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everyone said today I will be doing a review on an item that I actually get asked quite a few questions about and that is my Gucci double G belt I asked questions about sizing and just like wear tear on it just things like that so I thought I would just cover that in today's video for all of you just I can answer all of your questions definitely feel free to ask them in the comments below I love hearing from you guys and before we get started definitely hit that subscribe button below if you want to see more videos like these I love doing like Ambe reviews beauty product tutorials and reviews and make home decor poles just things like that so anything super feminine classic I love sharing about so definitely a better car button if you want more videos like these sitting it right into it the first thing I'm just going to do a little overview so this is what the belt looks like my belt is in this it's called pink but it definitely is more of a nude pink and I have the antique gold hardware and then it came in a dust bag like this this cute little dust bag so I actually ordered this online around at the end of July and I actually when I ordered it I said it was on backorder for about a week so I figured you know what that's not too bad so I ordered it and then I had baby emails like we just reread saying that they kept pushing back the you know the back order date it is always so frustrated but it eventually came around October I'm gonna say um but I thought in October because I actually like for bottom had a for a while but then I gave up on thing like this is not gonna come for a while cuz you sure that they're like sold out because when I loved didn't you even a store just see if they had it in store like the one sales person was like you looking for the black Gucci felt if gold hardware and I'm like well cuz I said I was looking for a belt and they're like well they're sold out globally so the black ones that beam are super hard to get so I wanted actually the new pink anyway so I would love a block one though to have in my collection but this one is super gorgeous I still really love it I believe they have this I can a powder-blue to online and there are sub sizes left in this blush pink color so definitely check it out and just keep checking back once in a while and even if you can be put on the waitlist I would definitely recommend being put on the waitlist because it will eventually obviously come so you just have to wait unfortunately but and you'd want it I would definitely just recommend even the waitlist at this point so they definitely are super hard to get which is frustrating but like you know I could see why this is are super pretty and gorgeous so next I want to talk about sizing and this is I somewhat made a mistake on this one the besides and goes by centimeters so it goes in like seven years 75 or 80 85 which is number like that so I ordered the 85 I thought I heard myself correctly but clearly I didn't because I got the 85 I should have definitely gotten the 80 I usually wear 25 in most designer jeans or like any kind of Jean I'm like a 25 and I don't know if this is it still fits me but I need to put it on the tightest or the second-to-last tightest loop or belt hole in order to so like it'll be on me like this and I probably have to put it in like the second to last one and that's where it fits me and sometimes even act like a little bit big so I kind of regret getting the 85 but these men with them back ordered and then I have to wait like really really long for the next one like you know what I most of this time will wear around my hips anyway and I always have this like the last notch anyway just in case I you know sometimes you just fluctuate in the different loops but if I did want to wear on top like at my I really like wouldn't be able to win last night as like tucked it in if I want to take a picture I would totally work with otherwise it won't be like able to be warm for the day like at my waist so keep that in mind when you're ordering and really measure yourself I'd like you know do some more research on it because I made the mistake and I totally regret maybe 85 although I mean obviously still very wearable around my waist it's just that I can't wear around my hips and I can't wear it around my waist so just something to think about but again if you wear 25 then I would recommend probably the 80 but just double check the measurements for yourself because I don't want you getting the wrong size and then you know having that issue so then about the sizing now I want to talk about wear and tear especially with the light color belt you know my worry was color transfer because I'm gonna be wearing this you know it's a time which is dyed material so I was super worried that it was gonna get like on the inside like all blue stains on it because you know the robbing of the denim just like a handbag would rub so I was like concerned that this was gonna get like really worn looking and actually I worn this quite a bit and I have not noticed any wear and tear on this bell at all I to me I don't even think I see anything if anything there's a slightest scratch on the buckle like right here on the G but of the like the top G here but other than that I don't see any scratches Mars color treads for anything like that I think it looks pretty much like new so I overall in that category I can't say nothing but great things about we're and Harold miss felt really really well made this is actually pretty lady you'd get used to it after a while but the buffalos actually pretty heady not having enough though to wear it like annoying okay so now I'm gonna put this belt on I just had my mic just banged up against my water and I have my water right here okay so put this belt on but as you can see when I go to clip it and I put it on the second to last one and that's how it fits me tuck that little thing in so I do usually the front tuck with a pair of jeans like this cuz you want to be able to see it and look how much just different it makes my outfit it puts it together just a simple sweater and jeans I just love the way it looks and especially like with neutral colors this blush really pops it really is I can all your around color it's like the perfect neutral even though it is called pink to me I think it's just a great neutral belt so that is it for my Gucci belt review I hope you guys enjoyed this and found this very informative if you have any other questions at all definitely leave them in the comments below as I said I'll be happy to answer any of them that you might have or at least help answer them but yeah otherwise that's about it if you want to follow along on my Instagram right sort of story so that you guys do fall along like a little behind the scenes on there so definitely check out the description box I'll link this exact belt to so that you guys can find it and I'll link other ones if I find any in stock at any other retailer I was definitely do that as well so I will talk to you all very soon in my next video bye

James Carver

21 Replies to “Gucci Belt Review | Sizing, Wear & Tear & More!”

  1. I purchased the wrong size and it was not doable at all. I took it back to exchange sizes and was disappointed because it's sold out globally. I'm so freaking bummed but I'm on the waiting list for my size. Also this porcelain rose color is the same as Valentino's nude. It matches the rock studs perfectly.

  2. Wanted to let you know about a fun little secret! I too am a size 25 (sometimes 24). You can order the children’s Gucci belts in large (half the price!) and it will fit you perfect. : ) I just ordered another one in black! XO

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