forty minutes. I accidentally just brushed up against my eyebrow and like all of this just came off. My eyebrow thing has now gotten on my ear, it’s still not dry. I’m waiting for it to dry. It’s taking forever. There’s like a piece of dirt in there from when I was outside. Like it was a little bit windy and pollen was blowing around. My dog is snoring in the background. *dog snoring* Can you guys hear that? That’s Franklin. So I’m beginning to think it’s not going to dry. Unless I keep it on for like a day. It’s just too layered on, it’s too much. Its too much.. It’s too much sauce. *music* BOOM. You know what? Is this gross? Let me know in the comments down below. Is it gross if I save this and reuse it? Because I’m pretty sure that’s like totally use able stuff. Okay so I am just going to get all this and put it back into the container. Because why not? You know? Why waste all this good stuff? Okay let’s wipe off the other side. *music* Oh my gosh! That is so much! Just gonna like.. tuck it back in there. *boop* *music* Uhhh It’s not coming off. Okay for the most part the eyebrows are off and like I think I look better with eyebrows on. *laughing* This looks scary, like my natural brows are so light. Like I have brows but they’re so light. Give this video a thumbs up if you want more videos like this. And yeah, I’m about to put my eyebrows back on because I can’t be looking like this. Thank you Chloe from Twitter and Sadie from Instagram! If you guys want a shout out at the end of my videos be sure to follow me on Instagram or Twitter and let me know. Bye guys! *music* So guys I hope you enjoyed the video you just watched. I am actually on my way to Ulta right now. So technically I haven’t filmed that video yet. And I have no- *Siri cuts in* There we go we are at Ulta. We are at Ulta. So let’s go get this Dip Brow. Let’s go do it. *singing* Ulta, Ulta. So Ulta was successful and it was so successful that we got extremely hungry.

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