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Hello and welcome to our latest video. this
one is how to use ridgid collodion to make great scar effects. Ridgid collodion is a
colourless, glue like liquid, and when you paint it onto your skin, it dries and tightens
and gives you the scar effect! Start off by putting a thin line of red make
up where you want your scar. Apply a layer of rigid collodion over the top of the red
makeup. Then let it dry. Then repeat this again, and again, and again.
By going over this time and time again, it really contracts the skin and makes the scar
deeper. However, at the end part, I wanted it a bit deeper, so I am going over that,
a couple more times. Let it completely dry and then add some powder to take away the
shine. You don’t always have to use colour underneath the scar. So for the Harry Potter
look, I simply painted the design on the forehead, five or six times, and let it dry. For the Frankenstein scar, I painted Rigid
Collodion on clean, dry skin and allowed it to dry completely. Then I went around the
outside of the wound with shading from our Bruise Wheel. Now, I am over doing it here
so you can see it nice and clearly on the video. You’d be much more subtle. However,
I’ve blended it in here and powdered it down and it still looks really good. It’s important
not to paint the ridged Collodion on the soft, sensitive skin around the eyes. It does smell
quite strongly, like nail varnish remover. When you are removing it, if you are using
it once or twice, simply pick it away. If you are appearing in a play and you want to
put a scar in the same area of skin several times, then it is important not to peal it
off, just use some spirit gum remover, to wipe the product away. You don’t want to irritate
your skin. If you want to buy any of these products from
Angels Fancy Dress, follow the links below or visit us at We hope you found this useful and that you
will come back to see what we have going on next time!

James Carver

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